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[eBay Plus] TCL 10L $245, 10 Pro $379, Huawei Matebook D15 $799, Airpods 2nd Gen $199 @ Allphones eBay


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  • Airpods 2nd gen comes out to $203.49 with 15% Ebay Plus discount though?

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      pls Try again

  • Great

  • cheaping out on the screen in D15 was certainly a cock up on Huawei side.

    reasonable brightness, but only 60% sRGB coverage rules out any creative use.

    media consumption would suck too


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    Nice screen on the TCL 10 Pro but I think the Redmi Note 10/Pro dominates this niche now

    • Once the pricing settles, the Redmi Note 10 Pro will be the value king across the board.

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        Not so true. They just updated to Android 11

        This also does not have baked-in ads ROM like most xiaomi do.

        • but but, Xiaomi allows you to unlock the bootloader on most/all phones. At least the SD models.
          So Xiaomi phones are one of the best supported for custom ROMs

  • The Matebook 14" is a good buy.

    • I'm looking for notebook for my mum, does Matebook has anything conflict with google?

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        notebook/matebook using Windows OS, nothing to do google, no need concerns.

  • how is TCL 10 pro?

    • Without a proper case to protect its screen, rubbish. Learn the hard way. Updates non existent. Go Xiaomi.

  • Isn't this really cheap https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Huawei-Matebook-13-2020-13-Touch… for $1019 with eBay+? 16/512, mx250, 10th gen i7

    • price error, fixed

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        You cancelled the order and said 'customer requested to cancel the order' which is not true. Can you please honour the purchase, or do I need to go through the eBay resolution process?

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          Lmao even as the OG broden you're being ridiculous right now.

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            @Broden: Nah, I just don't deal well with liars. If the seller would have given a valid reason I'd be fine.

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              @aert: No you just want to get a too good to be true deal from a 100% Aussie company. Go find real bargains instead of trying to take advantage of someone's mistake.

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                @Broden: Nice to finally find someone who knows me better than me! I'll be in touch when I need some more explanation of my motives when I just can't figure it out myself.

                Out of curiosity, what does the 100% Aussie company have to do with anything?

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              @aert: They have no obligation to meet the price error…

              However they should of provided the proper reason.

  • Hi OP, I tried to send an email about warranty thru your eBay but it somehow was not successful. I went to your website and sent an email, and has not receive a reply. Could you please help me? Thanks

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    Reminds me of the TCL Plex at $249 =P (which had slightly better hardware than 10L, although no more updates after Android 10).

    • After the Plex I will never buy a TCL phone again!

      • Due to hardware or software side of issues? (Or the lack of customer support?)

        • It has so many small bugs, the most recent was were the ring tone would go off twice during a call, but hey look they are still a bargain, I think love Poco, think the F1 was the best ever, now I have the x3 and I'm super happy with it, MIUI isn't bad on the updates either.

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