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iPad Air 3 Cellular Gold or Silver, 64GB / 256GB $657.36 / $760.32 Outright @ Optus (In-store - Selected Retail Stores)


Was about to purchase an iPad 7th Gen but after searching and seeing ONSALE deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532381

Went into Optus store yesterday and purchased a new iPad Air 3 Celluar outright without any issues at all. Only Gold & Silver seem to be available

iPad Air 3 Celluar 64GB - $657.36 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $979.00 @ Apple (32.8539% discount)
iPad Air 3 Celluar 256GB - $760.32 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $1,199.00 @ Apple (36.58716% discount)

Ipad Air 3 is a lot better than the new iPad 7th gen
A12 Bionic Chip vs A10 Fusion
10.5" (2224 x 1668 pixels) vs 10.2" (2160 x 1620 pixels)
7MP front camera vs 1.2 MP

Hope this helps anyone in the market right now


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        • Yeah true me either lol

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          me either but the cellular is good as it comes with GPS so MAPS etc work without data. Good for droning

          • @BNR32: V good point

          • @BNR32: Yes. My work uses the GPS/cellular versions for on location work, particularly disaster event recording, property visits, just about any location based activity. Hard to beat for that purpose, I feel sorry for the dudes using ancient trimbles.

    • Yeah these deals are once in the lifetime of the device. This is only happening because they most probably have heaps of old stock they are trying to clear out for at least some money before the new ones come in.

      They never did this with the Pros or the standard iPads. This was just a situation that turned out to be a good one for us consumers.

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    Thanks op. Just bought 256gb gold at Melbourne Central. Plenty of stock (especially 64g models) if anyone is interested.

    • Did you have to sign for a contract? Thanks

      • Nope. Asked me if I’m an optus customer so they can put it on my account, but I ported out to Boost a few months ago.

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      Yep can verify Melb central plenty of stock, no questions asked for outright

      • Thanks. I am going now!

    • Any Space Grey models? Thanks 🙏

      • There were when I was there. You can always call to check. I confirmed they can do the deal before I went there. You can find their number on google map.

      • Just spoke to them, only 64Gb in stock, did not ask about color though

        • They had 256GB in silver & space grey when I posted last

        • Got the last 256.

          • @adn: Well done mate, did you manage to get the silver or space grey?

            • @JaeTee: Space grey.

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                @adn: Lol - they must've been the last ones left. I was going to get the 256 space grey but had already processed the silver one, didn't realise the bevel was different colour. All good it's a mother's Day gift

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                  @G Wok: Supposedly they sold 8 or something on the day in quick succession.
                  She will love the gift regardless. Worst case, you can buy her a pretty case.

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    Just got a silver 64 but had to press hard to get it. No contract. Now for a case - any suggestions?

    • If you want something locally it’s slim pickings. Online there are heaps of options.

      That said, I went for the Targus VersaVu Signature. It makes it like a slick, business folio. 360 degree tilt/stand options, sound deflected cutouts to focus audio toward you, clip lock, access to keyboard connector, pen holder etc. It’s normally $70, but HN have it for $39. Get it price-matched at OW.


      • did ipad air 3 fit into it?

        • Yeah. Its universal for ipad air 3/10.5 ipad pro.

      • +2

        Slick?! Oh god that thing looks hideous. Especially with that godawful cutout at the back. Looks like something you’d see on eBay for five bucks.

      • These are $15 on COTD and are also in TKMAXX for same. Other colours available.

  • Chadstone pushed for a plan. I got it anyway, I'll cancel soon.

    • werribee store also pushed for plan and i went for it

  • Are they locked to optus? Or can the iPad be used with other carriers?

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      Not locked. Use my Telstra SIM in mine.

  • Outright from Melbourne CBD optus store, no problem at all.

    • Hey mate, which melb cbd Optus store had stock of the ipad air 3 to be sold outright? Gonna try hunt one down today!

      • Melbourne Central. It seems I got the last silver one for 256GB. Space grey was available when I left.

        • Ah okay, I called em up guy sounded like a douche saying he gets new ones in every day but will only sell em contract? The Bourke St store will get one for me outright so they say!

  • Got my local to put a silver on hold till tomorrow. Have to do contract though but will cancel next day.

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    • you get apple tv+ for a year!
  • Any recommendations for accessories? My dad recently purchased one and I’m hoping to kit it out for him.

    The Logitech Combo Touch keyboard looks great but no confirmed release date other than ‘May’.

    I’ve seen great prices for glass screen protectors on Amazon.

  • I got “your order is being assessed “. Did anyone get this too? Does that mean it might not go through? Must be because of my ID checks. 😟

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      Call them. When I placed my order 2 weeks ago I had the same thing and the guy on the phone said it wasn’t processed.

  • Hi, it says on the website minimum total cost is $1197 over 36 months and also "Cancelling your plan is easy. Just pay out the full remaining cost of your tablet, ****including any amount Optus was going to cover****.

    Wouldn't they ask for $1197 as the minimum total?

    • The tablet fee cost 36*$18.26 = $657.36 + first month $15/$25/$50 - Prices are all the same no matter how many months you want the contract to be for the size of the tablet 64GB/256GB. I would choose $15 so it work out to be cheapest.

      There are no plan cancellation fees. If applicable, you’ll need to pay
      out any remaining device payments in full and all charges incurred
      up to the cancellation date.

  • Thanks, got one and went with pro-tek case from office works pretty pricy though hope it will pay for itself on the long run

    • Which store ?

      • Fountain gate, they had both 64 and 256. Called Cranbourne and Pakenham they only had 256

  • Anybody else still locked in to a 24m contract? I'm halfway through my $55/m Air3 256GB plan.

  • Great deal OP

  • I just purchased it outright, the sales person offered outright and didn't even try and sell me a plan.

    • Which store?

    • Depends on the store. Melbourne central was ok but ran out of stock. Bourke St had stock, but you had to go on the 15 dollar plan. One sale rep was lying to the guy next to me and said he had to the hold the plan for 45 days.

      • These guys have targets to hit or KPIs each month or possibly quarter and could have a qualifying month for next month to make it count towards it.

  • Just got one from local store, with plan but only $15 in addition to pay anyway.

    • which store is this?

  • Picked mine up from my local optus store. No plan needed and they had a few in stock but unfortunately no space grey to my disappointment..

  • I just ordered online. It came up as a 24 month plan Hope I can cancel, how soon can you cancel?
    I wasnt game to wait till tomorrow in case they changed it.

    Fingers crossed or I'm in trouble.

  • Thanks op got one for the Mrs 👍

  • Has anyone replaced their laptop with one of these? I know the Pro is meant to be like for like but keen to hear if others have used the Air

    • +1

      Add a Logitech combo touch 10.5 keyboard Case with track pad for $249 once it's released and you've basically got yourself a small laptop. Albeit with a lightning port.

      I'm getting it for my old pro 10.5 and the capabilities of the new iOS basically make it laptop replacement, but with a few minor annoyances like no status bar when copying/moving files

    • +1

      It’s very limiting. Limited software, still no native file system, poor external usb support, dongles everywhere. I’d recommend getting a cheap laptop. An iPad if ya need it but I don’t have much of a use case for my iPad. It’s a glorified Netflix and YouTube machine.

  • Did anyone receive any good incentives not to cancel?

    • yes.. 5 Gb data/month

  • +2

    Anyone in Perth managed to get one outright from store? Thanks

  • Couldn't resist, ordered online and will see what I can do when it arrives about the first month charge.
    Any cases recommended? I would like something that can hold a pen but also use the autosleep feature (Also the Targus one appears sold out)

  • Anyone have any experience in ESR ipad case vs official ipad cases?

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    Can anyone show a clear image of the receipt? Maybe even better go to office work for a price math:)

    • Could u let us know when you successfully make a price match? :)

  • Any recommendations on what case to purchase for under $30?

  • What's the chance that an online order won't be honoured? Wondering if I'm better to order tonight or to try and pickup in store tomorrow.

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    Have the rrp prices on Apple changed? When I looked the 64gb was $779 so this deal is still cheaper but not as much of a discount as outlined by OP

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      These are the cellular models, the $779 are wifi only

      • Ah right gotcha thanks

    • /

    • edit…too slow

  • Thanks OP - anyone can direct me to the CIS for the $15 plan (over 24 months)? i want to make sure there is no cancellation fee.. it doesn't seem to show the CIS at checkout. tia

    • its in the critical info. summery .

      • thanks - but there are so many ones to choose from.. ?

        • ah it came thru at the end of check out. thanks!

          • @le3lee: oh good…..i am unable to create link of screenshot..

  • +1

    Bought online on $15 plan for 12 months. Didn't Even ask for credit card, only driver licence!!
    Do I need to activate the sim before calling to cancel?

    • You don't need to activate, once its sent you can cancel you will get the $15 charge for the month more than likely but can call or web chat them and have it refunded

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Decided to order one online - I’m in no rush to get it and couldn’t be bothered potentially arguing with a store for $15 when it is already so cheap!

    This combined with The Good Guys iPhone XS deal I got has made my Weekend!

    • This combined with The Good Guys Google Nest Hub Max for $129 (bought two) has made my whole year!

  • Very tempting deal !!
    Watch a video digging into the difference of new iPad Pro and this.
    May still go for the Pro. 😂
    Besides, Optus doesn't have the space grey one in stock too.(which is my only choice for iPad)

    So any deal on the iPad Pro too?!

    • If $/performance isn't the issue sure go the new Pro. You wouldn't be looking at this deal if that was the issue

      • Thanks.
        Actually looking at this deal just prompted me to see the difference between those two models.
        And buying the new Pro at a deal price still makes sense.

    • +1

      I'm in exactly the same boat. The only thing stopping me is I want the pro, and yes space grey too!
      I think I'll hold on to my Air 2 a bit longer, also will there be a pro update this year? That would be the deal breaker. Still, this is a very tempting deal.

      • Both iPad Pros 11 (2020) & 12.9 (2020) are available in the market right now. However, there might be a iPad Air 4 coming this September as according to the rumours.

      • Pro was updated about a month ago! Camera upgrade and minor chip bump, so not much to write home about.

  • Guys, it's probably a silly question, but if i get let say a 24 month plan, and cancel it in the first month, can i continue to pay for the tablet on instalments ? or i need to pay-off the device first ? Thanks in advance :)

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      You need to pay the minimum plan cost, which is the device cost + $15 (for the first month).

    • +2

      Obviously you cannot continue paying in instalment. You pay in instalments only if you keep the plan ($15 a month)
      If you end the plan you gotta pay for the whole of the tablet

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    Awesome deal thanks BNR32, can we get space grey through telephone rep? Only gold and silver available online.

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