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[Hack] KFC 21 Pieces of Chicken $21, 30 Nuggets $10, Regular Chips $1, 3 Nugget Go Bucket $2.50 (KFC App Required)


Inspired by recent posts, I went looking into what makes these app deep links tick.
I found out.

Here are some goodies:

21 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken $21 Expired
9 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken $9.95 Expired
30 Nuggets $10 Expired
3 Nuggets Go Bucket $2.50 Expired
Ultimate Box $10 Expired
10 Original Recipe Tenders $10
Original Recipe Twister $5
1 Original Recipe Tender Go Bucket $2.50
Regular Chips $1
2 for 1 Zinger Burgers $5.95 credit to Rrocky Dear mod: still working at some stores, not only for me
Fill Up Box $4.95 credit to Rrocky

Links tested to work on both iOS and Android.
These links shouldn't expire when they pull a promotion (unless they remove it from the menu).


If the links open in your browser (not the app) and you just get a 404 Not Found error,

Long press the link and tap 'Open in "KFC"'. If this option isn't present, see if there's an app update available in the App Store.
Or try this solution from tinysoldier

click the Red KFC icon in the url box to get redirected to the KFC app
For color os / oppo users… heres how to adjust your app settings in order to use the links to take you directly to the app.

Nerdy write-up:

The Android-only links that have been posted before were Google AdWords links that look like this

that redirect to something like this


which is a shame because the intent:// URL scheme isn't recognised by iOS.

On iOS, KFC uses branch to manage promotional app deep links, with links distributed that look like this

that on mobile, if the app is installed, will redirect to something like this

These links also work on Android.

The easiest way to pull the menu from KFC's servers is to MITM the app. It's found at

You can generate your own deep links by using the item's five digit MenuItemId from the raw menu I've dumped here.
I dumped this just now and eyeballing it there's some new menu items that I haven't seen before (originally started working on this last week) including a whole FOMO WOW menu.

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  • +26

    Some excellent detective work, thanks for sharing!

    • +1

      I like the tags more.

    • +1

      The NCR team in the US who manage the global KFC app are going to have fun tonight. The local MD should probably be seeing the massive spike in online sales right about now…

  • +11

    For those on Android click the Red KFC icon in the url box to get redirected to the KFC app.

    • Legend! Couldn't get it to open thru the app


    • Lifesaver!

      • Your getting takeaway food. I think he just accelerated your demise.

    • +2

      I couldn't get the KFC icon to show up on my browser (Firefox & Chrome on Pixel 4a). However I could long press on the link and select "Open in external app". Just PSA for others that may be in the same boat!

      • thanks, I wasn't sure what others were talking about.

    • what is url box? thx

      • http:// box

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  • +11

    Doing God's work.

  • +1

    Holy damn, favouriting this! :D

    edit: love those tags lmao

  • +23

    Australia's chickens are living in fear thanks to you. I hear they're looking for you for revenge.
    But fear not! You can build a fort made of KFC boxes and buckets and hide away. Certainly wouldn't be able to run once you've eaten 33 nuggets, 30 pieces and 10 tenders ☺️☺️

    • If you are upright and breathing after that. You get a medal.

      • um, I think you're confusing a medal with a pacemaker

  • +1

    OP Youre a GENIUS

  • Legend

  • +2

    Oh don't forgot combine with the Tower burger free delivery!

    • Unsure if you can, I just tried with the 10 Tenders and it stopped me, YMMV though!

      • Mine seems to work?

        • +9

          Not sure why mine wouldn’t specifically with the 10 tenders. I was looking forward to eating 5 and pretending to put 5 into the fridge for later only to actually eat 10 at once then wheelbarrow my stomach around for the rest of the day!

          • -1

            @MBix: I don't know what you're talking about (Did this last week with 10 tenders)

            • @SuBw00FeR: I’m just reporting in my singular instance mate, hence the “YMMV” the below is what I get.

              “We’re unable to process this order due to an item/s being unavailable OR not available for your chosen order method. (Heads up frozen drinks are NOT available on delivery orders)

              10 Tenders”

              • +2

                @MBix: it has to be in the right order…

                1. Clear cart
                2. Force close app
                3. Open app (make sure you're logged in)
                4. Find the free delivery Tower promo and add the Tower item to cart
                5. Go back to Ozbargain and click the hack link and add to cart
                • +1

                  @4iedemon: How dare you. I ordered KFC for lunch now I’m thinking about it for dinner

              • -1

                @MBix: Your store could just be out of tenders too.

            • @SuBw00FeR: Me too, but tower burgers and one tender

          • +1

            @MBix: I admit I did that yesterday. Got through 8 and already reached 'KFC regret' but persisted. Waistline still hasn't recovered but it was worth it

        • yeah it worked, ordered a tower burger and combined with 21 piece for $21 and free delivery.

          • @bazinga8888: :O

            how many people are you feeding with the tower burger and 21 pieces of chicken?

            • +1

              @Homr: My guess is one hungry ozbargainer

          • @bazinga8888: A tower burger as appetiser. Then 21 pieces chicken as main course. Wheres the 1.25 litre drink to wash it down with?

            • @xoom: My KFC sent me Zinger Stacker instead of Tower Double haha so i got extra hash brown, plus lettuce and bread…

              I still managed to eat 3 pieces of chicken after that… I'm almost dead…

  • Not sure why but it doesn't work on my ios

    • What happens when you try?

      • "Looks like you've flown the coop!"

        Error 404 Page Not Found.

        • open the link on your phone - it will bring you to your KFC app.

          • +1


            open the link on your phone

            I did

            it will bring you to your KFC app.

            It didn't…

            I used both Chrome and Safari, but made no difference.

            • @jv: Sorry, I think it mentioned above that it only works on Android phones.

              • @W0nderb0y: Description in post says:

                Links tested to work on both iOS and Android.

            • @jv: Same here

            • @jv: same thing happened to me. i can deep click on the links, but it does not allow me to open the link in the KFC app

        • Android or iOS?

          • @cooni: iOS

            • @jv: App update available?

              • @cooni:

                App update available?

                Nope, I checked…

              • @cooni: Worked before update. Just update the app a minute ago, long pressing the link no longer take you to the IOS app.

                • @HoneyB: didn't work for me either before or after app update

                • @HoneyB: It's a conspiracy…

        • Perhaps KFC knows you have been eating it too much and needs to order salad instead?

  • +1

    Some excellent back end work here - OP is definitely a legend

  • +3

    Doesn't work for me either on iOS. Just opens web page when hard press there is no option for open in KFC.

  • Impressive

  • +1

    Hack of the year award goes to….

  • +1

    If it doesn't work try updating your KFC app.

    • +1

      PS. Turn off your VPN when you are trying to order lol

      • -1

        It only works if you use a North Korean IP address.

    • -1

      If it doesn't work try updating your KFC app.

      Mine is up to date, but still not working.

  • Amazing, thanks heaps for your work OP!

  • Hmm - anyone else seeing “ LOOKS LIKE YOU’VE
    Error 404 Page Not Found.”

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • you need to open this on your phone - it will link to your KFC app.

      1. Install app on Android
      2. Go to this post and click the link

      Doesn't work on PC and iOS…

      • It works in iOS for me using Safari. Links open the KFC app (I needed to be logged in first). Some people are having issues with the links not opening the app and are getting the Error 404 message.

        Suggest maybe clearing Safari/browser history, deleting the KFC app then re-installing and restarting the phone. Deep links in iOS should provide the option to open in-app if the app supports it.

        • interesting!

  • Wow this works great, cheers!

  • If you have a network wide adblocker like pi-hole, these will not work unless you tweak and do whitelisting.

    • Is it just whitelisting or all links?

  • forget about 9 for 9.95. We now have 21 for 21!
    Thanks OP!

  • I love you. You're going gods work

  • awesome

  • +9

    Absolute elite OzBargaining

    • +2

      Supreme ozbargain gentleman. I tip my fedora to OP. 🎩

  • +1

    in before kfc patches it

  • Can confirm working for me on iOS, 14.0, iPhone 8

  • Can someone please ELI5 on how to get the 21 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken $21 deal? I'm using android


    • +1
      1. Have the KFC app installed and be logged into an account.
      2. Select your location for pickup.
      3. Press the link in the OP and force the app to load (via either Brandogs way above, or by holding down the URL and pressing open with external app) and it will load the offer in your cart.
    • What happens when you press the link?

      On mine it opens the KFC app, then I select pick up or delivery at my local, then it opens up the add to cart screen for 21pc @ $21.

      • Mine just opens a new browser

        Error 404 Page Not Found.

        • Sorry m8, some people here are having the same problem. I'm not sure!? 🤷‍♀️

  • Where's high flavour tag? 🤔

  • +12

    I had a health check yesterday and the doctor remarked looking at the blood test history that in 2014 my Cholesterol was well below average (like half of the average target). Now its only just below average. My response was the 9 pieces Tuesday deals started in 2015…

  • For color os / oppo users… heres how to adjust your app settings in order to use the links to take you directly to the app.

  • Bookmarked! My whole life is going to change because of OP!

  • +3

    I have no idea how you've done this, but my clogged arteries thank you

  • +14

    Ozbargain one day: OMG hacks are unethical, DOWNVOTES!!! OP IS THE DEVIL
    Ozbargain next day: OMG hacks are amazing, UPVOTES!!! OP IS A HERO

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