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Timemore C2 Hand Coffee Grinder US$52.42 (~A$68.48) Shipped @ Coffee Talk Store, AliExpress


Highly regarded hand grinder which better than the Porlex. I think its a huge step up from the ~$55 Hario Skerton which was posted here not long ago for only $13 more.

Down from $73.60 to $55.20 USD, take off another $5 USD with the coupon code to take it to $52.42 USD Shipped inc GST.

Don't forget cashback and to use a no FX fee card for the lowest price.

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  • I can't even tell if this has a ceramic burr or a metal one and how is this better than a porlex?

    Few pictures make me question the build quality?

    • +5

      I own a Porlex Mini and a friend has the Timemore C2. Yesterday we made did V60 using both grinders and the cup produced by the Timemore was much, much better.

      I was previously happy with the Porlex but am now going to upgrade.

    • Stainless steel burr. Aluminium body. Cheaper, faster and more consistent grind than Hario or Porlex.

      Google and reddit have some good reviews.

      • I suspect its not stainless. Most burrsets on coffee grinders are made a of a hardened steel that could rust if exposed to enough water for a long enough time (which shouldnt be an issue for coffee grinder burrs). Its hard to make a steel both hard and stain resistant, one usually comes at the cost of the other. For grinding burrs that never need to be exposed to water I'd definitely take hardness over corrosion resistance.

    • I have a couple of timemores. They have hardened steel burrs just like commercial grinders. the alignment and fit and finish are miles ahead of the porlex or hario grinders. The central shaft is held in place by a ball bearing held in place by aluminium that is integral to the body of the grinder, as a result there is zero play if you try to push the shaft. There are far fewer fines and much better consistency. The Timemore offerings are in a different class to hario/porlex, though not quite as good as others that go for a few hundred. You can check a couple of james hoffman's hand grinder shootouts from last year on youtube.

  • +1

    If you have the extra money, I would go for a 1zpresso JX, full metal build with no plastic parts beside the bean hopper lid.

    • +1

      I just checked this out. Looks good!! If I didn't already have a Timemore myself, id consider it.

    • +1

      +1 on the 1zpresso JX. Had the slim hario and upgraded to the 1zpresso JX, much better consistency, speed and build.

    • The two timemores I have don't have any plastic parts that I'm aware of. Though the 1zpresso grinders do look better made.

    • Its not really in the same price bracket.Its more than twice the price of Timemore.

  • Looks metal in the vid.

    I’m keen to know if anyone has used one, looks good from the photos but interested in how it grinds, I’ve got a niche at home so the bar is pretty high which I doubt a $70 grinder will hit, even for just something for on the road.

    • +4

      Comandante C40 if you’ve got a spare $400 to spend on a hand grinder lol

      • One can dream…

      • I'd recommend the Apollo over the c40 for that price point.

        • In the spirit of doing this I recommend the Kinu M47 Classic

          • @Bunnyburger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCq70DmswF8

            BPlus Apollo is a lesser known brand, but it's made with La Pavoni's endorsement. Turn on captions for English translation.
            Apollo beats the M47 in almost every way for a similar price. The M47 looks a bit cooler, but I've grown to like the classic appearance of the Apollo.

            • @shiny1: Yea I went through the video too when looking for a hand grinder. I like the look of the Kinu more, but that's it.

              In the end I scored a second hand Orphan Apex XD

              • @Bunnyburger: How much? The thing looks a bit awkward, but the 75/78mm burrs sound enticing. I'm surprised that the website says espresso not recommended. I have an orphan lido e, so I'm a bit confused as to why one of their more expensive grinders doesn't do fine.

                Is apex your end game? I'm looking at a high quality manual grinder. Apollo looks good, but it's in the same class as the lido; maybe a touch better. I'd rather go a whole price point up.

                • @shiny1: I can't remember but I think for $483.

                  The burrs just aren't made for espresso.

                  My Apex is producing quite a bit of fines, I see it when I use steel filters, but I don't have anything else to compare it to. With paper filters I get a really clean brew.

                  Yea Apex is my end game. unless I can score a Lyn Weber HG-1 for $800ish.

                  You know what I'll try doing an espresso shot one day at the finest setting.

                • @shiny1: Okay I didn't pull a shot but I did grind at the finest. It just wasn't fine enough for espresso, I could see right out the bat I'd get a gusher if I pulled a shot.

          • @Bunnyburger: I'm sold. James hoffman raves about it.

            ** checks money tree **

            Yep, still empty.

    • Commandante doesn't sound like a stretch if you've already got a niche at home…

      • +1

        Coffee budget for several years was blown on that purchase.

        I need to upgrade my $20 popcorn maker I use to roast first :joy:

    • Timemore Chestnut X

  • I used to use a Rhinowares ceramic grinder, this is much better. So much faster too.

    • I currently have the Rhinowares. I can understand how grinders can be better, it's a bit rough to use.

      • I upgraded from a rhinowares to the timemore slim. Grind time is about 3x faster and better grind consistency

  • +1

    Been waiting for the price to drop, thanks OP!

  • What stovetop espresso maker would go well with the Timemore for camping?

    • +2

      Can’t go wrong with the classic Bialetti ones. Get the stainless steel model if you feel like splurging a bit, easier to maintain too compared to the classic aluminium.

  • How long does it take to grind a dose? Are you able to set the grind size consistently?

    • +1

      Depends on your grind setting. For a fairly fine espresso, 20grams for about 40 seconds (maybe?).
      For a coarser grind (something I might use for a cold brew), it's quite quick, maybe 20 seconds for 20grams of coffee.

      • +2

        Further to my previous post (that I can't edit now, so I'm replying, in case anyone finds this useful).

        Made some coffee this morning and actually timed myself. Did 20 grams of beans on my usual setting in 60 seconds. So a little bit longer than what I originally estimated, but overall it's good for me.

        Also did some cold brew last night, and it did 20 grams in about 30 seconds.

    • I saw something on aliexpress saying 19g coffee was 3-5min which seems long, my previous hand grinder was several minutes to grind a shot mind you.

      • +1

        Definitely not 3-5 minutes. I ground 12 grams in about 30-40 seconds by my estimate, it took about half the time it took to grind the same amount in a Porlex Mini. Also felt much nicer to grind in the Timemore than the Porlex.

  • Purchased. Thanks OP. The $5USD code didn't work for me though.

  • This looks very very similar to my "Precision Hand Grinder" (PHG), which was $95 locally a few years ago.

    The PHG only used to come in wood-look metal, but now seems to come in the same black as the Aliexpress version.

    The PHG comes in small (15g) and large (25g), the Timemore C2 looks like the same dimensions as the large.

    Has anyone had both & can confirm if they're the same product?

  • code doesn't work. reach to the limit.

  • Imo this is a great grinder for aeropress, clever coffee dripper or similar manual brewing methods. It has a far better an more consistent grind than a ceramic bur grinder, which usually go for the same price, it grinds much quicker too.

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