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Samsung A30 WiFi Fingerprint Deadbolt $449 (was $569), DP609 WiFi Push/Pull $719 (was $899) and more @ Amazon/Bunnings


EDIT: Thanks @caiocezart Bunnings have now matched JB/Amazon

Ok I swear I don't have a door lock addiction but noticed some other Samsung fingerprint door locks going for ~20% off at JB/Amazon.You can price match at Bunnings for another 10% off.

Samsung SHP-A30 Smart Wi-Fi Biometric Deadbolt Door Lock

Key Features:
Wi-Fi deadbolt with fingerprint recognition
Accessibilities: 3 ways (Smartphone app, fingerprint, pin code)
Control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SHP-DP609 Smart Wi-Fi Biometric Push And Pull Mortise Door Lock

  • Amazon for $719 ($181 off RRP $899)
    Price match at Bunnings for $647.10 (25/03/2021)
  • Last lowest price $649 @ Amazon Prime Deal (25/12/2020)

Key Features:
Wi-Fi control – Remote long-distance management and control
5-way authentication – 5 different authentication methods (Smartphone app, fingerprint, pin code, key tag and mechanical key.)
Push and pull handle - Opening your door has never been easier, just push to open from the outside
Control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SHP-DR708 Smart Wi-Fi Biometric Mortise Door Lock

* Amazon for $772 ($225 off RRP $999)
Price match at Bunnings for $694.8 (23/03/2021)
* Last lowest price $692.19 @ Bunnings (29/11/2020)

Key Features:
Wi-Fi control – Remote long-distance management and control
5-Way authentication – 5 different authentication methods (Smartphone app, fingerprint, pin code, NFC and mechanical key.)
Smart bell – Receive a notification on your phone when doorbell feature is used
Soft touch open – simply touch the handle to unlock when you leave your house
Control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SHP-DS705 Smart Doorlock Bluetooth Rim Lock

* JB Hi-Fi for $199 ($50 off RRP $249)
Price match at Bunnings for $179.10
* Bunnings for $195 (expired 23/03/2021)
* Last lowest price $199 @ Bunnings (03/05/2020)

Key Features:
Conveniently open the door through the Bluetooth function on your smart phone
Accessibilities: 3 ways (Smartphone app, key tag, pin code)
Easy installation

Samsung SHP-DS510 Digital Deadbolt Door Lock $278 @ Bunnings or $264.10 via price match @ Officeworks

Mod notes:

on 25-Mar-2021 4:00PM AEDT

Prices of the two locks have increased from $440 to $449 / $699 to $719 respectively (approximate 2.8% increase in price).

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  • Price match in bunnings 10% isn’t ?

  • Wish I owned a home, I always wanted smart locks for years

  • Do you need a certain locksmith to install these type of door locks? And any idea on cost wise?

    • pretty easy to do yourself if you have a drill. just need to buy a door lock jig: https://www.bunnings.com.au/irwin-door-lock-installation-kit...
      i had never done one before, and it took about 1.5hrs. A second one would take me 1hr I reckon, and a professional less than an hour

    • Rim locks are easy to install.

      Mortise locks, such as the 609 and 708, would likely need a pro. I think mortise locks are really meant for new doors, unless you can find something that matches the cut out and the external plates line up perfect. Which is unlikely going from a traditional lock to a smart lock.

    • Deadbolt like A30 or DS510 is easy to install.
      Mortise type like DR708 DP609 needs an experienced installer with tools. If you are handy, you can install DIY, just read the manual carefully and cut precisely, slowly.
      If you are in Melbourne, Jimmy at Smart Lock Installation is top recommended by Samsung DDL, very reliable and professional.

  • Looks like it’s battery powered. I’ll be worried if I get locked out when it runs dry.

    Also, if you do get locked out, will a locksmith be able to open this?

    • They usually have battery overrides (I.e. You tap a 9v battery to terminals to temporarily power it and enter your code/scan your finger)

      • Don't these go on the outside? What if you don't carry around a 9v battery with you

        • Hope you didn't leave your wallet inside then go to the shop.

        • Go get one? I mean you would have been stupid enough to ignore the low battery warnings for months. So kinda your own fault at that point.

          • @onlinepred: Calm yo pants I did miss the part where he said battery powered. I just remember seeing an ad yesterday when there's a power outage and you can use the battery as a backup and didn't know how that would work unless you hide a battery somewhere outside.

        • You don't have to carry the battery around. You could pop down to the shops and get one (still easier than calling a locksmith) or even keep one in your letterbox or somewhere dry (doesn't need to be secure)

    • Most, if not all have 9v battery terminals on the bottom, together with the fact the battery lasts a long time and it will notify you long before it's flat.

      SHP-A30 lasts 6months
      SHP-DP609 & DR708 last 10 months
      SHP-DS705 lasts 12 months

    • There's low battery alarm on the locks with a 9V battery backup to power the lock from the outside. Also there's physical keys for SHP-A30, SHP-DP609 and SHP-DR708 models so I think so?

    • I have the SHP-DP609 installed on my home, it's a awesome lock. It includes physical keys with it, also if the batteries are dead you can power it from the outside with your phone or battery bank with a micro usb cable.

    • Mine has a key which you can use like a normal lock if the battery is flat

    • Has a mechanical key hole

    • DP609 can use power bank through USB port to temporarily power the lock.
      Other can use 9V rectangular battery.
      Also, most of them have emergency key for back.up. It override the electronical functions. Just remember to keep the key outside

  • +2 votes

    I looked into these as part of my new build but was turned away when the user manual said "Do not operate the product with wet hands, and keep liquids such as water or drinks away from the product, or the product may malfunction or be damaged."

    Unless your front door is well protected then rain could be a problem and the warranty wouldn't cover it.

    • "Do not operate the product with wet hands, and keep liquids such as water or drinks away from the product, or the product may malfunction or be damaged."

      I think using the product with wet hands will caused accidental inputs on the keypad (like using your phone with wet hands)

    • I have had the pin lock type one for about a year now. External door with no protection from the sun/rain. It's held up pretty well.
      When it's wet, just wipe it off with my hand, put in the code and it works

    • Just like using a fingerprint sensor with wet hands lol.

  • Looking at the image of the physical key, it appears to be a 4 pin dimple lock core (?). Likely very quick and easy to pick depending on the orientation of the keyhole. I can open most 5 pin dimple locks in ~3 minutes. Everyone's lock picking hero, the LPL, would open it in less than 30 seconds. Or perhaps use his portable EMP generator… wonder how well shielded this is :-)

    In the real world though, these are probably not much less secure than your average 5 pin, mechanical (only) exterior entry lock. Although that deadlock bolt also looks pretty small and weak. But pro thieves are more likely to find an open window or go through the roof or other quiet and easy entry in preference to going in noisily and conspicuously through the front door.

    • Can't comment on the key, but it is replaceable according to the manual

      If you lose an emergency key, it is recommended to replace the entire key cylinder body.
      (Replacing the entire key cylinder body is paid.)

    • A thief will always go for the easiest way in. This isn't it. A window is much easier and a back door is almost always out of sight than the front door.

    • The key for the lock has dimples on both sides of the key if that makes any difference?

      Also any forced attempts to the lock or deadbolt sounds off a invasion alarm that is louder then my 7 fire alarms combined.

      • Usually so the key can be inserted in either orientation. Not so it doubles the number of active pins in the lock.

        Sometimes there are active pins on both sides so you have to pick each side but it doesn't add significantly to the difficulty.

        • I see, always interesting to know how secure your front door is. It's got a different pattern on each side so I'm guessing they would be active pins?

          • @Heldnight: If the dimples on the key are in different positions on either side, then the warding on the keyway must only allow insertion in 1 orientation.

            Often though the dimples on one side are what are known as key control pins and they are passive and don't affect the lock mechanism. But again, not always and sometimes you have to pick the pins on both sides. Usually this doesn't add a lot to the complexity of picking, rather just the time. Sometimes you have to be careful losing the lock tension when switching sides.

            Long story short: It's incredibly unlikely you would be up against a thief who was a skilled lock picker. They mostly just go for easy entries and avoid anything that would slow them down or alert people to their presence.

  • Would Bunnings price match it over the Special Order desk?

    None of the Bunnings sheds in my area have them in stock. They all need to be special ordered.

  • I have the DR708, and i must say. One of the best smarthome gadget of the house. It is so convenient and now i dont havr to carry any keys with me anymore. It also has a little door bell on it. If people ring. It will ring the fone. It also go force entry alarm as well.

  • how secure are Samsungs as opposed to a proper lock brand

  • How do you use these if you have a security screen door. You would still need to use a key for the security door before being able to access the digital lock. Any solutions?

  • I was researching these locks for a while and found these to be better: https://www.bunnings.com.au/lockly-satin-nickel-smart-deadbo...
    They have them with a handle too. Depends on your current setup to which one you would get. Some people want to replace their current handle, some want to add another deadbolt one.

    • Why besides the handle do you think they are better?

      • it was better for me tbh. price was cheaper, lock seems stronger and well built. comes with a key. unit is smaller (the samsung ones are too grand for my tiny peasant home)

    • +1 for the Lockly. I have one. I had been wanting these for a long time and they finally released them in Australia. Can't say much about the Samsung as i don't have one, but i like the lockly's rotating numpad which makes it a little harder for someone trying to guess your pin. It also has all the same feature of the samsung at much more competitive price point

  • -2 votes

    Has nobody watched those movies where criminals are inclined to chop off your finger to get access to the door?

    I'll carry keys, thank you, and hand them over when confronted.

  • I have been considering the SHP-DP609 or SHP-DR708 but the door I want to install on is slightly thinner than the minimum recommended thickness (35-36mm vs min of 38mm) - I was just wondering if anyone else has faced the same issue and what the solution was (is replacing the whole door the only option?)

  • Anything for a sliding door? I've been keeping an eye out for years now…

  • Has anyone checked with their home content insurance? Would that do the trick as a dead bolt lock?

  • How secure are these?
    I guess elements like "works with Google Home" concern me, as you may have seen videos of people opening garage doors etc with a laser pointed to a Google Home Hub?
    I guess it's all relative as off the shelf cheap locks are easily picked.
    Someone should buy this and send to Lock Picking Lawyer!

    • If it concerns you and you think someone is actually going to modulate their voice with a laser pointer and point it at your google home to ask it to open your door, then just don't link it to google? Plenty of other good features that work independent of google.

      • There's also other vulnerabilities with some smart locks - lock picking lawyer on YouTube opened some with a screw driver and a paper clip.

        Best way I have heard it described is:
        - You have some lock makers great at locks and bad at tech. Strong lock + high vulnerability to soft attack
        - Some tech companies bad at locks but good at tech. Weak lock + low vulnerability

  • Would you need a new door if you already have a lock installed?

    • +1 vote

      I don't think so. But you might have a new door if you mess up the installation.

    • It depends in current lock, but most of them can be replaced, only if the door thickness and stile width meet requirements

  • I have a question for people with a smart lock. Im pretty keen on getting one but but main concern is with the deadbolt ability of these and other similar type of locks.

    I have a stained glass window next to my door and if the current lock is not dead locked you could just pop out some of the glass (or break a solid glass panel) and reach in and open the lock.

    Every lock i have had a glance at (including playing with the store demo units at bunnings) dont seem to have the ability to deadlock it. You can lock the door and just reach around and flick a lever or push a button to open the lock.

    Is there something im missing here?

  • How difficult it is to retrofit these into a door with mechnical lock installed?

    • It depends more on door than on current lock.
      Ask Jimmy at Smart Lock Installation and send him a photo. He will give you advice

  • Got one of these installed currently - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/253224

    Would it be easy to upgrade to this?

  • A30? Considering how many AXX phones samsung has, this is a very confusing model name.

  • Was thinking of getting one for my front door but then I remembered I also have a security screen. All the benefits are negated if I keep the security screen locked as well. Not too comfortable leaving security screen unlocked all the time. Samsung (or another manufacturer) needs to release a compatible smart lock for security screen doors.

  • Fire-rated is required for any locks to be installed in an apartment, also it requires the build corprate approval to replace the lock.
    I have tried to replace my apartment lock once a few years ago, not many options, also the building corporate didn't like it.
    Unless you own a house or don't bother.

    • Another option is buying an apartment with smart lock installed. There are some buildings in Melbourne and Sydney with Samsung locks preinstalled

  • How to Price beat from bunnings online?

  • Does anyone know if there exists a truly digital deadbolt lock? Meaning, it requires some form of authentication on BOTH the inside and out, like a keyed deadbolt lock? This is for applicaitons of course where they might smash a window to get in, but would need a key to exit (or go out via the same smashed window).

  • Bunnings have lowered both SHP-A30 to $440 and SHP-DR708 to $799 so they won’t price match.

    • The SHP-DR708 is now coming as $779 and SHP-DP609 as $699

      • damn it, do you know if Bunnings would give credit back for price updates? Just got it for 799. To be honest it was a bit unfair their "price match" policy as when I was at the store the online website was still showing the higher price, so they should have done the price match. Anyway, the lady there was very unhelpful and with binary answer saying that she couldn't.

    • had it with bunnings last time, JB was cheaper and they wouldn't beat it.these locks are special order items so bunnings wont budge

  • Do any of these unlock via NFC, like a tap with Google/Apple/Samsung Pay on smartphones?

  • Samsung SHP-DR708 - got it from JB for $719 and stacked with TCN cards. called the general line over the phone.

    Store line was too busy to answer.