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[eBay Plus] Huawei P30 Pro (Dual SIM, 256GB) $712.21 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Seems like the cheapest ever for this device.

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24 month warranty

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  • +17

    Damn, great price for an excellent phone. Still uses all Google apps btw.

  • Is it Worth to go for the $949 s21 256gb via epp instead?

    • +3

      Well the camera on the P30 is fantastic. I suppose you just have to balance the cost difference between the two against one having a good camera and the other being 5G.

      • +2

        Don’t care about 5G- my area the speed difference IMO while shoes a huge difference via Speedtest, the actual practical difference is not that noticeable IMO… mainly care about a good camera and a phone that will last 3 years.

        • +4

          I agree. I have 5G for home which is what I need. I dont see the need for people to have 5G on their personal phones. What requires that much speed?

          Also my partner has this phone and loves it.

        • +1

          Then go the P30 pro. Even the P30 we have the camera is kick arse.

    • +6

      I still have my P30 Pro and I would prefer it over the Base S21.

    • +3

      You'll get 3 years of Operating System updates and 4 years of security updates on Samsung (on time, every month, much like on Google phones).
      Well worth the price imo.

      • +2

        I’d say Samsung will push out longer support than the 4 year mark on their current flagships. Even the S7 ended with over 4 and a half years of updates. Samsung have been pushing security updates to some of their older devices, even beyond the 5 year mark. I think Samsung really want to be known as the best brand for support on Android.

    • This. 5g is still years away from having usefulness. The camera beats the s21 base being stripped down.

      The battery is also amazing in the p30 pro.

  • +6

    Such a great phone.

  • +9

    Just got the EMUI 11 update a week ago. Rock solid phone for the money. Camera and battery life are awesome!

  • Would it be worth upgrading from a Huawei Mate 20?

    • Definitely

    • Personally imma keep my Mate20 with all it's features

    • Is there something the Mate 20 is not doing that you want to improve?

    • Not worth it if you have the mate 20. that is also a great phone.

    • I got this coming from Mate 10 Pro. If I could go back I would. Mate 10 pro was down to about half battery life, so decide to get p30 pro. Don't get me wrong this is a great phone, BUT for $100 I could've got a new battery installed in the Mate 10 pro. There were no performance issues with the old phone. And my biggest annoyance with the p30 pro is the in screen fingerprint scanner. Often doesn't work 4 of 5 times in a row and I end up typing in the number code instead. The mate 10 pro finger print scanner worked first time instantly every single time. But the p30 pro is very decent apart from the scanner.

      • Same, I miss my mate 10 pro. Only reason I'm on the 20 is the camera
        But the 10 was fantastic especially the fingerprint reader

    • My M20 pro is 2 years old now. Don't think its worth upgrading. The only big difference I'd say is the camera. But im already happy with what I have on the M20 Pro.

  • Does this still get any android updates?

  • +18

    This is a great phone, but it's almost two years old now. It should be cheaper than this.

    • They are still hoping to ride on the old brand name.

    • Wont be long until<$600

    • "should be"

      Why is it everyone wants a shop to sell things "cheaper" but go to FB market..no one selling it under $700.

  • +4

    Just a heads up, on 27 March this phone will be two years old.

  • +2

    Phone released nearly 2 years ago, updates will stop soon, not because of the ban but Android phones typically have short support timeline.

    Are these old stock or do they still make them new?

    • Yes, that's why this 2 year old 'new' phone isn't being sold for $1,800.

  • +2

    Can you upgrade to HarmonyOS?

  • Is there any access to the Google Play Store to download apps?

  • Damn, pulled trigger for pixel 4a 5G last Friday.

  • Traded one of these in for a little more than this, towards an S21 Ultra - almost feel bad now that they're going for this new!

    Still a great phone, but definitely has it's shortcomings. Camera still probably better than most, but obviously falls short of the P40 Pro, S21 Ultra etc. EMUI has come a long way but still felt unfinished at times. Battery life was great, but in part due to very aggressive app killing - even worse than Samsung's. All of these things could have been changed in the 11 update of course, never got to use that.

    Solid phone for the price.

    • Where did you trade it in?

      • +1

        It was a Vodafone offer. I think it was trade in price + $500 if trading towards an S21. Something along those lines.

    • How do you find the S21 Ultra?

      • It's great, I love it. The worst I can personally say for it, is that it's a little large. Great camera, display, battery life. Prefer OneUI to EMUI as well.

  • +2

    I have a P20 Pro and really want this - however there is nothing wrong with my current phone and I'm thinking to save money for a 5G device… hmm what to do!

    Also bummed that JB Hi Fi doesn't seem to stock this anymore - I got my P20 Pro for free with a plan, worked out so well (and this was when it first came out too!)

    • -1

      Don't bother with 5G, 6G is already in development and 5G is only useful if you are x kilometers away from a tower

  • +1

    Seriously plus only deal…..

  • +1

    How do I fix the Huawei "Network time not updated" bug? Otherwise, nice phone.

  • +6

    I've had the P30 for 2 years and it still runs as good as the day I first got it. Amazing phone.

    • +3

      Same, I got it on launch and it's the first phone I've been 100% happy with every aspect of it and I still feel zero need to upgrade yet.

      • +1

        Same as ^^
        Normally as I close in on the end of the 2 year cycle I can't wait to upgrade but definitely not feeling it with this phone.

  • +4

    Still holds its own in the camera department!

  • +1

    Bought it last week for $800 :(

    • same here😓

  • The only neg I have of this phone is the insane curved screen. Not gonna lie the note 8 was expensive enough.

    • Agree. putting glass screen protectors on this thing is annoying AF!

      Other than that, I still love mine.

  • +1

    Nice Deal ☑️

  • What is with their proprietary nano sd card biz ? They are hard to find and very expensive.
    Why not just use normal microSD cards ? Weird stuff..

    • +1

      Agreed - the nano SD is an odd design choice. However, after 2 years, frequent camera use and virtually no media 'spring cleaning', I've still got over 60GB of internal storage remaining out of the 256GB. That's with too many unnecessary apps and most of my music collection on it too.

      The camera is brilliant - night shots especially. Battery is still good for 2 days although I limit full charge to 80% for longer life. If I lost my P30 Pro tomorrow, I'd be onto this deal before even looking at another brand/model.

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