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[eBay Plus] Samsung 82" TU8000 UHD 4K TV - $2299 Delivered @ Powerland eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Saw this while looking for >75" 4k TVs, looks like it beats the last price it had in OzB few months back by $100 thanks to ebay coupon code.
Price increased by $50 so original deal is expired now.

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  • +1

    $144 postage for me

  • +1

    Bought the 50" version a few weeks back, I dont have any 4k content, but screen is overall decent.

    The 50" version is not bright, fine for my use and space, but not going to offer good brightness for day viewing in sunlit spaces.

  • +3

    Good for someone who are thinking to have a TV in media/theater room instead of projector/screen.

    • -4

      an 82" is too small for a media/theater room…. I have a 120" projector/screen and I wouldn't recommend any smaller

      • +4

        It also depends on room size. Plus budget.

      • +8

        an 82” is great for a media/theater room…. I wouldn't recommend a projector.

      • +1

        You can always sit closer to the screen

      • +2

        I have a 200" projector. I wouldn't recommend any smaller

      • +1

        Projectors are horrible. Worst contrast ratio and blacks imaginable.

        • Depends on the projector, some have higher contrast ratio than this TV.

          • @Ryballs: Yes, in a room that is utterly pitch black. In reality even the smallest amount of light the blacks aren't even remotely black.
            Projectors will always loose because their screen is whilst, whilst a TV's is black. It's that simple really.

  • +3

    $434 for postage no thnx.

    • +7

      Time to move to Aus.. 😘

      • +1

        Probably lives in WA

    • +1

      Even with eBay plus? If not getting ebay plus for $49 is cheaper lol

  • anyone have any reviews on this?"

    • +2

      yeah good. slowish cpu (compared to a Q70t). screen a bit dim (compared to a Q70t), but huge. glad I bought it instead of a projector. but I got a secondhand one for $1300 so Im probably biased.

    • +3

      Thepigs is right on the money. The backlight is a tad dark so watching horror movies n stuff can be a bit washed out, but it's not a deal breaker.

      10/10 would get another one for sh1ts and gigs.

  • +2

    Free postage for me but still I couldn’t come out from Sony deal which I missed out

    • Me neither, but this one is 82” compared to that 75”

      • +3

        Sony vs Samsung. I prefer Sony even little bit smaller and hopefully we get that deal soon. Let’s see.

    • What Sony deal?

  • Free postage here.

  • +3

    Not big enough to be used as home theatre.

    I have RU8000 82”

    • how big do you want it?

      • +1

        My screen In The lounge is 110”

      • Mine's 112"

        • 112" 112" 112", 112" going once, do i hear 115"

  • Perfect if your room isn’t too bright

    • Why is this being downvoted? Reviews I've read say this tv can't get very bright and may struggle in bright rooms.

      • I don’t know. This is a really nice screen, just doesn’t get bright.

      • Someone said this about a Hisense TV i bought recently. However, I dont see any issues with brightness at all. Can still see it fine in a bright, sunlit room. Ymmv with this one.

  • When the tv is so ridiculously big, can you start seeing the pixels as you walk closer?

    • Yes. Especially on the cheaper sets that. Don't even bother with FTA on them

    • +3

      Everything FTA looks like Minecraft

  • Can they deliver on a Saturday? Can't be at home any other day

    • +14

      Just get them to hide it under the door mat

  • $270 for postage 😂

  • What is refresh rate of this tv?

    • +3

      60hz native

      Q70 is lowest model in the line up to get 120hz native

  • Will this fit on my current mount that’s rated for 70kg.. vesa max 800x450? Vogel’s EFW 8305 40”-80”

    • +1

      The 82" TU8200 has 600x400mm spacing and weighs 37kg

  • This vs LG 86" 4K 86UN8100PTB TV, which one is better?

    • +1

      4" + is definitely better

  • I see Samsung has just done Australian launch of 2021 TVs so expect some bargains.

  • I saw this screen in the store, it's not bad honestly. It's not perfect off axis but it's alright and straight on it's also good. I think it's missing HDMI 2.1 though right?

    • Correct, no HDMI 2.1 on this model according to rtings

    • Doesn't matter if the TV is limited to 4k 60hz

  • Comes up as $2349 after the discount applied for me - where does the $2299 come from ?

    • price increased by $50 now

  • I have a 75 inch version of it. it is fair to say that it is well below average quality.

  • If we proceed with some TV instead of projector/screen, what kinda speaker/woofers we will need to add to get the room theater type of sound?

    • Hehe woofers…. Depends on size of the room and your budget. Decent sound bar fix is arounf 800 to 1500 and full out system can be 20k.

  • +1

    $2088 after PADDY20

    Item price: AU $2,388.00
    -AU $300.00
    Your price: AU $2,088.00

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