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iPad Air 3 Cellular Gold or Silver, 64GB / 256GB $657.36 / $760.32 Outright @ Optus (In-store - Selected Retail Stores)


Was about to purchase an iPad 7th Gen but after searching and seeing ONSALE deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532381

Went into Optus store yesterday and purchased a new iPad Air 3 Celluar outright without any issues at all. Only Gold & Silver seem to be available

iPad Air 3 Celluar 64GB - $657.36 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $979.00 @ Apple (32.8539% discount)
iPad Air 3 Celluar 256GB - $760.32 Outright & Unlocked @ Optus compared to $1,199.00 @ Apple (36.58716% discount)

Ipad Air 3 is a lot better than the new iPad 7th gen
A12 Bionic Chip vs A10 Fusion
10.5" (2224 x 1668 pixels) vs 10.2" (2160 x 1620 pixels)
7MP front camera vs 1.2 MP

Hope this helps anyone in the market right now


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    • Which store?

      • Watergardens last one

  • Anyone tried to place order today, lam having issue with both existing and new account. It goes 404 after giving new email and ID check. Tried different browser with no extension

  • I check the myoptus app and the cancellation cost is only $696.96 for 256 gb.

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      Weird….sure that doesn't include the first month which you may have already paid?

      • maybe, I didn’t get any bill yet. just signed up at optus shop last friday.

    • I called up to cancel today and was told something similar. They said my outstanding amount was $699 or so, and that will be on my next bill.
      It arrived 12th May. Cancelled 14th May. I don't see any charges on my credit cards. But it would make sense that the first month's cost is the difference. So I'm expecting that to come out of my credit card soon.

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      I cancelled last night. It was $760.xx for 256GB.

      • Which plan did you sign up or does it not matter?

    • I have the same, as @JuryWheel said, I think it doesn't count first payment.

  • I tried to cancel yesterday after receiving my device but my device still showing that it hasn’t even been delivered.
    Order still as pending on the Optus app and service still not activated.

    How can I get the service activated so I can cancel it?

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      i used the My Optus App chat tool and was activated in minutes. Seamless.

  • I ordered on the 4th , still no ipad and only the one text message ( info ) that everyone else got. They have hardly provided "regular updates" as they say they will on my order status page. Just another big company that has no idea about customer service, they think it's normal to make you come to them for updated information.

  • Ordered one online this morning at 9:30, got an almost instant email reply that they can’t process and someone will contact me.
    Four hours later got a txt confirming they received my order and order number, got an email as well with contract details and critical info.
    So fingers crossed I eventually get something in the mail :)

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    is the ipad air 3 having the common white dot issue that the ipad pro 2017 suffered from? cause they both using same architecture design screen.

  • Do we still need iTunes to transfer data to iPad or would it be okay if I just hook up the cable to my Windows PC?

    I have had only one experience with Apple products - which was an iPad and it was bad due to not being able to transfer files. I just want to transfer my videos easily.

    • i think you can get lightning to usb-c adapter ( can't you?)

      • Yep, the cable is not the problem. I was just wondering if I can drag and drop videos into the iPad via Windows File Explorer.

  • This is really good deal. Just wonder whether Palin cancellation would have impact your credit? Thanks.

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    Just to add to the sample size of timing. Ordered on the 7th, arrived on the 14th (Melbourne Metro)
    Thanks again for posting @BNR32

    • You ordered 3 days after me but i still don't have mine. What configuration did you get?

      • Silver, 256GB.
        Could also be based on where you live?

        • Same as you. However i did get an SMS on Sunday that it was ready to be picked up

  • anywhere in goldcost sell outright?

    • Check the invoice, Helensvale Westfield sold without an issue

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        thanks, is this deal expired now?

        • -1

          same question please

        • +2

          Lol, it doesn’t hurt to click the link and have a look.
          Just checked and it looks like it’s still available.

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            @HagridNip: agree with this, but it's not a straightforward $657.36 / $760.32 Outright for web orders. As they add the monthly costs on top of the "min. total" but then you can cancel it as it's "month-to-month". If no issues with credit checks, it's good

  • I opened up my Auspost app and saw a new StarTrak item has been registered. Picked up today, so delivery tomorrow. It shows up in the Star Trak portal using that tracking number.

    • +1

      Same here, star track entry added to my Auspost app this afternoon, estimated delivery tomorrow.

  • is this below cost?
    price error?

  • Pickup one in Melbourne as outright no issues

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      Which store? What colours do they have?

      • Altona store, just sliver 64gb versions available

  • Arrived today, ordered on the 3rd, received Text on Weekend.

    Anyone recommend screen protectors or is it not worth doing if you plan to use a pencil?

    • +1

      I would always use a screen protector. I usually buy cheap glass from eBay

  • Does it make a difference if I don’t cancel immediately?

  • Be wary these have white spot issues after some time

  • Ordered 05/05. Still nothing after the initial order received email. Syd Metro region. Wondering if I should cancel and scout local stores or wait!!
    256gb Gold

    • Mine came in today, shipped from Sydney to Canberra, ordered on 4 May, processed on 5 May. Yours should arrive soon.

    • I ordered the same day and received today Sydney metro. Received an email the day before.

    • Still nothing, no email notification and no delivery info!! Bad timing i guess

  • Probably would've bought a wifi 64GB (if there was a decent deal) for equivalent of the wifi/cell 256gb, just not going to use cell or the extra gbs though?! So torn…

  • got mine today. Ordered 5th

    • -1

      Wont be buying online again, what a f up. I bought one in store and one over the OPTUS website.
      Optus stores give you a sim that works straight away, the online order delivery ( that took forever to get here ) is not activated 6 hours after I installed the SIM, restarted multiple times. The new device is not yet showing in my OPTUS account and therefore can't yet be activated ( or cancelled )

      Do yourselves a favour just go in store

      • hello, did the store sign you up for a month-to-month plan for the iPad? or it's outright?
        Thank you

        • +2

          yes it was a franchise and wouldnt sell it outright, no matter i will cacnel

      • I had to use online chat to get it manually activated. A short while later I rang cancellations because the coverage here is crap.

        They agreed, so I'm just paying out the device. No plan cost.

  • Ordered May 4th - Arrived yesterday arvo ( ADL )

  • -3


    Telstra launched click frenzy with $5 per month data plan for 5GB, the same plan as we have used for these iPads ( but $15 ).
    So I got on chat to activate my new arrival and made them match the Telstra offer as well. No problem, so now I am gonna stay on a plan for $5 per month and pay the device off on plan. Also, i bought two iPads and they are doing it for both, so $10 per month for 10GB data pool.

    Telstra click frenzy ends 25/05/2020 so you must do it before then.

    • why not cancel optus and go with Telstra instead? Also with cashrewards you have $45 back so you only need to pay $15 over 12 months period.

  • Sim not auto activating, and I can't seem to access chat via My Optus app as the Optus account I have has no valid services attached. Is there any way of accessing chat online? Seems like no due to Covid and infrastructure changes but thought I'd ask anyway

    • Same to me, it has been a day now no activation. App showed pending service. Sim card in the phone said service not provisioned.

      • I'm going to try calling today.

        Amazing how Toll can't manage their IT way out of a wet paper bag and it takes down Optus so heavily…

    • +1

      I used their website - if you login to your account at https://www.optus.com.au/my-account and click on the three dots in the circle at the lower right, you have online chat to the support team

      • Thanks, however I seem to getting this instead when logging in: https://imgur.com/a/YF4f6Ll (and attempting to link or activate the SIM doesn't work)

      • Yep that worked for me. After waiting 6 hours and nothing was activated within a few minutes after commencing chat. Now to cancel plan ;-)

        • +3

          TOP TIP: after 1.5 hours on hold, and then optus f'ing up by transferring to prepaid and then telling me to call the same number again (133937), they gave me an alternate number which fast tracks the activation. Activated in 5 mins by calling 1300 308 730

          • +1

            @bdl: I activated by online "chat" then rang and cancelled 5 min later - guy asked me why I was cancelling ( Said I was stuck at home due to Covid and had access to Wifi for the forseeable future. He also tried to upsell me a new Mobile phone and plan..lol. Total cost being invoiced was $760.32

  • +3

    Got my bill today for $760.32 + $1.50 ( 3 days for 5gb plan) = $761.82 in total. Thanks OP 💐

    • Hi, did you called the service team for negotiation or just cancel the plan on your side and wait for the next billing? Thanks.

  • Showing "Min. Total Cost is $1197.36 over 36 months." on the website?

    • That’s for the 64gb version with the data plan included

      • how to buy outright staright?

        • +1

          Head to an Optus store and ask if they have stock, otherwise get a plan online and cancel as soon as you receive the iPad and only pay the total cost of the device which could be $657 or $760 depending what storage capacity you pick plus an extra charge (pro rata).
          This deal has been active for a while so good luck finding a store with stock.

  • +5

    I followed the above trend and cancelled both plans for the newly acquired AIR 3's. I got both 64GB and 256GB as part of this deal. I was provided by the Optus team cancellation fees of $639.09 and $739.20 to close out in full respectively. Great overall value for both Ipad Air 3's. Thanks for sharing this deal.

    • Hi, did you called the service team for negotiation or just cancel the plan on your side and wait for the next billing? Thanks.

      • I called to cancel the plans on both Ipad Air's. They told me that I will be available to pay in full on next billing in early June. Oh, the SIM's were cancelled immediately whilst on the call to the service team.

        • Keep an eye on it. I called and they've cancelled my SIM but not letting me register for myaccount so I can't check bills. They've also sent me a bill for for $36.12 instead of the cancellation fee (but I can't check the bill as I can't register for myaccount). Ipad cost should be $31.68 monthly (plus one day of sim access) so something has gone wrong. Plus, can't get through to their support because of Covid, apparently.

          I'm honestly ready just to lodge a TIO complaint as Optus are a hot mess.

          • @bdl: You should be able to register for an account. When cancelling my SIM they said my account should still be active until the final settlement. Then I successfully created an account although there's still no billing yet.

            I cancelled the SIM before activating it so I shouldn't get any plan charges, just the device repayment.

  • Does anyone know if Officeworks will beat it by 5%. Is there anywhere online where the list it outright pricing?

  • +1

    11 days after ordering 256gb model, I just received a text from Optus stating no stock left so they are cancelling the order. Surprised order was accepted and not matched to stock. Probably time to close this deal.

    • I ordered on the 13th and still haven’t heard any updates, still classified as “Pending” :(

    • not nice Optus.

    • I ordered on 27th May and was asked to provide more documents. Chat support told me that my order is accepted however due to logistics issue it will take upto 15 days to deliver.

      I suspect my order will be cancelled too.

    • Sad to hear this. I ordered on 28th May, so it will be cancelled too.

      • Bought it from the store nearby, and then call the service to cancel the online order. Then messaged on the app to cancel the SIM plan. Need to wait what will my next bill look like. Great deal anyway.

  • +2

    I called Optus store near to me and they had one 256 GB version in stock. I cancelled my online order and picked it from the store on a plan.

    • +1

      Thanks for the tip @agrawalsumit25. If you didn't say anything I would have waited like a fool until Optus cancels my order. By that time it probably would be too late to order in store.

      Followed your advice and called three stores. Then I bought one in person at one of those before 10am today and cancelled my 10 May online order. Anyone thinking of taking up this offer should do the same thing. Don't order online, just call around your local stores.

      Some further tips:
      * Optus at Westfield Doncaster have plenty of 64GB models in silver and gold.
      * Of the two other stores I called, both had only one gold 256GB left.
      * I cancelled the plan I signed up to this morning over the phone.
      * I cancelled my 10 May order through messaging on the MyOptus app.

      These are great value if you need one before the start of 2021 (eg. if your kid's school has a compulsory iPad program). Apple will update the iPad 8th gen and the iPad Air 4 by the end of 2020 but while they'll match or exceed the A12 CPU in this one, both won't have the same capacity and cellular capability for $760.32 or less.

      • Agree. Shame that none of the Telcos are providing deals on 256GB iPad minis. :(

      • +1

        Yeah i did not want to order online and have it cancelled later or maybe wait for a month for stock.So as above,I just called my local stores and got my hands on a 256 GB one in half an hour.

  • Ended up getting a new silver 64Gb unit for $500 off gumtree yesterday, nice iPad wouldn't pay $1k though retail. Might get apple care incase i get the dreaded white spot.

  • Is anyone else still waiting for their order? I ordered 3 weeks ago and still no ETA.

  • Thanks OP will try and find one in WA tomorrow. Anyone have any idea on stock NOR?

    Also noticed a whole bunch of these iPads on Gumtree for around 1000 heh.

  • Tried at local Melbourne's South East - Waverley Garden Optus shop. Optus rep wouldn't budge & said all on 36 months contract now & if cancelled, will have to pay pro-rata penalties.

    • Just sign the contract, take the iPad and cancel as soon as you get home.

      Got the invoice with the contract payout amount emailed to me 58 hours after cancellation.

      Invoice total was $760.80 payable by 16 June. That's 48 cents for one day of service.

      Which means I didn't cancel fast enough! Should have phoned 133 937 as soon as I stepped outside the shop.

    • That's BS. Have a look at the CIS before you sign to make sure - they can't alter the plan terms.

  • Just FYI, I order 256 gold on Sunday night and it was delivered Wednesday. I'm in Perth. Great iPad 👍

    • 256 pure gold 24 ct?

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