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Netgear Orbi RBK852 AX6000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (2 Pack) $1099 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Instant deal. Well reviewed Mesh system for wi-fi. I think the code is generic. Normal price $1,399 and $300 off with the code.

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    For a home user, what extra worthy features am I getting on top of a buy-3-get-1-free Tenda MW6 at <$170?

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      I think they are not direct substitutes, but this article goes into a bit more on what you are paying for.

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      2.2Ghz quad core CPU and 1GB RAM to handle more connected devices at the same time, Gigabit Ethernet ports x 4 on each Orbi and tri-band Wi-Fi. To get the most benefit of a Netgear Orbi with Wi-Fi 6 you would be on Gigabit and have many devices.

  • Tenda Mw6 best value and speed IMHO

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    hefy price

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    If you are paying that much, may as well wait for Wi-Fi 6E

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    Get the new xiaomi ax6000 (which has wifi6e and mesh it. Got 2 coming from China for around 250 shipped.

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    I have the RBK 50 wifi 5 mesh system. One router and a satellite for a massive two story house and I get multiple 4k streams and gaming going at the same time. I'd love to get the WiFi 6 but too expensive at the moment.

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      Yep i second this… Disney circle also a good feature if you have kids.

      • Disney Circle was removed from the Wi-Fi 6 Orbi's.

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      I have dead spots in my house, went to buy an additional Orbi satellite and they haven't sold them in Australia for years. Whats the point of a mesh if you cant add more satellites?

      The also killed off the ability to setup a 2.4ghz SSID. Wouldn't go with an Orbi again, especially not at over $1k next one will be an Ubiquity system.

  • For an amateur like me what is the benefit of something like this? I have a 30 square home and my network does drop out towards the back of the house. I tried reading up on it but wasnt understanding much apart from it boosting your signal?

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      Tenda MW6 Mesh and (the like of it) will be your answer.

      I have an MW6 and it is effortless to set up.

      Gives me full coverage of all 3 BRs of my townhouse under 1 SSID with no dropout.

      It was the best investment in WIFi I had for years.

      Only downside is that people will say MW6 is not a WIFI6 (next Gen) Mesh but really, does everyone needs WIFI6 when our shitty NBN only tops at 100Mbps?

      • Maybe you need better NBN?

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          Here we go again. Bring back GOOD memory of how we deserve FTTP in 2007 election but instead, we got THIS shitty FTTN NBN.


          • @itbargainhunter: Happy enough with my HFC

            • @whitelie: What do you expect them to do, pay for technology choice program?

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                @reloxation: No, but to tar everyone with the same brush saying no one needs anything capable of over 100mbps is rather foolish.

                • @whitelie: Your lacking in perspective is embarrassing. There are less than 10,000 gigabit nbn services across Australia. The overwhelming majority are on 50/20 plans. Only select hfc and fttp lines are even capable of gigabit nbn. Someone with gigabit nbn paying $150+ monthly is likely to be an enthusiast investing in pro grade hardware. The vast majority don't need it.

      • Wi-Fi 6E is the next gen.

    • Simple to setup and change settings, parental controls, increased speed and Wi-Fi signal. How fast is your NBN speed?

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    Wow. Most people paid less for their pc/laptop than that. Just insane

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      Most people don't make generalisations like that

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      I know folks who paid less for a Toyota ;p

      • Paid less for a Commodore VC … LOL

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    This is dumb, why spend that much on a mesh system when you can get a rock solid ubiquiti setup with multiple access points for around $800 - pro user grade hardware too vs mainstream consumer garbage

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      this pricing is silly, i have the netgear mesh system (RBK50) (keep in mind i've rolled out unifi's for work many times).. if you mean their AP's .. i find it only useful if your house is wired also the same thing if you want to utilise their switches, great bang for buck products… however mesh systems allow you to have full wifi coverage and not have to cable your house … just my experience..

      however i do not think this deal is a bargain :)

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        UniFi also have great performing wireless Mesh APs that are indoor/outdoor rated. Highly recommend everyone to look at UniFi before spending a fortune on this Netgear setup.

        • I now avoid unifi had to many units break after 2-3 years and their firmware updates are now causing more issues than they fix.

          • @matt777: Really? My setup is rock solid a year in and I’m just surprised on how stable their equipment is, didn’t believe before all this that stable network equipment for homes existed!

    • This is for people with more money than sense.

  • Even a couple of top end Asus routers running AI-Mesh are cheaper than this "deal"

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    Don't do it!
    I got burnt on the Orbi range… i tried it for my home last year and ended up tossing it out. I must have cycled through 20 different firmware and settings combinations and still got consistent dropouts month after month… and Netgear support has to be the worst ive dealt with in years of IT - you just endlessly loop around from one simpleton to the next… In the end the level 2/3 tech said the engineers know about their problems and there's nothing to do except wait and see if a new firmware gets released later in the year that might fix more of these issues.

    I could write pages about all the crap i went through here, but ive wasted enough time on Netgear and their products to last a life time. You can Google it and see there are loads of similarly frustrated users online.
    Im betting that's why JB has a sale on to finally get rid of them…

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      I’ve had my Orbi RBK50 for almost 3 years now, and not had any issues.

      But must be so annoying when you do and the support is sub par, especially as these things aren’t cheap.

    • Seems like a major problem as if it was a minor problem it's failed to be fixed in a timely manner.

      Get a refund.

    • Welcome to why I always move everyone away from Netgear/D-Link/Asus/TP-Link et al. Ubiquiti gear is far more reliable and support is excellent, particularly in Australia as the national distributor is really on the ball and proactive, so they will deal with things locally before you even have to go back to Ubiquiti.

      I agree with @deme, you should have got a full refund - if a device is incapable of performing the functions it is designed (and intended) for, you're entitled to a refund. I've returned numerous products to retailers who initially tried to be difficult for full refunds several months after purchase because it simply couldn't do what it was meant to, and they didn't really want a fight with the ACCC on their hands.

    • Did you try the Orbi RBK852 or a different Orbi?

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    If you need ultrafast (you probably don't and no your 4k video doesnt count) wifi then just buy some access points and cable them.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the retail price of these dropped to around this in the near future - the Amplifi Alien has now hit Australian stores, and towards the end of April we should see the double unit kits. I got a sample of the first batch in the country (through official channels, not imported) and they are incredible - gigabit ethernet speeds over wifi, fully sustainable, very little variability in signal strength or quality over time (most wifi will fluctuate by around 20% running iperf tests across it, the Aliens were less than 2% variability). Yes, the gigabit is a bottleneck, but frankly if that's your problem, it's time to find something else to complain about - 114MB/s real world file transfer tests between my laptop and a test PC over wifi at 2m distance. Amazing.

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    For that price, why not wait for wifi 6E or get some prosumer access points system like Ubiquiti?

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    For those with access to Good Guys Commercial this is only $906. The 3 pack is $1294