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BlitzWolf BW-P7 5000mAh Slim Design USB Power Bank US$6.99 (~A$9) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


A small, lightweight and low priced power bank that'll set you back about $9. At this price you can't expect it to have fast charging, but it'll certainly give your device some juice when it's needed.

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  • any good?

  • The size and weight kind of make sense, I could probably live without QC/PD but I can't go back to Micro USB.

  • How long would these last if fully charged but not used? 2-3 days possible?

  • 5000mah what is this a powerbank for ants?

    • Powerbank for phones who can't charge good

    • Indeed. A real powerbank has to be at least… 3 times bigger than this.

    • Long live the 5000mah power bank!

      They're the perfect size as a back up for your phone while travelling and they have enough to get you from 20% back to near fully charged so you can make it back to wherever your staying if you smash your phone battery using gps or entertaining yourself on the plane.

      They can also fit in your pocket with the phone and charge, unlike a 10k which is like stuffing a brick in your pocket.

      The trouble is no one has updated their design in 5 years and they're all micro usb and slow charging. I'd like to replace my aging xiaomi mi power bank, but I can't find anything worth buying.

      • ^^^This^^^

        Have this handy small light battery for light duty emergencies and/or top ups, and larger bigger capacity for other stuff.

        As your deviding use between both if kept 40%-80% full both will last you for many happy usefull years.

  • Any of those usb a/c multi-port chargers knocking about?