This was posted 2 years 2 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPad Air 3 Cellular Gold or Silver, 64GB / 256GB $657.36 / $760.32 Outright @ Optus (In-store - Selected Retail Stores)


Was about to purchase an iPad 7th Gen but after searching and seeing ONSALE deal

Went into Optus store yesterday and purchased a new iPad Air 3 Celluar outright without any issues at all. Only Gold & Silver seem to be available

iPad Air 3 Celluar 64GB - $657.36 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $979.00 @ Apple (32.8539% discount)
iPad Air 3 Celluar 256GB - $760.32 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $1,199.00 @ Apple (36.58716% discount)

Ipad Air 3 is a lot better than the new iPad 7th gen
A12 Bionic Chip vs A10 Fusion
10.5" (2224 x 1668 pixels) vs 10.2" (2160 x 1620 pixels)
7MP front camera vs 1.2 MP

Hope this helps anyone in the market right now


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      Unfortunately not as Online orders are dispatched from the warehouse who only have Gold or Silver in stock.

  • I think you also get a year of Apple TV for free.

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      Definitely do get Apple TV* for 12 months free it actually prompts this when activating the iPad

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      Apple TV is absolutely rubbish though. I’m not even going to bother signing up for the free year I got with my MacBook.

  • Bloody good deal if you can get it. I paid $660 for the WiFi only 64 GB model from Wireless1 eBay store back in September last year. Been very happy with it so far. I don't need cellular so I don't feel too bad about it but definitely can recommend the iPad!

  • Has anyone tried the Ipad Pro deal?

    • No discount on Pro version, it's better to buy it outright somewhere else.

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        I think I saw the pro cellular at jb for 998 normally 1698

        • could share a link?

          • @test11111: I just looked for it again on price hipster and it was there but the link gave a oops not available error 400. Sorry.

  • it says 63.36 x 12 months plan device repayment which is 760.32 then u add $15 which is 775.32 for the 256 if you cancel before the first statement goes out u need to pay 760.32
    why don't they just put it in the Optus shop and sell it outright and put us all out of our misery the poor ones can also do it on AfterPay in the OptusShop
    Either way Optus gets their money but they want you jump through this silly hoops which still results in the same money for them I mean the Optus online store

    • Ordered last night. For some reason, it said the total minimum cost over the contract term is $1300.32 for the 256gb.

  • Same, mine is $775.32 i got the 256 GB version.

    • Can you please pm the receipt?Much appreciated.

      • Mine says $940.32, I have just spoken to Optus and they confirm that there is no contract on the service and just the device and cancel the service at any time with just payment for the remainder of the device. Hope this helps.

        • How come $940.32? I would double check if i were you. The maximum cost should only be $775.32 for the 256 Gb version on a $15 plan if cancel straight away.

          • @WIND: $940 is including the $15 plan for 12 months

            • @Kasiaz: But there's no plan cancellation fees, so shouldn't be paying $940.32 if cancel straight away. It says on there critical information summary.

              • @WIND: Mine is also $940.32 saying over contracting period, which is 12 month. But in the next page, i.e. the CIS, it says month to month, minimum one month. So I don't think that matters much, we can just cancel within first month and only pay the device cost plus one month $15, which is $775.32.

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                  @vhfyagi: And the one month is prorated, so it only ends up being 50c if you cancel on the day the service is activated…

                  • @MELso: fantastic, thank you for letting us know.

                  • @MELso: Why would you even activate the service? Is it a requirement of some sort?

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                      @Helmuth: It automatically activates upon delivery being recorded…

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    This deal sure is getting a lot more up votes than the original post. I guess it’s all about the title.

  • This or a Galaxy Tab S4?

    • Depends what you are invested in more? I have MacBook from work, my family all have iPhones so for me it’s easier to stick to Apple (even though I have still some android products)

  • Is the 3rd gen the latest model?

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      Yes, it is for Ipad Air.

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    Will this be replaced model soon? Telstra are out of stock, they might know something, maybe it's a bad deal

  • Anyone spotted these (specifically 256GB Silver) in stock in NSW?

  • Good price. Have been looking at replacing an gen 2 original ipad. Been considering the Pro version but its way too $$. Dont really need cellular but would like the 256 gig so will grab one online then cancel plan when it arrives

  • Has anyone successfully obtained an outright one in Brisbane?

  • Tried outright but no go. He said we're a franchise and the owner said no

  • Just bought one 256GB silver outright from Optus Blacktown westpoint

    • Know if they had any 64GB? I guess I could go for a drive.

      • Yes, they do have the 64GB one at Optus Blacktown Westpoint

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    Just purchased 256GB version on the optus website, seems easy enough, The contract that you can download attached the cancelation policy which is no fees. So yeah, it costs me the same price for a 256GB Cellular model as I would pay for the 64GB WiFi only model at JB or on Apple website.

  • Anyone purchased from an Optus store in Brisbane?


    Anyone have a receipt to share please?

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      See the original post

    • Yes, Indooroopilly. Bought the last (gold)256GB. They have one 64GB silver left.

  • Went to 2 different stores , and none of them accept Amex card. Sad..
    Does anybody know if purchase online accept Amex?

    • You carnt purchase online it’s plan only then cancel

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      1.purchase online,
      2.set up direct debate use your AMEX card to avoid CC surcharge.
      3.cancel it anytime after you receive iPad
      4.after your bill issued, your AMEX card will be charged automatically.

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    I don't need one …but this looks like such a good deal, maybe I should sign up and cancel and then resell the ipad??

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      nah, that's dumb. Chances are you would have to use ebay / paypal, there goes 15% and you would not be able to offer the warranty.

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        Genuine question.
        How is the warranty affected?
        Not an apple user but I see lot of people selling on Gumtree/marketplace saying 'warranty until xx/xx' how does that work?

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          I presume 99% sure in Australia you are only entitled to warranty if you are the original buyer. If you buy from Optus the bill is on your name account. Try convincing Apple to warrant something with Invoice of another name.

          • @powerinnumbers: Oh, ok. I think the ACL would be on your side if it was a genuine warranty claim no matter if you were the second owner or not. It could have been bought by someone else for you…brother, parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt…anyone. But yeah I get what you're saying.

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              @alterego13: That's correct - ACL rights pass to successors in title…

  • Fantastic value these devices are great

  • Went to ACT-Woden store, they said they were not selling apple product outright! The conversation only lasted about 10 seconds, and they even didn't allow me to go in!

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    Just took out 64 on a plan from northlands. Then got home, called Optus and canceled my contract same day and had a 48 cent pro rata monthly charge. Much less than $15.

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    thanks OP! was planning to repair my old iPad 4 but what the a new 256GB gold outright from Stanhope gardens NSW optus store!
    the lady at the reception was kind enough to check other stores for someone else who was in the queue behind me.

  • Has anyone received any email updates for online orders? I got the initial email after the order but nothing else so far… wondering if there is enough stock or I should go instore and pick one up physically (I’m happy to sign up to a plan then cancel).

    • I ordered last night and got 2 emails and a sms first thing this morning. One email is order confirmation, the other email is verifying email to setup an optus account (I am new to Optus). The sms and order confirmation email have order number (not the temporary one) and order tracking details, but so far still said in processing and didn't show how long you would receive your order.

      • Thanks - I’m an existing customer - got confirmation of order but. I notice of dispatch/tracking number.

        Has anyone received theirs from an online purchase?

        Looks like it might be better to go instore to buy… but the. I could end up with two (which I don’t really need but wouldn’t be the end of the world).

        • I ordered Silver 256 online Sunday afternoon, only got the first confirmation email.

          • @George Z: Spoke to Optus yesterday via chat was given a new tracking ID and told to wait 24 hours, 24 hours later still no update so when back on chat, now 48 to 72 hour delay (this is just for dispatching). Suggest anyone that can get into a store go via the store option as online is looking like 1 week delay min before dispatch.

            FYI - I am in Melbourne and order Silver 256GB model

    • Ordered Sunday, only got the initial email and a confirm email email so far and the order tracker just says Submitted.

      • Same here, order tracking saying submitted. No dispatch/tracking number. Are you new to optus? I guess they have to do more work like credit check to verify us.

        • New optus account.

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    picked up 2 outright from Optus perth store without any problem.

    All other stores in Perth advised must be on a plan.

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      Bugger, I just ordered online like an hour before you posted your comment. Is that because the Perth store is a corporate store vs franchise?

      Thanks for providing the update anyway!

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        I'm not sure but i rang all stores and only Perth store act like its the usual that they sell outright.
        Also the guy said they get stocks in everyday.

      • I rang the Perth Optus store this morning and they only had the 64gb left. She said they sell it outright, but for $1199, which i think is the RRP. Ended up just going into a local store and signing up for a contract.

  • Thanks OP, got one. My store didn't have space Gray in 256gb so had to settle for silver

  • Has anybody that has ordered online received a dispatch notification yet?

    • Still no dispatch here, was told on chat another 48-72 hours delay (hence looking like 5 day delay until dispatch at this stage).

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    I dont care how long it takes so long as they dont cancel out of stock

  • this is what is noted on the status of my order from yesterday
    Optus will provide you with regular updates as it may take longer than 1-5 days to complete your order.

    • Yeah their system is a mess (unsurprisingly, knowing phone companies). I got the same thing re my Silver order so i contacted them and asked if it was possible to switch to a Space Grey iPad instead if both were out of stock anyway, and i was told it wasn't since it was only the Space Grey that was out of stock presently. I won't be holding my breath to receive my order this week though.

      • I got the same email. It’s a little promising that they say space grey is out of stock though… it sort of implies silver and gold are in stock.

    • Yes, same wording on my order tracking. I can also see a new mobile number has been assigned to me in the "SIM" part.

  • Anyone have any luck in Melbournes east picking up in store? Ive tried Ringwood (Eastland) but they said contract only….Also, if i buy online, i assume it doesnt matter which contract i select, so just select 12 months $15..?

  • Late to the game, out of stock in Fountain Gate and Cranbourne, VIC, only the 64GB is available. How do I do it online? I can't seem to see an option for outright, or buy it with plan, and cancel. I did have a chat with online sales, and they say $1000+ without plan. Anyone?

    • just buy it, choose 36 months with $15 plan. Then cancel when you get it, pay out the phone. Total cost is as in the title + miniscule first month prorata
      The plans all have the option for free cancellation, every plan and every carrier by the way

      • So it could be 12, 24, or 36 months? Doesn't matter right?

        • Doesn't seem so cause it all adds up to $760.32.

        • I suggested the 36 months for flexibility, you may eventually change your mind and keep the plan. If you are 100% sure you will cancel then it doesn't matter

      • +4

        Alright, just did that, and downloaded the contract in PDF. Here's what I can see:

        If you need to cancel your plan, there are no plan cancellation
        fees. However, if you have a related device payment plan, then
        this will be cancelled and you’ll have to pay out any remaining
        payments for your device under that device repayment plan.
        You will also need to pay all charges outside of your plan
        inclusions which have been incurred up until the date of
        cancellation. This is subject to your consumer law rights.

        no plan cancellation fees YAY
        related device payment plan, then this will be cancelled YAY
        you’ll have to pay out any remaining payments for your device That's $21.12 * 36 = $760.32 YAY
        also need to pay all charges outside of your plan That's nothing YAY

  • On the Optus buy page there is now a blurb
    Free online delivery. Our logistics partner is working hard to process customer orders, however it may take longer than usual to get your new device to you. Thanks for your patience.

  • Looks like the pricing has changed to me…

    • +1

      Pricing is still the same

      • Apologies, you are right

  • Thanks so much for the post. Was just about to get one. Rang up the first store near me, and they said no. Tried another one, YES. Excellent saving!

    • which store was this?

      • Ingle Farm Shopping Centre in Adelaide

  • +1

    I got another one today in store this time. I thought , why not, such a great deal and you can't properly share ipads with your spouse since there's no alternate user.

  • Since I am not dying for a new iPad Air, I was thinking of just ordering online wait for delivery and avoid seeing anyone. If I was to order online, When i get the bill, can I BPAY it from a savings account to avoid the fees or do I have to set up direct debt first before cancelling the plan?
    I had tried using their online chat but they were not very helpful.

    • Online chat is useless. I just rang them and thats it.
      As a payment i believed they accept bPay, credit card payments and direct debit.

  • Anyone had any luck in a melbourne store except the CBD?

  • Anyone had any luck with any Sydney store? i tried getting it online via contract and then cancelling but i got rejected for some reason apparently due to my credit score? (which I'll have to look into why that's happened as I find it strange and have always payed all my bills on time)

  • I decided to go instore to pick one up just in case online orders weren’t honored (I got the last 256gb @ Optus Knox.). My kids need them for school anyway.

    Having a chat to the guy who helped me and he said that Toll, their logistics provider was having issues hence the website order delays. A quick google shows they were hacked (AGAIN).

    So it sounds like they are in stock and will be shipped when Toll is back operating again.

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