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iPad Air 3 Cellular Gold or Silver, 64GB / 256GB $657.36 / $760.32 Outright @ Optus (In-store - Selected Retail Stores)


Was about to purchase an iPad 7th Gen but after searching and seeing ONSALE deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532381

Went into Optus store yesterday and purchased a new iPad Air 3 Celluar outright without any issues at all. Only Gold & Silver seem to be available

iPad Air 3 Celluar 64GB - $657.36 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $979.00 @ Apple (32.8539% discount)
iPad Air 3 Celluar 256GB - $760.32 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $1,199.00 @ Apple (36.58716% discount)

Ipad Air 3 is a lot better than the new iPad 7th gen
A12 Bionic Chip vs A10 Fusion
10.5" (2224 x 1668 pixels) vs 10.2" (2160 x 1620 pixels)
7MP front camera vs 1.2 MP

Hope this helps anyone in the market right now


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    So you didn’t have to hook it up to Optus as part of the purchase deal?

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      No nothing is hooked to Optus, was a simple purchase. They did ask for my name and mobile number for the receipt and apple purpose but nothing else

      I'm not with Optus for anything, just walked in-store asked to purchase the iPad Air outright and boom out I walked

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    Good deal.

    Technically you can buy it on a plan and just cancel it straight away since there is no cancellation fee on plans anymore.

    • Is this for new plans only? I have a plan I want to cancel that's got a few months left on it.

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        If you're in a x month contract you may be subject to cancellation fees.

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        It should only be device cost. I have multiple plans ending at different times. Two before the end of the year. No fee just whats left on device

    • What does it cost on a plan vs outright?

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        Max $15, if you cancel within a month of activation.

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    Is this available in store only?

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      It literally says that in the title…

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        Thanks mate, but is it available only in the store?

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          It's available online but with a $15 plan which you can cancel anytime. So $15 extra if you cancel in the first month. Only in-store can buy it outright depending on the store.

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        Thanks mate, but what deal was this again?

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    Not every store allows you to buy outright.

    • Which store refused?

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        Just asked the store in Doncaster Westfield. They refused to sell outright

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          Same with Chadstone, they also refused.

    • This is true, they try to keep stock to offer on month to month contracts, they are franchise so they kind of operate under different rules for stuff like this. Not sure if they are supposed to but they do.

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        The greedy franchisees can go without sales then. Let them fold and collapse.

  • do they sell iPad Pro?

    • Yes, but without any discount…

  • Thanks for posting…
    I wish they had something for the new 12.9 pro…
    Seems to work out to 2k..argh

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      2K, wow, you could get a MacBook Air and entry level iPad with that (esp. if you include Apple's Magic iPad Keyboard in that costing)!

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        Exactly, I was going to get a 12.9" 256 iPad Pro off Telstra and buy new magic keyboard, cancelled the order and bought a MacBook Air 256gb for exactly half of what the pro would of cost over the 3 years. love it.
        Have had a 11' 2018 iPad Pro for 18 months.

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          The new MacBook air is exceptionally well priced and specced. Probably the best value Ultrabook right now tbh. That said I want an iPad pro because it can do double duty as both light duty word processing and browsing, but also heavy video/photo editing plus it's fantastic for drawing on.

          Really depends if you're gonna take advantage of the extra power and tablet capability. Also cellular data.

          • @chartparker: Yeah I have a 11" iPad pro too, also a 27" 5K iMac in my home/office.

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              • @chartparker: The iPad Pros do look stunning! what are the best use cases for a sub $2000 tablet? (excel by trade and doodling life by heart)

                • @cmiucx: Video editing, photo editing, word, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook are all very usable on iPad. Trello, confluence, other productivity apps, teams/discord/zoom/WebEx etc. File manager built in now.

                  The iPad pros are where I wish they were 4 years ago. There are even basic CAD and solid modelling solutions and ways to work with PDM software

                  • @chartparker: thanks! i think small group sales presentation would be great on iPad Pro! does excel work as good as on a surface? any comments on choosing 11 vs 12.9?

                    • @cmiucx: I haven't gone deep into excel on iPad, but I wouldn't surprised if it's more limited in terms of macros, file linking etc compared to Surface.

                      Personally I'd just spring for the 12.9.

  • Going to try now

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    You can just order online. Not sure why it has to be instore.

    • online order requires signing up to a plan

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        You can cancel anytime. There's no termination charges. Worse is you pay $15 for the month which is not a big deal if you get it delivered - save having to go in and haggle in store.

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          i prefer to walk in and buy than to have credit check and extra 15 dollars and a call to cancel for my laziness

      • I think a large population prefer to walk in but going to many stores being rejected takes a whole lot of time, I'm with @winniepoohspying given the comments about pushing back on sale.

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    which store was it? cause i was denied on 2 different stores.

    • What did they said

      • cant sale since we dont make anything if we you dont sign up! i told them to bugger off! 😆

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    So can the store put you on a plan and then cancel the plan immediately before you leave the store?

  • Got this in the other deal, but on the contract.

    If your store refuses an outright purchase, there is no cancellation fee. You only have to pay off the rest of the device cost. The device cost is also locked too, so wont increase to RRP if you do indeed end contract. Cheapest would be the 36 month contract at $15 a month.

    If you pretty please them they should also include the 20gig bonus data they had up until yesterday. It effectively make it a 25 gig plan, plus ipad, for $33.26 with a cancel anytime option.

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    Ex Optus Employee here. Most store managers refuse to sell outright, as they have limited quantities, no commission when you sell without a plan attached. Even with the plan, when you cancel straight away you only pay extra $15 first month for the plan, and can cancel anytime with no fees. You will be asked to pay the remaining handset cost in 3 monthly payments on your bill. So how this price is calculated is 54.78 x 12 = 657.36. So your first bill will be $15 + 54.78, you cancel straight away the next 3 bills will be (11 x 54.78)/3 = 200.86 a month. So to be honest the plan is not too bad for extra $15, you can get it delivered to your house, staying safe or Covid19, and get to pay it of in 3 payments. Other then that ripper deal OP, going to get one for my Dad who desperately needs an iPad upgrade. Thanks

    • You will be asked to pay the remaining handset cost in 3 monthly payments on your bill.

      That's not what I was told. They said to me it was the lump sum remainder, not over 3 months.

      • You are right, I guess a few things have changed, just read the CIS you do have to pay it out in full, instead of 3 months. So my advice try and negotiate with the store manager to buy it outright. Else worse case you are out an extra $15 and some of your time to call and cancel the plan. Still a great deal :)

        • Hello :) can u please tell me where i can read the CIS? I'm about to order this online but want to make sure i 100% can cancel paying off the ipad only + $15 for the initial month

          • @le3lee: blob:https://www.optus.com.au/d8bc4c9b-19de-4796-835b-7def3a0d3487
            If this blob link not working let go ahead with view the plans then scroll down for the critical information link.

    • I got the impression it was one payment.

    • 3 months is normally when you upgrade. For simply cancelling you will be billed the lumpsum.

      I've done this many times as a customer.

  • I made an online order in the last deal and it's still being "processed" over 10 days later. I called up twice and they were totally useless.

    • good old Floptus. Ask the TIO to monster them

    • Ordered two previously and both arrived in two days.

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    Optus over the phone confirmed this is true.. but be wary. Last week I went into Optus Southland and had an awful experience.
    The guy working there said i couldn't purchase it outright, or even go on a plan and cancel it. After I pointed out no cancellation fees is advertised on the website… he said there's "fine print" in the contract that you must remain for 12 months. I told him i'd like to see this fine print but he said i couldn't see it until after agreed upon the terms. Getting frustrated, I told him i knew he was lying.. then the store was was suddenly "out of stock" :(

    • +1

      Should have called his bluff and signed up, then cancelled.

      • +5

        When I tried to sign up they were "out of stock". I regret admitting to him i was going to cancel, really just wanted it outright.
        I then asked another staff if they did she said yes until he wrote something down for her…

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      It's easier to order online.

      After going to two Optus stores on Monday arvo (one closed, one out of stock of 256GB models), I ordered on Monday night, had it dispatched on Tuesday and received it on Wednesday lunchtime. After 30 minutes on hold to Optus after my plan was activated, it was cancelled without plan charge and my iPad will show up on my next bill…

      • Hi, just call and cancel? can it be done online or need to call?how does it work after it's being cancelled? a single lump sum if debited from the credit card account?

        It sounds so simple but am vary if there are any small prints on it. Read but it seems that there is nothing…

        Which plan did you sign up, 15/month for 36 months?

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          You have to call, and Optus (like the other telcos) is paying the price for outsourcing its customer support to cheaper countries that are now in lockdown. So a bit of a wait is needed.

          I put it onto a $15 12 month plan because I intended to cancel it straight away; it was moot anyway.

          I already have an account (from the late 2018 iPad Pro deal, which is giving me a 256GB Pro with 200GB of data for $85), so the iPad Air - which is for my dad who's got an Air 2 with a knackered battery - will just go on the next bill.

      • Yeah Optus store never again. When you ordered online did you receive a confirmation email? I ordered last Thurs but still haven't received anything. Maybe it takes a while to do the credit check as i'm a new customer

        • Yes, got confirmation, dispatch and activation emails.

    • +1

      This is exactly why I refuse to walk in to the store.

      I wish all stores just closed so we don't have to deal with this BS.

      I always order online.

  • very very good deal 👍

  • Any idea when this deal finishes?

  • Isn't this cheaper than the equivalent wifi only models? Seems like an amazing deal .. am I missing something? 🤣Cheers

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      Optus is probably selling at cost price and hoping that you keep the plan going.

      • I don’t know how they do it! And also on the sim you get Optus sport for free and hopefully when sport restarts it’s a nice free perk

        • Yep, I generally need Optus Sport anyway (my name probably gives that away), so it's a no brainer to buy this on the $15pm plan and pay it off monthly.

  • This looks like an awesome deal!
    I still have my iPad Air 2 and it is still going strong but I think the battery is finally showing it’s age. I’m tempted and the online method for an extra $15 seems the best way to go.

    • I did that and I managed to use esim in my iPhone. Hopefully I can keep using in my phone no problem (I had to restart a couple of times but seems to work). Obviously I can only use data in iPhone but that suits me and will move to dodo $5 a month with no data when my belong sim credit finishes

      • I already have a sim in my Air 2 so I would swap it to this and sell the the Air 2. I wonder what I could get for an excellent condition Air 2 64GB?

        • I would say probably $300?

        • +2

          A few more years use and upgrade when it you need to. This deal isn’t free and the performance jump won’t be that big from the Air 2.

          • @Kuzdog: Yes, good advice Kuzdog. I might hold off for now. It’s just that this deal seems very tempting, I must resist! :)

    • +1

      I think you can get a new battery fitted into the iPad Air for $130.

  • +5

    a few people have requested the invoice so here you go hope it helps (",)

    • -2

      does it work with Apple penicils 1 or 2?

      • +1

        It works with the first Apple Pencil.

    • HI, I think it should be ~33% and ~37% savings for 64G and 256G, not 39% nor 44%, did the wrong math bro?

  • This almost sounds like too good a deal to be true. Taking the 256gb for example, I can sign up for the 12 month plan and if I cancel straight away the payout is 12 x $63.36 = $760.32, there are no additional fees to pay, eg subsidies given Optus is selling this well under RRP?

    • These are hella old stock… mine came with the original firmware installed and 20% battery left.

      • Mine as well, however they are brand new and sealed. I’m loving mine and bought also an Apple Pencil second hand to go with it.

      • Haha same, 0% battery and iOS 12.2 at unboxing

        • Sorry i'm a android user, bought this for my mum still waiting on delivery. wondering if it's the latest model, why is the firmware old? it can just be updated, no?

          • +1

            @le3lee: It's old because it was made with the original firmware as this were most probably the OG stock from when the iPad was announced.

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    So ordering online and cancel within first month would make it $18.26 x 36 months + first month service $15 = $672.36 buying it out

    Am i correct here?

    • Yes.

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    Easier to do online… The SIM is incredibly great value if you got the deal when it had bonus data. $15 for 25GB for 24 months.

  • +1

    Got one

    • How do you purchase it outright?

  • Thank you OP for this ripper deal.

    If the Optus store is a franshise they will most likely do outright sales. If you are at a store that is Optus-owned they only do contract devices.

    (According to the team at the Optus-owned store at South Morang, VIC)

    • How can you find out which stores are which?

  • Any outright Optus stores doing this in Vic?

    • +2

      Melbourne Central. Just bought one.

      • How much did you pay? :)

    • Pickup one at altona optus store today

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    How do you purchase it outright? or do you need to set up a plan first?

  • Tempted to get one..but don't really need another iPad..my experience is these will only get cheaper over time…

    • How much more can this drop when RRP is 1199?

      • I've never really needed the cellular version…