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Lebara Mobile 180/360 Days Plans from $98 to $295 (For New & Existing Customers) @ De Amazing Online


Deals for Lebara long term plans :)

All these plans use vodafone 4g network

Please use specific code for the specific item

free delivery for all these sim packs

existing lebara users can pick recharge pin and we will send it via email

usually we will send the sim pack out in 2 business days, pin in 1 business day

any question please contact [email protected]

Lebara $120 180 Days Small Plan

Starter Pack $100 (Code: LSC120180)
Recharge Voucher $98 (Code: LSP120180)

Lebara $140 180 Days Medium Plan

Starter Pack $105 (Code: LMC140180)
Recharge Voucher $112 (Code: LMP140180)

Lebara $180 180 Days Large Plan

Starter Pack $135 (Code: LLC180180)
Recharge Voucher $135 (Code: LLP180180)

Lebara $280 360 Days Medium Plan

Starter Pack $218 (Code: LMC280360)
Recharge Voucher $218 (Code: LMP280360)

Lebara $360 360 Days Large Plan

Starter Pack $295 (Code: LLC360360)
Recharge Voucher $295 (Code: LLP360360)

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