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[PC, XB1, XSX, SUBS] Star Wars: Squadrons Added to EA Play & Xbox Game Pass Ultimate @ EA


If you don't already have EA Play (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), you can get your first month for under $2, just remember to cancel

Update March 19 - Now on PC too

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  • Nice but still waiting on EA play to come to pc game pass.

  • Still waiting on MS to just quietly slip in a casual "Oh, one more thing. Here's our to VR solution for Xbox Series X".

    I suspect it might happen when they release Flight Simulator for that console, but we could be waiting a while.

    • There was a VR-related error message that popped up on someones Series X asking them to update their headset. Theres a photo of it going around online

  • That reminds me, any word of when the Xbox Gold requirement will be removed for Free-to-Play games? (like Fortnite)

    • Microsoft said 23rd Jan that it will no longer be required. Should be live? Have you tried it out?

  • Love this game on PC, but hearing it's going to be on the Xbox gamepass makes me excited to play it on the Lounge TV whenever the opportunity arises, instead of needing to wait for a opportune time when everyone's asleep / I can lock myself in isolation with my PC and VR headset.(which is unreal)

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    Hey guys I sold my xbox and I have plenty of 1 month of gamepass ultimate, I’ll be giving away a few once in a while but if you need more and have no money just shoot me a message, here are the first 5, enjoy :)






  • I have Xbox game pass and an Oculus Quest.

    Does anyone know if:

    1. I can use the Xbox Gamepass to get Squadrons on PC?

    2. If I can would I be able to use my Quest with it?

    Thanks for posting the deal.

    • Ea play is on pc, i have no idea if you can play on the quest with it though.

    • Unfortunately EA Play with GPU isn't live on the PC yet, still have to wait.

      Yes can use the quest if you have the link cable.

  • i have this game on Steam with G2, running on 3080. I don't know if it's just me, but I find this game looks like dog shit, even on max settings. The nebulas look like flat wall textures and they distort when you turn, making it obvious. The debris and ships look the quality I would expect from a flash game.

    Inside the hanger things look decent, but in flight the game looks not impressive at all. The colours look off. Eve Valkyrie was a lot more impressive to me in VR, and even that free PSVR x-wing level with BF1 looked better.

    • Yo that X-Wing demo thing was pretty sick actually, I forgot about that.

      • I've been clamoring for an X-wing game since 2000, and ever since that X-wing demo level for BF1, I'd been clamoring for a full game of that in VR. EA surprisingly answered my prayers. They're one of the last gaming companies I'd expect to please me, but they did.

        I just wish they went all out. This is a $40 USD game, and it kinda shows. The campaign is kinda bad. Not like X-wing and Tie fighter.

        • Ever play Star Ixiom on the PS1? I used to play the shit out of this demo I had for that and pretend it was Star Wars.

          There's a lot of cool space shooter things these days but none grab me, gimme a Star Wars coat of paint and I'm in though. I played the demo of Squadrons and it seemed like the campaign would be lacking, I held off buying it for 35 several times because I knew it'd land here. It's a shame about the campaign though because going into release when I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2VmOqjV_7Q&vl=en&ab_channel... I was like "holy shit, they're actually gonna make a compelling storyline in a ship game, AND let you FINALLY play as the Empire in a way that doesn't look to instantly either turn to the Rebels or make the player out to be doing it because they have to. Like I'm diverting here a bit but I want a game where you play the Empire side and you are happy with it. Like as an observer, I get it, the Empire are bad, space Nazis are bad, yadayada, but in universe, like they're just the space cops trying to keep shit going and the Rebels are a bunch of disorganized terrorists, it's insane to me that there hasn't been a game where you hunt the Rebels tbh.

          Anyway I'm gonna go watch that clip again because it was sick, that bit near the end with the water and the Imperial March cues, that shit was gooooooooood.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem:

            I was like "holy shit, they're actually gonna make a compelling storyline in a ship game, AND let you FINALLY play as the Empire in a way that doesn't look to instantly either turn to the Rebels or make the player out to be doing it because they have to.

            100% man.

            Disney/EA have no balls. Any time they have you play as Imperial, there's always a defection. I would really love to see a campaign from their POV.

            I mean TIE Fighter in 1994 managed to do it. You can tell a nuanced story from the antagonist perspective. You don't even have to be a bad guy to be on their side, or forced to do things under duress. You can believe that what you're doing is right, or for the greater good. Or maybe you are fighting for your own survival. Maybe some contingent of the Rebel alliance are doing bad things. The allies committed many war crimes in WW2, but they never faced any justice for it because the losers don't get to prosecute the winners. You can make a sympathetic campaign from the enemy side. You never get to see their POV. They're just assumed to all be evil, which is not a nuanced view.

            Same reason you never get to play on the Axis side in WW2 shooters. Even in BF1 (WW1) also by EA, you never get to play as Central Powers side. WW1 is not a good vs evil war. Neither side were clear bad guys, but they don't even let you play on the austro/hungary/germany side, even though they were nothing like Nazis.

            • @lostn: Agree 100%, I have nothing to add though. That really sums it all up.

              People go "Oh Rogue One showed the Rebels weren't always 100% ridgy didge correct and right and nice" and I'm like did it? Did it really? There was a couple of questionable bits from memory that honestly seem entirely justified when you know they're trying to stop a planet killing weapon from being made.

              It wouldn't be super actiony without retconning him into being a soldier type which wouldn't necessarily work anyway, but I'd love a Thrawn kind of game. A bloke who believes in the Empire, believes in the idea, etc. and will not stop until shit's sorted.

              It's not even about playing as the bad guy necessarily, it's just about wanting something different.

              Hell, (profanity) it, you know what would be fun? Force Unleashed again. I mean, that in general, because I love those gameS, but like, that game only goes for a few hours and he does his turn around and it works fine for his arc, I like it fine. A full blown assassin apprentice game though, hunting the Rebels and shit, hell, make it your new trilogy bullshit, gimme a Knights of Ren game, (profanity) knows you're not doing anything with them in the movies any more.

              Edit: Me - I have nothing to add.
              Also me - Here's a mini rant though.

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    Hi guys ok I’ll be sending keys by pm, cheers

    • You are too kind. I don't need one but appreciate your efforts, genuinely nice thing to do.

  • Anyone have a start time?

  • New rule: don't buy any games that are on special. It just means they're coming to XBox Game Pass soon.