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LG GX 4K OLED Smart TV - OLED65GXPTA $4040 + Delivery (Free Delivery for Selected Cities) @ Appliance Central


Seems to be in stock and cheapest including delivery (for selected cities) only.

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  • The 2021 model - the G1 - will be around $5000 MSRP with a significantly upgraded panel, but you'd expect it to drop towards this price fairly quickly.

    Not sure this is worth going after.

    • Define "significantly upgraded". I'd imagine pretty much all of LG's OLED's are above and beyond most of the competitiors, with minor updates now from year to year.

      • This year's models are mostly just last year's panel with some new features. The G series has the upgraded panel, to the tune of significant power efficiency and brightness gains (1000 peak vs 850 peak).

      • The G1 series got the first big hardware upgrade in years with OLED evo, which significantly improves brightness.

  • Videopro‚Äôs price is $80 less (+ Delivery)

  • With all the new TVs from everyone arriving soon wonder now if best wait a few weeks?

  • Picked this up brand new for 2850! (sealed in box from FB marketplace)

    Amazing tv and an absolute steal