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250ml Automatic Soap Dispenser Induction Foaming Hand Washer US$15.40 (~A$20.68, US$2 off) Delivered @ Xiao_mi Global AliExpress


Material: ABS
Capacity: 250ml
Input voltage: DC6V
Working temperature: -10℃~ 40℃
Secondary induction: 0.5 seconds interval
Battery type: 4* AAA battery (Not include)

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  • When the phone isn't working it enters standby, in which case you need to press the power button for three seconds.

    Kinda defeats the purpose of it being hands free then if you gotta keep doing that haha

    • "Mini high efficiency perpetual motion machine" though…

      I really wonder what the original text said / meant in the phone isn't working line… I am assuming it is for initial power on.

  • I feel stupid for wanting this.

  • This would only work if you also have a sensor tap, otherwise kinda defeats the purpose

  • These things are super useful, until you have to constantly be changing the batteries because they suck the energy out of them really fast.

    • The original Xiaomi one lasts several months on its AAs. I use rechargeables in mine.

  • Not really a deal. Aliexpress have these for US$8 approx.

  • I put the original white version of this Xiaomi soap dispenser in my bathrooms and kitchen about a year ago.
    I really like them - they work well - still running on the batteries they shipped with - have refiled them many times. The one in the main bathroom and kitchen sink gets a lot of use and I've had no problems. No complaints and if they do break, I would buy another.

    Only downside is the soap canister, they want you to buy their soap so it has a lid that's not meant to open. But it's pretty easy to prize the lid off and then I sliced a mm of plastic off the locking tab so that I can easily get them open to refill them. Plenty of YouTube videos on that. The lid that you prize off is brittle so do it carefully or it will crack.

    • I put the original white version of this Xiaomi soap dispenser

      I don't think this is the Xiaomi one. The listing doesn't mention xiaomi and it uses AAA batts instead of AA which the xiaomi one does.

      • yep looks like a different version but cant tell if i can refill it or have to use buy their refills (without doing the hack)