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a2 Milk Platinum Infant Formula Stage 1, 900g $32.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Nice 13% discount on all A2 baby formula varieties. Never goes on special anywhere.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I think $32 is always an accessible price for stage 1/2/3 at Coles/Woolies/CW.

  • With the lack of overseas travel, I assume our non-residents are no longer interested in clearing the shelves of baby formula?

    • even A2 board dump their share ๐Ÿ˜

      • Good time to top up?

        • Good luck with that, even their board member dump their share why would you want it? Unless you know better than the company management.

        • your call, from $20 to $9 in 9 months

          • @jjj123: where are those who crying about saving this brand formula for Aussie mom? Where are those Aussie mom now? showing no love for this brand now? It's all theirs now or maybe they want to save it for NZ baby? ๐Ÿ˜

            Or maybe they are just showing love for NAN and S26 which is 1/2 the price.

            • @samehada: Australian's value companies who support their Australian customers. Clearly you are not Australian so you wouldn't understand.

              • @cashmeoutside: I hope you don't forget this not too long ago Feb 2020. Australian is ripping Australian off

                Name and shame "Hand sanitiser supplier Ultra Health Medical", and the manager even shamelessly making this excuse about jacking up the price for profit
                "If we sell normal prices and run out of stock, what are we going to do with our staff, our running costs?"

                Also the Priceline, Pharmacy4Less and all those Australian businesses including distilling company ripping Australian off by jacking up their price of hand sanitiser at the time for profit.

                And have you checked what your superannuation fund invested? When A2 was earning crazy profit and their share price was damn high before COVID, you probably already reap some profit from that through your super fund already.

                Another one just put on the show is Woolworths, they are so dodgy that when the Karicare Goat milk baby formula price even directly from Nutricia increased to $40 they have decided to rip ppl off by selling at $42 because they want to take advantage of the high demand for this formula at that time. So much of your BS supporting Australian.

                • @samehada: Wait. WTF are you on about. This is a franchise operating in China Town. They wrote signs in Chinese because the greedy people were stripping the shelves to send to China to profit. As i said, Australian's value companies who support their Australian customers.

    • Surely they can still post? I'm sure the demand of newborns is growing… I'm pretty sure we've had birth spikes here

  • Almost as cheap as their share price.. worth a read on how the company's reliance on daigous has essentially ruined them thanks to covid restrictions on international travel. Lazy management 101

    • this further showed that those who crying wolf about ppl buying this brand powder is full of sh*t. Most of them don't even drink this expensive one or don't even buy any formula.

      Where are those "mom" on those fake news channel?

      • You're coming across very strongly as a daigou

        • so you are one of those crying wolf but don't buy this brand formula ๐Ÿ˜‚ or don't even buy any formula at all. BTW, this formula is Made in NZ and not even Australia formula so should keep it for NZ baby?

          Just like those who are using Android phone but complain about those who queue up to buy iPhone 6 back then ๐Ÿ˜

      • The demand far outweighed supply then, also A2 deliberately held back supply to create artificial panic. Worked great until covid

        • Yes, what they really want is money and meanwhile, they need a very good excuse for the local moms in the market, so that they won't lose their reputation

      • I used to have this formula each day with my cornflakes until daigou came along. They cursed my routine

      • "mom" is in America

  • Now the local media should be very happy to celebrate for the local moms. LOL.

    • https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/24969/87428/img_202103...

      This show exactly quality of local media, this rubbish show has staged interview with some bullshit warehouse, those reporters are even stupidly use this in their video. This is during in Mar 2020 when the COVID first hit and this video is about face mask.

      They just take a video with anything that show "face mask" and this is collagen face mask Eaoron which is a facial product. And those who are brainwashed by this rubbish news are just ignorant idiots.

      Also those mask box show in the 7news at that time also a HK brand products which is not even make in Australia in the first place or for Australian market anyway, those are from small shop which have shipped it from HK store way before the COVID time. In reality Australia has never stock face mask to begin with since we are not in the habit of wearing them. Before COVID mostly mask from nail shop are shipped from Vietnam just by nail suppliers.

      Most ppl are just not that smart to get the whole picture and these low quality reporter that make these rubbish click bait news are just taking advantage of this.

    • What's a mom? LOL at u

  • So for people with kids - what actually is a decent formula brand?

    • We use Bellamy's organic. Made in Australia from 67% local ingredients. Unfortunately the company is now owned by China. However the factory is still in Australia and using predominately local organic products.

      • Bellamy market their product as "Made in Australia" but the actual milk solids aren't from Australia they are shipped from Europe and after they were bought by the Chinese owners the website doesn't even state where it's sourced from anymore.

    • We use this along with profutura. But really depends on the kid - mine hated alot of other ones for reasons unknown to me.

    • Be careful with bellamys is all I can say, latest tests by Hong Kong Independant lab came up with carcinogens in Bellamy. Their marketing is full of Tasmania green hills but itโ€™s a lie, Since they have been taken over by the Chinese they donโ€™t say where their milk is sourced from.

      From my experience every baby is different, some babies will hate the expensive stuff and love the cheap stuff from Aldi or S2, and some babies only drink the expensive formula like Aptamil Profutura and Essensis (both are the most expensive in market)

      You have to just keep trying, baby will definitely tell you what they like !

  • Nice. Just paid 38 at Coles. Will buy 3 and save a handfull

  • I like A2M products. Use it always for my kids growing up.