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Google Pixel 4a 5G $599 (Delivered) @ Telstra (Officeworks Price Beat $569.05)


Google Pixel 4a w/ 5G for $200 off RRP ($799)
Just put an order in for the phone outright with no associated plan - Will see in the morning if it's honoured
Not the lowest ever price ($559) but a decent price nonetheless (beating out some Black Friday discounts)

As suggested by ozviktor
Price match @ officeworks for 5% off = $569.05

Further, price matched by Google stores and JB Hifi

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  • Officeworks also refused pricematch for me on the grounds that it is locked to telstra and that the store has been told not to do any pricematch

    • The Melbourne CBD store said Telstra website error and refused the price match😑 even though I had called to confirm they do price match before I went in

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    successfully got jbhifi to price match telstra this morning as i had an unused $300 gift card

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    It’s kinda weird some people get approved for price match/beat while some unsuccessful.
    Pot luck?

  • Just went to Marion Officework, they refused to price beat, claiming that Telstra sells locked phone but theirs are unlocked…

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      [email protected]$! Retailers always have lame excuses.

      Wish these B&Ms just go out the window. Don't take my money then who cares if they collapse

  • Hmm this or s20 FE 5G 128GB for $749? Currently on S7 edge and looking to upgrade.

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      I think a few people have debated over this.

      One reason I can think of is the headphone jack is still available on the Pixel 4a 5G and not on the S20 FE.

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    I have just spoken with a telstra rep on web chat, this phone is unlocked.
    It took a long time and a lot of evasive back and forth, it seems they really don't want to reveal this phone is unlocked!
    Their exact answer from chat was:
    " I have confirmed that new phone models are already unlocked by Telstra unlike the older ones that needs to be unlocked. "

    • thanks for post, that is also what I need to know before purchase from Telstra for this phone

  • Called the Officeworks main office to get price match. They responded with the pathetic excuse that Telstra's offer cannot be price matched because it's tied to a plan or pricing error (I really can't remember the BS reason).

    Went to a nearby Officeworks store today, showed them the same Telstra offer they didn't create any dramas and honoured the price beat. Got it for $569.05. Wife's birthday present sorted. Very happy with the price.

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    Just tried Officeworks Toowoomba who wouldn't price beat, and JB hifi who wouldn't either. To the JB hifi guy's credit he tried to do it but his manager stopped him as apparently 599 is below cost price for them! Google support were very cagey about whether they would match: require you to purchase the phone full price through google store, then re-claim the difference once you receive the phone if the deal is still ongoing which seems ridiculous.

    I see people above have maybe confirmed that it is unlocked from the Telstra deal on chat, does anyone have absolute confirmation with the phone from Telstra itself?

    • I had the same experience with both shops in Toowoomba today.

      Ended up just ordering from Telstra directly.

      A bit annoying since my Wife's S8 + decided to die this week, I was hoping I could get it somewhere locally.

  • Went to Telstra shop and picked this up for 799 with 200 credit.
    Note that it wasn't 599 outright.
    I have Kogan mobile SIM (ozb special of course), am typing this post on the new phone, no problems with SIM, so definitely unlocked.
    So, the 200 credit… I only got this because I have an old data SIM with my Telstra home internet, they said the credit will be applied to my account because of this.
    It will Start to come off my next billing cycle. I suspect I kind of cheated their terms a little bit, not that I'm worried about that.
    So if you don't have a Telstra mobile and want to buy it outright I suspect you may not get the 200 credit.
    Sorry if it's all confusing, but it is Telstra after all

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      Seems like you didnt get the right deal. It is 599 online via telstra web.

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    I tried to get Google online store to price match (to avoid any problems with the phones being locked) via their chat function. 'Christine' was very helpful but the answer was no.

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    Successfully price matched at JB Hi Fi Chadstone. Paid with gift cards purchased through work for 5% off, so $569.05 final price.

    I showed the guy the deal and he was fine. I generally find that honesty works best, I told him that people online had reported success with price matching at some stores and some had not, so it was up to him. He did say that it was a bit of a funny deal, but it was all good once I showed him the phone in the cart without having to select a plan.

  • jbhifi rouse hill wont price match :(

  • Awesome OW was able to price beat for me!

  • I think they have locked the loophole of ordering online without a plan - trying to checkout on the telstra store gives:
    Unable to process your order
    To make this purchase, you need to have a Telstra plan. To continue, please add a plan to this order.

    Agent said it is locked to telstra and costs $80 to unlock as well if not active for <6 months.

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    JB Hi-Fi Maribyrnong wouldn't price match, saying it was below their cost, and the best they could sell it for was $699. But I went to Harvey Norman Maribyrnong today and they matched it, so I got one. Great price, thanks OP!

  • I don't think you can buy outright anymore without a plan

    • sad, will wait for another offer then

  • Been using the Pixel4A (non 5G) since release with CalyxOS and have been loving it. My only real gripe is that they're not IP rated, so if you're prone to jumping in pools with your phone in your pocket there might be a better mid-range phone that suits your needs better.

  • Wasted over 30 mins at Officeworks Joondalup trying to get the price beat in person today with no luck.

    They tried every excuse possible and multiple staff members were attempting to add in their two cents as to why it wasn't possible.
    Phone was locked, had to be purchased with a plan, had to be paid back over the period of 24 months etc
    Rather frustrating experience and even though I held my ground it all seemed too hard for them to navigate the website. Apparently they aren't even allowed to look at customers phones as they've been misled in the past?

    In the end I walked over to JB and had a price match within minutes, paid by discounted gift card so all up a $569 purchase.

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    I received my phone from Telstra today and can confirm it is unlocked without any Telstra branding.

    • did you have to get it with a plan? when I go through the step they ask for ID

    • Also received my phone today unlocked. Happy with is so far.

      • Did you sign up for a plan with it? Or already a telstra customer etc?

        • No I didn't have to sign up with a plan but husband had a Telstra account from previous broadband plan.

  • Has anybody had any luck price matching in Sydney? I was refused by jbhifi rouse hill and jbhifi Marsden park. Also Harvey Norman refused citing price below RRP.


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      I was able to price-match at JB Hurstville last week - showed the salesperson the deal on my phone, she had to go ask the "telco specialist", but came back and matched with no issues

  • This or the Motorola G 5G Plus 128GB for $499?

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    manage to get Officeworks to pricebeat $569.05

    the manager mention that the Serial code was the same (ending with 137) if that help

    • which officeworks location mate?

  • Rejected from Officeworks Fitzroy. Rejected from over the phone price match. Reason is you have to purchase a plan when you purchase the Telstra deal.

    • Which is rubbish, you can go through the whole check out without needing to put it on a plan.

      • Absolutely. Strong bs vibe. The other employee said it was because the Telstra logo comes up at boot. Bs.

      • Had any one brought it online ?

        The Telstra shop explain it to me like :

        The online deal force you to buy it $42.93 per month + small 40gb plan ($50)

        $599 upfront + small plan ($50)
        Or $799 + $200 prepaid credit

        • I got all the way through to where you'd enter CC details and hit submit, no mention of committing to a phone plan or any contractual obligation along the way.

          It is possible that it would error out at that point but since I wanted to price beat I didn't proceed further.

          Ultimately I think it's probably a flaw in their online order flow that I'm surprised hasn't been fixed. $600 is purportedly below cost.

  • Can anyone who has switched from a Pixel 2 to the 4a 5G share their experience?

    • Only on my second day, but loving it so far. Very similar in size, but much bigger screen due to the non-existant bezels. Brighter screen, battery is much better - that said the Pixel 2 had degraded severely. Haven't tried out the camera yet. General responsiveness is improved.

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    Managed to get JB Hifi to price match in Waurn Ponds yesterday. Combined with the $500 port voucher I managed to snag it for $100 out of pocket.

  • I went in to JB Chadstone and they refused to price match saying the Telstra deal was linked a requirement to purchase a plan. Went in to JB Camberwell and they did it without any issues. I guess it just depends on who you get!
    I also used gift cards at 5% off, but it was a bit annoying because they have a limit of 5 gift cards per transaction and I needed 12 gift cards because I was buying two phones!

  • Successfully price matched at JB Hifi Holmesglen - no issues at all

  • Pitt St officeworks price beat with no issues for me on Monday. Wasn't any stock but it got delivered to the store the next day

  • Looks like both Google store ($599) and Officeworks ($597) have lowered their prices so we don't price match

    • thats for the non 5G version, so this deal still applies if u can price match. I will try at JB later

      • Unforatuntely I have not been able to pricematch it at either officeworks/Jb-hifi or harey norman.

  • Tried to price match with 2 Officeworks stores in Brisbane and JB HIFI but couldn't get it sorted. Went into Telstra store as well to try my luck but it looks like you buy it at full price ($799) and then Telstra puts a $200 dollar credit on your account so that's how they are swinging that price tag apparently..

  • Got a pair at JB Greensborough on the weekend.

  • My friend says Officeworks central has a letter to store saying not to match.

    • oh well

    • Hearing the same from 2 SE Vic OW stores… All because you need a Telstra account apparently

    • Yep, verified this. Went in today and they said there was a note not price match.

  • Just got a msg from Telstra that need to show same ID when receiving, is that true? Hoping that anyone from my household is able to sign…

    • Anyone from house was able to sign, just needed to show them a drivers license.

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    Hi All,

    Went into the website again and the outright price has now been changed from $599 to $799!

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      If you have a Telstra account, log in and it will check out at $599.

      Source: Just went and bought one.

  • Ta muchly just bought for the wifey.

  • JB Leichhardt matched the price!

  • despite someone on here getting JB Artarmon to price match the pixel 5, they wouldn't price match the pixel 4a 5g when i asked today. while i was waiting, i went through the telstra online process (add to cart, log in, then put in drivers licence etc) through to checkout, and, despite it clearly showing min cost of $599 with no further payments required, the sales person at JB said they wont match it, because they reckon the telstra deal only applies if signing up to a 24mth plan. i suppose it comes down to which sales person you get at JB. After a few failed price match attempts (at various places), i gave up, and made the purchase via telstra site.

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    Just got gatekept by OW customer service rep claiming "Because you need a Telstra account/to enter your details we cannot price beat"

    "…Just like with Costco…"

    Tried to explain the account is free and that you'll need to enter your details anyway to buy the phone/have it shipped but seems like they're tighter than TA himself!

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    Well, I just saved the trouble of wasting time trying to price match, and ordered the device from Telstra.
    Just select the phone, ignore the plan, and you get all the way through to the final price of $599 delivered with confirmation email.

    • Dont know how you managed that as I get an error while chcking out with just the phone

      • what error did u get?

        I logged in with a disused Telstra account from years ago, maybe that made the difference?

        • Unable to process your order you need to choose a plan

          • @U30004: Were you logged into Telstra?

              • @U30004: did you click "outright", then scroll down (ignoring all the "select.." buttons and links), then see a "Next" button, and click that?

                • @sclyde2: yes I did

                  • @U30004: when i click "next", i get:
                    address: https://www.telstra.com.au/shop/cartsummary

                    Your cart
                    Google Pixel 4a 5G
                    Just Black 128GB
                    one off
                    Offer applied
                    Includes $200 discount on the cost of the device.
                    What you'll pay
                    one off
                    and a "Buy now" button.

                    what do you get when you click "next"?

                    • @sclyde2: and this is before i am even logged into telstra. after i click "buy now", it asks me to sign in.

                      • @sclyde2: yup, but once I sign in, it says unable to process, you need to add a plan

  • Looks like the Outright (no plan) option has been closed by Telstra.
    Will try a pricematch in and around the city tomorrow…

    • It doesn't look like it has changed to me. I'm still seeing the ability to choose "Outright" for $599, then am able to progress to a "$599 one off" cart.

      • I did everything up until (but not including) clicking the "buy now" button. are people having issues after that? all this is on a PC.

        • It fails at the final step (checkout of cart).

          Price matched Nth Sydney JbHifi in 2 minutes.

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  • Anyone got their phone from Telstra without any phone plan attached? I'm going to try my local Officeworks first.

    • Yep, ordered online yesterday and due for delivery tomorrow. Screenshot of order confirmation in case it helps anyone in-store or with price match. I did try first over the phone with JB Prahran and got the "Telstra variant" response, couldn't be bothered putting up a fight as I desperately need a new phone and have been hanging out for this one. Note I am a Telstra internet customer on a monthly plan (but out of contract), not sure if that helped me get through checkout without a phone plan somehow.

      • Do you know if you can buy it instore at Telstra for same price or just online?

    • I tried calling the Officeworks 1300 number a couple of times for a price match. I was told a heap of excuses for not honouring the price match; it's locked to Telstra, you need to buy it on a plan (both of which are not true) and also the fact you need to be a Telstra customer to purchase it (which is also not true, you just need to create a Telstra ID when you check out.

      It clearly says 'Outright $599'. Outright in this context has always meant unlocked and not on a plan.

    • Yes, mine is sitting at the postoffice right now.

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    Outright is now $799.

  • The offer is back. $599

    • Need to add a plan though now, just tried and got the warning that a plan needs to be added.

      • same here

  • Tried price matching at JB and they flat out refused. Started off by saying you need to be on a contract which I showed that you didn't have to. He then said some other BS about Telstra but still refused. How are Harvey Norman for price matches?

  • I've tried 3 Officeworks and they flat out refused, tried to buy via Telstra and it says I need a plan. Any ideas?

  • If anyone manages to price match with any other retailer please kindly post here and let us know which store!

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    I called to jb hifi to get a price match, but managed to get a price beat at officeworks in the end anyway so I have a link to purchase the phone from JB Hi-Fi direct for $582, if anyone wants it they can have it for free just PM me - link expires at midnight tonight

    • I've had no luck price matching locally at JB and Officeworks. I'm new to OzBargin so can't PM yet but if you've still got the link it would be great to hear from you…

      • Hi there, sorry I didn't see your reply until after midnight, but hopefully you can call JB to get them to reissue a new link (if they're feeling nice). How can I get in touch with you to send you the link?

        • You should be able to PM me? New members need to wait 24 hours before sending a PM but should be able to receive.

    • No idea how you managed to get that as I've called both and they are refusing to match due to the plan needing to be added now. Might check to see what they can offer at the Telstra store.

      • I would recommend just calling around all JB Hi-Fi stores, if they refuse to price match you can ask whether they're prepared to send you a JB Hi-Fi Direct link via SMS to purchase the phone. I explained when I called that the Telstra website asks for a plan to be added, but will allow you to check out the phone without adding a plan so you can buy it outright (which is all true)

        • Buying outright from Telstra requires you to be a Telstra customer though which I had confirmed in store. I directly called the JB sales line and they said that they won't be honouring the price.

          • @Theycott: Thats bull, you can sign up for a Telstra account for free online. They just use that excuse to avoid having to match the price