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iPad Air 3 Cellular Gold or Silver, 64GB / 256GB $657.36 / $760.32 Outright @ Optus (In-store - Selected Retail Stores)


Was about to purchase an iPad 7th Gen but after searching and seeing ONSALE deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532381

Went into Optus store yesterday and purchased a new iPad Air 3 Celluar outright without any issues at all. Only Gold & Silver seem to be available

iPad Air 3 Celluar 64GB - $657.36 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $979.00 @ Apple (32.8539% discount)
iPad Air 3 Celluar 256GB - $760.32 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $1,199.00 @ Apple (36.58716% discount)

Ipad Air 3 is a lot better than the new iPad 7th gen
A12 Bionic Chip vs A10 Fusion
10.5" (2224 x 1668 pixels) vs 10.2" (2160 x 1620 pixels)
7MP front camera vs 1.2 MP

Hope this helps anyone in the market right now


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    • But Optus use Star Track to deliver the iPads. I have bought two and had phones delivered etc and they all came via Star Track.

  • Contract - it wasn’t worth the hassle of arguing for $15. Without asking he put me on a one month plan anyway

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    both should be ~37% off, not 39% nor 44%, did the wrong math?

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      Well this is embarrassing……. for you, since you're wrong too

      It's 32.85% discount on the 64 GB and 36.59% on the 256GB

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        hahaha, well u r right.

        • I hate to be lol. All good my friend

      • Calculate percentage difference
        between V1 = 979 and V2 = 657.36

        Note: Percent Difference is NOT the same as
        Percent Change from 979 to 657.36

        Calculate percentage change
        from V1 = 979 to V2 = 657.36

        Note: Percent Change is NOT the same as
        Percent Difference between 979 and 657.36

      • FIXED :-)
        iPad Air 3 Celluar 64GB - $657.36 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $979.00 @ Apple (32.8539% discount)
        iPad Air 3 Celluar 256GB - $760.32 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $1,199.00 @ Apple (36.58716% discount)

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    Thanks OP, just picked one up from Broadway store.

    • Did they let you get it outright? Do you happen to know if they had space grey in stock?

      • Outright and only 64gb rose gold

  • Unrelated but i was in JB today and heard a lady at the door ask "where are the iPads' and the guy said, sorry we have none in stock. WTF, JB are retail price and they dont have stock!!

    • yea alot of stores have sold out of them

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    Ordered two on the phone on 2/5, haven't recevied ipads yet and no tracking updated.

    • Curious if anyone has had any updates with their online orders, the tracker hasn't changes since I placed the order Sunday and still only saying Submitted.

      • Shipping at the moment seems to be pretty screwed in general, for example i ordered a Kindle from Officeworks last Friday and where i usually get in stock items delivered from there in less than 24 hours (sometimes same day), this still hasn't arrived and says it's not due to until Monday. Not great given it was meant to be a Mothers Day present.

      • See my earlier post - Toll which is Optus’ logistics provider has been hacked causing even more delays

  • Just got this message.
    ”Thanks for placing an order with us. Our logistics partner is processing your order however, it may take longer than usual to get your new device to you. We're sorry for this inconvenience. Further information yesopt.us/deliveryupdate”

    I guess we have to wait for Toll to solve their IT issues.

  • Ordered one 3 days ago and just received text, "Thanks for placing an order with us. Our logistics partner is processing your order however, it may take longer than usual to get your new device to you. We're sorry for this inconvenience"

  • Ordered online. Not in a hurry since I am buying for my wife's birthday gift in July!

    Going to cancel the sim straight after activation.

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      I didn't bother activating the sim, and cancelled as soon as got home from the store.

  • Thanks got one for the boy

  • Am I able to cancel the plan online or I have to call to cancel?

  • You have to call at the moment. They can’t do it online.

  • Awesome deal and legit. Free apple TV for a year also. Most franchise stores won't sell outright as at a massive loss. Just sign up online and once the contract settles, cancel it. $760.32 for an Ipad Air 256gb 3rd Generation.

  • My new case arrived and I'm just sitting around waiting for logistics to sort themselves out :(

    There was no warning when I ordered last weekend but assume everything must have happened quickly

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    Just signed up in store at Parramatta NSW Westfields. It's a company store, the girl I dealt with confirmed can cancel after 1 mth and only pay for the tablet cost. Got the 256gb, they only got the rose gold colour though.

  • Ordered online thanks OP!

  • How long after the cancellation can we expect to get the tax invoice .Need for tax purpose claim.

  • The rep told me it will appear in the next statement so it depends on your billing cycle.

  • How would you go putting this down as tax for education for your child (home schooling still in Vic…)

  • says for the 256gb Min. Total Cost is $1300.32 over 36 months + PLAN

  • Would really prefer an iPad mini deal. :(

    Would get this and give iPad 6th gen to a family member but I don't really need a new (model) iPad. :(

    EDIT: If I were to get this online and then cancel the sim, would Optus then charge me to pay out the device? Just curious on the process would work. Also, these iPads aren't locked to Optus?

  • I know that they were hit with the Toll issue but why can't one hand talk to the other @ Optus?

    All the time they had the banner on the iPad Air saying "perfect gift" . Obviously this is referring to Mothers Day and I see it is now removed.
    Of course, they promoted this deal for mothers day but know they could not deliver in time.

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    Is this actually expired?

    • I called up the Bonnyrigg store. They said I have to wait for the first bill to be generated then i can cancel the plan and pay the rest of the device fees. Is this correct?

      • They confirmed it in store. Quick and simple process.

        • So it's not expired?

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            @turna: Nope - have reported this as you can still pick up an iPad Air for $760…

      • You can cancel immediately

        • Over the phone?

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            @Lentils: Yes, I will post the number later when I get home. I think that department is closed now.

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              @unity1: 1300 343 302

              open 8am-7pm M-F, 9am-6pm Sat AEST

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              @unity1: Due to impacts from COVID-19, our Cancellations Messaging team is temporarily unavailable. To cancel your service, please call 1300 343 302 between 8am - 7pm Mon to Fri and 9am - 6pm Sat AEST

              Edit: Beat me to it!

              • @Onnzo: Called in. Quick 5 min call. Easy cancellation. Said i'll be billed $639 after the first billing cycle and if I was charged the first month's plan fee then it could be rolled over or something.
                Thanks for the help guys!

      • Can i ask, if i just received the online order, i would assume the SIM is not yet activated? Do i need to activate and cancel it or can i cancel it without activation? Thanks

  • Order on 3rd May. Just received the iPad now. It's actually delivered by Startrack and the sender's address was from Toll. StarTrack parcel created yesterday. I guess Toll outsource some of their parcels to Startrack.

    • Did you receive any notification it was posted?

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        Nope, I didn't even know it's from Optus until the postie asked for my licence.

    • I got a txt something's coming today but no tracking number?

    • Toll do logistics and warehousing for a lot of companies, they're not just deliveries. :-)

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    Mine got delivered not long ago, got a sms earlier but the tracking on the Optus website never got updated.

  • Just sent message to optus on their chat asking for update.
    They telling me toll orders delayed by a week due to covid19.

    • -1

      That's a big fat porky pie. The order is delayed because Toll got hit with Ransom ware and had to restore all their IT systems.

      That sucks for Toll, but Optus could at least tell the truth.

  • Ordered on the 3rd of May. It was just delivered by Startrack. No update on the Optus website regarding the status or a text about delivery.

  • I just received mine today. When you called Optus to terminate the plan what you guys told them when they asked the reason for termination? Is it ethical to say if I just want to keep the device?

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      shrug CoViD 19?

      Everyone else seems to be using that excuse.

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    Hi Guys

    I'm on market looking for my 1st iPad, I'm thinking either this model or 2017 iPad pro, the pro model has a10x chip that has much powerful processing power.

    So is it worth getting this over the pro version?

    • This new iPad Air has an A12, which is more powerful than the A10X. That said I have the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 and haven't found any issues with performance at all. The things you'll be giving up are the 120Hz screen, 12MP camera (it's 8MP in the Air) and the quad speakers.

      In all other aspects both iPad Air and iPad Pro 2017 are very similar - they even share the same external dimensions and bonded screen.

      • i don't think i will be using the camera function at all, so doesn't bother me with shitting camera.
        i can lived with dual speaker instead of quad speaker.
        would prefer 120hz but seen a lot of ppl having white dot issue developed on their pro device.

        • Sounds like I've helped you find your winner then :)

          Personally I don't even really notice the difference with a 120Hz screen anyway

  • Got mine today, called and cancelled no problems, but you have to wait until the service activates before cancelling. They don’t seem to care for a reason.

    • so put SIM in, wait for successful activation and called OPTUS, all within a day. No need to wait for the first month billing cycle like some are saying it seems.

      • Yes this is what I did took about 8-12 hours

    • Did you get any email from them confirming your plan termination? I called them this morning to cancel my plan but have not received any email from them yet.

      • No I didn’t but I was advised that it’ll say no service if it’s been cancelled and he gave me a reference number of my call details in case there is a mix up

  • Bought one today outright!

    • Which store?

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        Broadway but it was the last unit there.

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    Ordered May 5, still waiting…

    • Me too.

      Got a text last week saying it was delayed, and nothing.

      Hoping it just randomly turns up today like other people are reporting.

      • Arrived an hour ago ;)

        • Failed to auto-activate, had to call.

          • @Ameowzon: Still nothing…

            • @Blu: Me too.

              • @vhfyagi: Still nothing here…

                • @Blu: Have you contacted Optus for an update?

                  • +1

                    @bdl: Ordered 4th May here and just got my second text from Optus now:

                    "Hi, we're getting in touch about the delivery of your recent order. Your order is being processed and should arrive within 10 working days. We'll send you an update if this timing changes. If you've already received a delivery notification, you're all set. We're sorry for any inconvenience this delay has caused."

                  • @bdl: Tried too, but live chat wouldn't address it because Covid19.

  • Received email this morning advising "Your Optus order is on the way" and that it is ready to be collected from the warehouse and delivered to your address shortly.

    States I will received an SMS on day of delivery.

    • when did you order?

      • 03/05

        • +1

          Thanks, mine is 5 May so a few days more to wait.

          • @vhfyagi: Ordered May 5th, arrived today, VIC.

            • @Ameowzon: Thanks. Who is the courier? Toll or Startrack or Auspost?

              • @vhfyagi: Startrack

                • @Ameowzon: Just got mine delivered with star track too

                  • +1

                    @Mr RS: "You get an iPad, you get an iPad, you get an iPad! Everyone get's an iPad!"

                    … I'm still waiting, ordered 5th May too.. but in Sydney. Strange Optus sends no tracking and they just pop out of nowhere :)

    • I got this yesterday.. hopefully delivery today.

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    I rang and was unsuccessful in cancelling my broadban plan. Now activating the sim on the web is blocked and to activate they are asking for the ipad IMEI number. Is that standard? When people did activation on-line was the imei number needed?

    • +1

      I just received, and according to the website, it should be auto activate within 4 hours of delivery. I'm still waiting, it's been an hour only.

      Why can't you just enter the IMEI anyway?

      • I could've, but I wanted to understand how it was related to activation. Afterwards activation occurred without any intervention from me, supporting what you wrote about auto activation. I was then able to cancel the plan. Also, thanks Ameowzon for posting the cancellation info from the contract PDF on 5/5/20. It helped me chill with regards to this deal.

  • Just got another iPad tonight at Optus store no issues $760.35 256gb cell wifi silver

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