US PlayStation Plus 12-Month Membership Digital Code A$31.53 @ Game Over, Eneba


12 month US Playstation Plus membership available at an all time low price.
Eneba discounts don't usually last long. Hence I advice getting in quick while it lasts.

Please refer to earlier threads for pros and cons of using a US PS Plus subscription

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  • Can this be activated in australia ? or will require VPN ? And does it require VPN to play as well ? or just activation ?

    • Good question(s).

      OzB guys have outlined how to successfully activate international Plus subs in earlier posts, they should link it with every bargain coz it is a process. It's not what you'd call a no-brainer, it does take some non-intuitive fandagaling

    • VPN is not needed. Here are the steps to set this up assuming the account you use now is a AUS region PSN account (Sony doesn't allow you to change regions except for a few European countries after you select region during initial setup. Hence the need for a separate US region PSN account).

      Step 1: You will need a US region PSN account to redeem US PS Plus codes. (create a new US region PSN account or use an existing one)
      Step 2: Add this US region PSN account from Step 1 on your PS5 and set the PS5 as primary console for the US region PSN account.
      Step 3: You should now be able to play online on your original AUS region PSN account.

      It is completely upto you as to whether you want to use the US region or AUS region PSN account to play games.

      If you use the AUS region PSN account, you lose the cloud save feature of PS Plus.
      If you use the US region PSN account, you may face issues downloading DLC for disc games (because most game disks available for purchase in Australia are locked to region 4).

      Here's my setup… I have 2 PSN accounts and use the US region PSN account as my primary. I switch to my AUS region PSN account whenever I want to download DLC for game discs. After the DLC is downloaded, I continue playing on the US region PSN account.

    • VPN not needed, but you need to have a US PSN account. So, to create a US PSN account, go to: Click on Sign In. If you already signed in using an AU PS account, sign out first and go back to the US store link and Sign In and create a new account.


      • US version of the games are not the same version as AU version. Save games won't work for most games. This does apply to save games for games you previous owned on discs.
      • All the games you collected from your past AU PS Plus subscription are not playable.
      • Free games per month (while most of the time are the same for most regions can vary from time to time).
      • Any discounted games for PS Plus, you will need to buy them in the US store (and paid USD). They could be cheaper or more expensive.
      • Cloud save not available on your AU PSN account.
  • Appears as €23.69 for me, which comes out to AU$36.72?

    Wait, it appears I missed the discount code.

  • Nice find OP!

    Pulled the trigger on one

  • Successfully applied the purchased code. I was slightly apprehensive as I had never heard of Eneba or the supplier of the code "Game Over"

    Decided to take the punt anyway. I can confirm that it was actually easier than some of my other sources. And that yep, It's pretty close to the cheapest price I've ever been able to get them for.

    Thanks OP!

    Just a bit of a shame that this store tacks on a service fee if using Paypal or Credit cards, but it's nothing I haven't seen before.

  • Aye. CD keys is one of my regular sources. I checked them before pulling the trigger and they were only 10¢ apart. And that is before I get my rebate on international currency charges. With that I might end up slightly ahead. Either way they're really close at this point and it's really much of a muchness for me. At least this way, I get to identify another source to check the next time I need to add renewals to PSN

  • Service fee!

    • I think this price is only available to those who are able to pay via Eneba wallet, which can only be funded via bank transfer from an EU zone account…

  • Cannot find where to add the discount code?

    Edit - had to use desktop view on mobile to see discount code section.

    Cost is also $34.80 when using credit card or paypal

  • If I have an existing PS plus membership on AU PSN account will this 12 month subscription start after the existing one expires?

    • No, it will be activated as soon as the code is redeemed on your US account as your US and AU accounts are separate entities. However, you may choose to redeem the code on your US account after your AU PS Plus expires.

    • No, so if you were to purchase this, you will need to activate it after your current AU PS Plus subscription expires. Then, the issues I pointed out in my earlier comments will apply (basically, save games are incompatible (US version and AU version of the same game title are not actually considered the same version), you won't be able to play all games collected via your AU PS Plus subscription.

      Also, by the time you activate it, if you were to have any issue doing so, will there be any support from the seller?

  • how many years can you stack? I'm think i'm good up to 2025 or 2026.