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RGBW Smart Wi-Fi Downlight Kit 9W 90mm Cutout $22.49 Delivered @ Lectory.com.au


Compatible with:

  • Smart Life / Tuya App

  • Google Assistant

  • Alexa Echo Plus

  • IFTTT (through Phone app)

  • SAA Approved LED Downlight Kit (please contact us for SAA certificate)


  • Flickering Free

  • RGBW colour choices

  • Remotely control home appliances from anywhere

  • Add and control multiple devices at once with one App

  • Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time.

  • Easily share devices among family members

  • Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices

About the offer

  • Large quantity in stock

  • 2 Years replacement warranty


  • No express shipping, all orders will be sent with a standard parcel with tracking and signature required.

  • Apply coupon code "OZBARGAIN25" to active free shipping

  • No matter what shipping method you choose it will be discounted back to Free shipping.

  • Second-day delivery for metro cities

  • 3-4 days delivery for regional areas

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  • Any difference between these and the Kmart ones, I find the Kmart ones really good for $25 each

    Also what does this mean….
    Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety

  • Just moved into a new place and have never replaced a downlight before. Do all down lights have a standard power plug?

  • Can these be flashed Over The Air to install Tasmota as its Tuya compatible. I prefer stuff with local control instead of relying on the cloud.

  • It is a Tuya light under firmware version 3.3 so cannot be flashed OTA but work really well with the local tuya plugin to the Home assistant

    this allows disconnecting from the cloud server. (tested)

  • Why are these better than kmart?
    I'm assuming the kmart ones don't flicker

  • Hi Rep,
    Would 4 of these near the corners suit an alfresco area of 7x3m with a fan/light in the middle? Or would you recommend higher wattage downlights. Ceiling is 31 course high. Thanks

  • 31C is around 2.7meter, 9W is good, you do not need a higher wattage light.

    If you relying on these downlight as the only light sources in the alfresco area then it's better to have 2 more to make up to at least 4500lm (consider no surrounding wall could refect the light beam).

    But if you have other wall lights or strips lights in the same area then 4 lights are good enough.

  • is the driver on these units internal or external?

  • The "Flickering Free" is mainly targeted towards the dimmable switches. It will not solve the interference caused by Zellweger Ripple Tones in NSW and QLD mainly.
    "…Off-Peak power tariffs or Zellweger off-peak tones or ripple control signal which is an electrical switching device used to switch off-peak electrical loads, such as off-peak hot water, on and off or “smart” electrical meters. To do this power stations transmit a ripple on the mains transmission lines often around 10pm when off-peak rates start. The ripple noise is picked up by the Zellweger which adjusts the smart meter to charge a different tariff. This noise can cause problems with electrical devices, particularly dimming circuits and LED lighting when lights are often dimmed in the evenings. Parts of NSW and QLD are most commonly affected. "