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Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S $296.65 C&C /+ $5 Del ($289.67 Delivered eBay Plus) @ The Good Guys eBay


For those looking for the add on Seagate Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card 1TB for their Xbox Series X/S consoles, this seems to be the best deal I've seen for it. At $290 delivered, less the Shopback 5% Swap Gift cards, it's about $275.

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  • Thanks man I was waiting for a deal under $300.

  • This is actually decent… have my +

    1. Manage your library and be realistic what you are going to actually play.
    2. Save $300.
    • Or install every game on Game Pass.

      Now that this doesn't cost 500 freaking dollars it seems like an okay deal. It used to cost as much as a Series S…

      Maybe don't tell people how to live, hmm?

    • 100% this.

      Ive got a USB 3 drive (3TB) connected to my Series X which i use to store all my Xbox One and lower games on. The internal Series X drive currently has about 14 games on it which is already way, way over what i would realistically play. Im sure if there was a series X game on the external i wanted to play, it wouldnt be much of a hassle to just transfer it over.

      • I have a 1TB 860 evo in a caddy hanging off my series X and do the same.

        until there is more than 2-3 series X games that I want to play I will be waiting for a 2TB version to come out later.

        anything I play regularly is on the internal drive to minimise loading times but transferring is fast enough and so infrequent with the current lack of series X enabled games that its not a big deal.

  • Being able to store games on an external, then transfer them over to internal when they're in your active play list is a very workable solution. Love my Series X

    • Agreed. I have to admit I am tempted to cancel my order because I realistically only play a few XSX games … But I think it’s a decent deal. Hmm.

  • Good guys rang me and said it was out of stock. Could wait for back order or cancel…..