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2 & 6 Month Waiting Periods Waived on Most Extras @ Medibank (New Customers)


Hope I’ve submitted the deal correctly.

I was having a look through the Facebook Ad Library & found that Medibank is currently waiving 2 & 6 month waiting periods on most extras only.

Great opportunity to get some dental work done.

It’s more common that they waive waiting periods for combined policies only.

Be aware that if you’re switching from another fund where you’ve already met your annual limits you may not be able to claim straight away.

Promo code: EXTRAS

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  • Its also 6 weeks free currently, if you sign under above link its only 4

    • I don’t believe you get 6 weeks free on extras only, I think it’s for combined policies.

      • yeah, worth a mention

      • it's also 6 weeks free just saw a FB advertisement

        • Coupon didn't work for 6 weeks

          • @badonde: just use this link

            Live better with 6 weeks free
            Join eligible combined hospital & extras cover by 31 March and get 6 weeks free. Plus - we'll waive 2&6 month waiting periods on extras. New members only. Use promo code: 6FREE

            • @RogueWolf:

              Join eligible combined hospital & extras

              You don't get 6 weeks free on extras only, only on combined polices, as OP noted above.

              • @Ughhh: oh ok, is this just to take out extras & no hospital?

  • I have used up my dental with HCF last year. I am thinking to jump to Medibank for my next dental appointment, I can do that cant I?

    • To preface, I’m no expert. But I can’t see why not. Just double check because if your last policy only allowed you to claim every 12 months and you had the work done 8 months ago you’ll still be subject to the wait period. So it might be another 4 months before you can claim again, no matter the provider.

      I’ve spent hours over the last couple of days reading different information. Best to call & check with Medibank just to be sure before you sign up.

      • Yes. will do. Thank you

    • If you give Medibank your transfer certificate from HCF, and you’ve used up your dental limits with HCF, you’ll have to wait. If you don’t give them your certificate and join as a new member, no wait! Just do the second option, works out a lot better for you.

  • Op (or anyone who just bought using the code), did your confirmation email mention anything about the EXTRAS code and the 2 & 6 months waived waiting time?

    I'm pretty sure I entered the code, but I can't remember :(

  • Hi guys ,
    I work for medibank.
    I will be back in the office from Wednesday 10.03.2021.

    Email me :
    [email protected]

    Feel free to send me an email if you want to join.
    Extras 2 and 6 months waits are waived.
    Claim on extras straight away.
    On joining hospital and extras get 6 weeks free and the 2 and 6 months waiver for extras.

    Offers expires 31.03.2021.

    Happy to help you with your join enquiries.

    • can I add my partner to my existing account and get this benefit?
      He needs a dental appointment. But then does this cover wisdom teeth removal. No anesthetic just straight forward.

      • Chakel the offer is for new joins. Would prefer you to join your partner as a single person first to get 2 and 6 months waived. Please send an email for the quote.
        [email protected]
        Wisdom teeth may involve surgical procedure for dental procedure.
        That comes under 12 months waiting period.

    • Why the premium went up again in 2021 when most of my benefit for 2020 can’t be used due to lock down? When I contacted Medibank they told me they offer the most competitive price that’s all.

  • +1

    I'm being a bit lazy, but does the waiting period waver include dental?

    • If you wave fast enough, I think, best to check, I'm lazy too.

    • The waiver applies to general dental, physio, chiro, massage and optical etc.
      The offer expires 31.03.21

      Feel free to send me an email. Can help wuth quick quote and join.
      [email protected]


    • The waiver applies to general dental, physio, chiro, massage and optical etc.
      The offer expires 31.03.21

      Feel free to send me an email. Can help wuth quick quote and join.
      [email protected]


  • So stupid question is there any upfront costs in signing up now?

    • Upfront cost like paying $200 now and then $15 per fortnight? Like phone plans?

      • I mean the 6 weeks free part. Do we still pay anything now when signing up.

      • What?I never heared of insurance have upfront costs,I always think it is week by week

  • New to private health insurance.
    1. is that first 6 weeks free?
    2. out of curiosity… what will happen if I claim an extra like dental or optical during 6 weeks free period and then cancel it? I guess cant be that simple.

  • I think you have to pay 30 days before 6 weeks free kicks in

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