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[eBay Plus] PS5 Dual Sense Wireless Controller + $1 Item $90 Delivered @ BIG W eBay


$1 items - worked with the "10-100x Latex Standard 25cm Helium Balloons Balloon Party Wedding Birthday 10" other $1 items to choose from link also, sd adapter $1

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    Cheers OP, worked for me!

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    thanks, bought one.. to use on my pc, no ps5 to be found lolz.

  • Wondering if it's worth buying this over the Xbox series X/S controller for PC use?

    Got one of those in November which just randomly died last month. I've sent it back to Amazon for a refund, but my BIG concern is I discovered Microsoft only state a warranty of 3 months, so hesitant to even buy another with such a poor guarantee.

    I mainly play Rocket League, but I'd assume with Game Pass Ultimate PC the Xbox controllers would just 'work'.

    Many people using these on PC?

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      It does seem like most games on Game Pass only have built-in Xbox controller support—I use a DualShock 4 and have to use a 3rd-party tool DS4Windows to get it to work. It apparently has DualSense support now too.

      As for Steam games, DS4/DualSense support comes through steam input which is pretty much seamless.

      • Thanks, might give it a miss then. Don't really want to fiddle around.

        Although apparently Rocket League has native DS4 and DualSense support.

        • It does for sure through Steam Input when I play—I'm not too sure about the Epic version.

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      I do, depending on the games controller support it works same as consoles. For instance control works perfectly but squadrons I have had a lot of issues..

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      Surely 3 months doesn't meet consumer protection rules in Oz?

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      If it's sold in Australia. Then offering only a 3 month warranty on the brand new product is illegal. At minimum it has to be 12 months warranty if it's brand new Australian stock and sold in Australia. The Australian Consumer law says so.

      • Mind showing where? I thought it came down to what is considered reasonable. I agree 3 months in unreasonable but what is reasonable? Two years? 7 years? 9 months?

        • It's the consumer guarantees. Guaranteed for 12 months on Australian stock.

          3 months is completely unreasonable if it's Australian stock. As all Xbox products sold in Australia come with a standard 12 month warranty. There is no 3 month warranty.

          Unless of course it was a parallel import and Amazon AU was offering a 3 month warranty from Amazon on it. Voluntary warranty on a parallel import.

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            @hollykryten: I think you're probably right in effect, but I don't know where you're specifically getting 12 months from. As per the parent it's just what's reasonable which is open to intepretation. This is usually taken as level of quality compared to price point - it's reasonable for a consumer to expect a $100 controller to last at least 12 months, and I'd argue even longer, but AFAIK there's no actual suggestion of 12 months written anywhere in law.

        • Reasonable would be how long should the life of a console be? Because the controller should last long enough to use it with the console.

          Every console I have owned since the NES has had no problem achieving this.

    • Microsoft Australia actually states a 12 month warranty on Australian stock for all Xbox products. It's always been 12 months warranty on Xbox products here in Australia.

      But when it comes to parallel import stock that's a completely different matter.

      So make sure that it's Australian stock and then you will get 12 months warranty.

      • That's what I was assuming also, I guess this page from the Microsoft AU site stating how the Elite Series 2 controller has had it's warranty period extended from 90 days to 12 months also threw me off a bit.

        I couldn't even confirm my warranty, as It won't recognise my serial number on the support site

        • It must have accidentally listed on the Australian site web page the USA warranty for the Xbox Elite 2 controller from the 90 days to 12 months.

          As the Xbox Elite 2 controller warranty for Australia was actually increased from 12 months to 2 years.

          The USA standard warranty is 3 months i believe. Which leads me to believe if they are saying 3 months warranty then it's a parallel import Xbox controller from the USA.

    • Yeah next time buy from Australian stock for the Xbox controller. Instead of a parallel import from the USA. If you want 12 months Australian stock warranty.

      I bet you it may have been bought through the Amazon AU store but it was a "ships from Amazon USA" deal. Where the stock came from the USA direct to your door as USA stock. Which means you get the standard USA 3 months warranty instead. You maybe were under the false assumption that it was Australian stock. They get really shafted when it comes to Xbox USA warranty.

    • I have one, but for PC use I'd take the xbox elite controller over it anyday. Far less issues around compatibility, durability and better wireless range.

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    the sticks will drift, so better stock up on a few

    • Ok

    • All controller use the same stick assembly apparently.

      • i didn't hear about drifting issues on PS4/X1/PS3/360/WiiU.

        Is this a new assembly everyone just decided to use?

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    Got one. Thanks!

  • Thought this said $1 for a moment!

  • It should be reasonably easy to get one price matched with TGGC $85 at Jb Hifi.
    I did this today by showing a screenshot, no questions ask.
    PM if you need a screenie.

    • since it says $90 + $1 item, wouldn't they have PM'd it to $89 plus you have to buy another item?