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Realme X3 Superzoom (8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) $579 + $6 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee


Update: This is the 8gig 128gig model so anyone hunting a price match from Jb may not win as theirs is the 12gig 256gig model for $599.

The Realme X3 Superzoom just took a discount @ Bing Lee. Jb may also price match that, if you have any GC from the deals recently.

It seems a bit cheaper via some online providers, but I have a GC so am posting the bricks and mortar style price match deals. If anyone sees another store likely for price match, please throw it out there.

Meant to be a decent mid range phone and I have been tossing up between this and a couple of other mid rangers.

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  • If only it was AMOLED.

    • Wife bought one of these 2 weeks ago from JB, I wasn't to sure on it but been pretty good phone for the money.
      Her other Samsung phone had AMOLED screen but she reckons the X3 superzoom has more accurate colours after she set it up when comparing photos viewed on screen.
      Doesn't use her phone to watch streaming services anyway.

    • If it was AMOLED then the JB deal would be as good as the Oppo Reno 5G deal from 10 months ago.

  • Ahh so many phones so many choices.

    Do I get the S20FE/Pixel 5?

    Save like $300 and get a referb S10?

    Never heard of this brand tbh, i'll have to look it up.

    • It's a good brand. The only complaint I have about oppo /realme is the slightly unstable Bluetooth connection for audio compared to brands like Samsung. It has improved a lot but still the disconnection of audio happens occasionally which is annoying. Otherwise great camera and great phone. Totally worth the money.

      • Good to know re Bluetooth as I mainly use my phone for Bluetooth headphone based audio stuff!
        I wonder if updates are tracking this? YMMV I guess as lots can be factored for wireless connections but if the device is lacking it will be noticeable.

      • I moved from Samsung to Realme 6 a year ago. I have had no issues with BT

        • Do you have a specific model and OS? Just trying to see what people have feedback on.

          • @FlexBargain: Just checked my phone, Realme 6 Model RMX2001. I always auto update OS.

            Currently on latest version Realme UI Version 1.0/ Android 10 / RMX2001AU_B_11.57

            Hopefully that is what you were after. Even on earlier updates I did not experience any BT issues and always use it in my car and around the house.

            • @cute as ducks: Ok cool, thanks for the details. Another user below has given consistent feedback to not experiencing issues with their Bluetooth. Lots of variables with models and usage type so not a point for concern with me.
              Thanks for the effort.

      • Wow good to know I'm not the only one. If this is anything like my realme 7 pro and you spend a lot of time driving (and connected to Bluetooth) I'd avoid this phone.

        • How often would you say you experience the problem? What does it do? Have you seen any other forums or users with similar problems?
          Not trying to antagonize, more trying to get some feedback on the manufacturer as I couldn’t really find much, other than tech reviews.
          My car is Android Auto and CarPlay capable so I would be using a wired connection for car use vs Bluetooth connection.
          But I do a decent amount of Bluetooth listening with Sony XM3s so keen to get some user experience.

          • @FlexBargain: Occasionally my phone (Realme 7 pro)will not auto pair when I enter my car, or when I take my headphones out of my case. The headphones I can deal with, but the car I sometimes don't realize as I don't always play music from my phone till I get a call so that's quite frustrating.

            In car, when paired, I intermittently have music playing fine but calls not going over bluetooth or vice versa - calls working but not music (despite the setting for the device in bluetooth saying otherwise). I think I have had issues with headphones as well but I would say it's only happened a handful of times.

            Once in a while I also get drop outs where my music will start playing through one earphone only and then go back to normal.

            This is all only the 7 Pro not the x3 superzoom so it's just something to watch out for.

            • @chriaj2689: Ok, thanks for the feedback. I did look at the Realme 7 5g model but have since decided on the x3 Superzoom and am picking it up today hopefully.
              Will jump back on here with any observations if I do!

      • Having had the phone for about a month now I can provide my own experience;
        I do get intermittent disconnections on Bluetooth from speakers or headphones. If I listen for an hour it might occur 1-2 times. It does then automatically connect again on any instance.

        I have also noticed Android Auto disconnection on average once per 30 min drive about 75% of the time. Again a connection is re-established and no issues usually after that.

        I am currently keeping an eye on some interference when using headphones and walking / jogging though I haven't had it happen much to know a pattern yet.

        I would also provide that the phone will suffer connection issues when more than 5 or so metres from the device BT connected. Have not done through testing but have noticed if I don't have the phone on me and I move that sort of distance the connections starts to stutter.

        Overall these observations have not caused me great concern as I am happy with the phone at the price I got and it's level of overall performance.

    • Refurb S10 for less than $300? Where?

    • Any links for refurb S10 for $300

    • Thanks for the link :) it does seem that online retailers usually come in slightly cheaper.

      In my case I have a voucher for Jb so unless they price match Amazon, it would be the Bing Lee price for me.

      • Don't think JB will price match as the one they sell is 12GB ram 256GB storage.

        • Yes good call, I will update the post accordingly. Guess that means a $20 premium for double memory and 12 g ram.
          I think this model is dual sim so no micro sd expansion options means that premium is worth it IMO.

  • How are they like with updates?

    • Good question…..no idea! Some Realme owners seem to provide positive feedback so maybe look for some other threads generic to this manufacturer?

  • Was $497 4 months ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578198. Current price is not worth it.

    • Yeah I was aware it’s low point back in Nov. has not gone near that price since and I am in the market for replacement phone in the next week so good call for those who can wait out.
      I’m also dependent on a price match for a voucher so I’ll probably pull the trigger @ $575.

  • This is the 8gb/128gb version.
    Which can be had for $490-520 on eBay sales
    JB sell the 12gb/256gb version for $599

    I was pondering on this phone for well over a month.
    For the price I would probably go mi 10t 5g (non pro)
    Couple of issues with this phone, plastic frame, single bottom firing speaker, LCD panel. But the price to specs ratio is still good.
    Ended up getting the oppo find X2 pro deal yesterday

    • How do you find the X2 and what did you pay??
      I saw the X2 lite is $649 @ Jb?
      Finance minister did not support my motion to nudge into that price bracket so I am at a $599 ceiling……which left me between this, Realme 7 5g and the Oppo Reno Z 4 or something orrrrr a Samsung a42

  • I just got the Mi 10T Lite 5G Pearl Gray (128Gb 6GB) Global Version
    Fantastic phone and only $549 with same day / next day delivery

    • Yeah they seem to get a good wrap!
      I’m limited to what Jb stock due to a GC but kind of wish they had a wider range of androids.

  • I own it for 4 months and am happy what I paid for. I matched price for a $518.30 (BingLee - 8GB RAM) with JB in November last year without knowing that JB's version is 12 GB RAM.

    • Wow that’s a win for you!
      I’ll ask and see what they say, if they match they match. If not it’s $20 difference but worth a shot.
      How would you rate the battery life and what would you say you mostly use it for?

      • Well. I can use it for the whole day like from 9 am to 7 pm. Usually I listen to the Youtube (turn off the screen) for 2-3 hrs and FB/IG and email for sometimes. To me, the 64M camera mode gives me better contrast on the normal mode. However the wide angel mode is a BIG plus.

  • I've had this phone since it release in Australia, July 2020 I think it was? (12gb ram, 256gb hhd version) and it's been amazing, even though I purchased at full price 🤦🏽‍♂️ $799 it's been a solid phone, updates frequently, never lags, camera is good especially 60fps 4k video, I hardly ever use the macro or widescreen or even 64mp (it's a seperate mode in camera) cameras though lol never had issues with Bluetooth though, so not sure what some people had issues were referring to. At this price point it'll be an amazing choice. My previous phone before this was the RealMe XT and prior to that Google Pixel 3 XL

    • Edit for missing word;
      Thanks for the comprehensive experience! The camera stuff is interesting, I don’t particularly need much but my wife does use and create some content so interested to see if she rates it for videos etc.
      Would you describe your Bluetooth use as minimal or extensive?
      I probably do about 20 hours of audio use per week with my current phone, 70/30 split with physical CarPlay (it’s an iPhone 8) and Bluetooth headphones.
      So keen to get user experience on function etc.

      • Sure, so I use Bluetooth for my watch which means it's always on and I use it for my wireless speakers inside my house when I'm showering or cooking but that's all while I'm home and I typically only use Bluetooth when I'm out on my wireless headphones when I'm catching public transport or flying, which I've also never had issues with (although I've only caught about 9 planes since I purchased the phone flying domestically) and I use my phone with Bluetooth speakers at parties/hotels and still never had an issue but I don't use it consistently all day besides for my smart watch, I have used it in cars on long trips and still never had an issue.

        • Ok, that describes a pretty constant Bluetooth connection so it would seem if there were drop outs of issues, you would know. Thanks for the detailed description, as a potential customer it’s this sort of feedback that helps as real word experience that I can compare.
          Do you find the browsing and app speed to still be consistent from when you purchased it? One of the main considerations for me is the 12 gig of ram and the feedback on ongoing speed and usage stuff.
          Some other phones at this price point are 4 and 6 gig, which would be a concern after 12-18 months with slowdown etc.

  • Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.
    I pulled.the trigger from JB for the 12 GB 256 GB version yesterday, without price match as the models are different.
    Very happy with it so far, the speed and size difference from my iPhone 8 is substantial but will post another thread or update after I get used to it!

  • Update: I have had the X3 for over a week now and all in all am quite impressed.
    It's performed solidly and the speed and capability are more then enough for me.
    I have experienced Bluetooth disconnections when listening to audio a handful of times, though not consistently enough to cause concern.
    Android auto took some adjustment from Apple carplay, which has also disconnected 2-3 times unexpectedly during this time from a physical connection.
    I would say the more frustrating thing is the requirement to physically accept an android auto connection each time on the phone, especially after disconnect! Not sure if I can find a setting to beat that.
    All in all good phone, really enjoying it and suggest it's quite good value for money at this price point.