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Seven Seas Crushed Ginger 250G $2.39 ($0.96 / 100g) + Shipping ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon Au


Versatile and great to cook with
Great for baked chicken, various Chinese dishes and more
Ideal on seafood, chicken, sushi, veggies and more
Authentic flavour right in your kitchen
Easy to use

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  • 15mins OOS?

  • Probably only a couple of nearly expired bottles

  • The jars have no indication of the source of the ingredients. I've found that its increasingly difficult, if not outright impossible to buy crushed ginger/garlic that is grown here in Australia

    • Lets be serious, if they are grown in Australia, how could it possibly be selling at this price ???

      • Thats true - but I'd like to be able to make that choice, or at least know where it is coming from. To be fair, i also buy actual fresh ginger regularly but prefer crushed ones for cooking since its just easier than DIY-ing it.

    • Local Fresh ginger is already priced at 70/kg…. can’t imagine what they would price the crushed one at… with processing, oil/vinegar, packaging on top…

      • When you've grown up with ginger in your food and even drinks, its hard to give it up. Not much available as a substitute either. I like the crushed ginger because its easier for cooking but we do buy regular ones for those where we need it without the oil and other ingredients, for example in ginger tea.

        Also, every other ingredient they place in the jar probably reduces the cost of the overall product, and I bet the processing itself probably is cheaper than the raw ingredient. Some cheeky manufacturers dial down the amount of ginger in their crushed paste and dial up the oil, which is annoying.

        • What is your fav ginger drink, that's DIY :) ?

          • @the4thzodiac: Ginger tea would be it - basically boiled black tea, with blended/macerated ginger in it. Add in milk to a 50-50 portion(50% ginger tea, 50% milk).

            Basically make a whole pot every weekend. In fact, I'm having my for the day third cup right now.

            I used to be a big fan of buderim ginger cordial but I think i gave it up because of the sugar.

  • Bought a 1kg can of this from Coles a year ago
    smells and tastes like ammonia or some kind of chemicals

    Katoomba brand from Woolworth's is much better, $5.50/kg, probably from China or India thou…

    • Its exactly why I'm always worried about buying imported food stuff - these bottles don't really have to go through thorough inspection and its hard to say how or what is in them. I remember reading about another controversy about this (https://www.sbs.com.au/language/english/exclusive-sbs-testin...)

      Interestingly, I think one of the products on that article was imported by the same company that imports this. I am not suggesting that there is any impropriety by the importer in either of these products.