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[eBay Plus] ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual Band 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 Router $414.80 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


Not as good as previous $384 one, but still good if you need one.

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  • Hot damn! Every new deal is getting close to the magical $384.

  • I think the xiaomi Router is a better deal. Those who won't mind waiting for 10 days for the item to arrive
    Wifi 6 for 136aud delivered

    • I got the Xiaomi but no openvpn is annoying

    • I have 3 of these. They are very good.

      • Agreed can't beat it for the features and performance at the price. I've got 2x ax3600 running as mesh

    • Still no support for VLAN tagging yet.
      I hope they launch the global version soon.

    • +1 vote

      Anyone running one of these with a large wifi network? I have 50-60 devices on my current ASUS but its running low on nvram so was going to get a new asus since it performs well otherwise.

      • I was in a similar situation. I did upgrade my router to an Asus RT -AX58U but I also have an old Telstra modem cabled to it and use its Wi-Fi (a different SSID) for all my smart home devices.
        The Asus sees the 20 or so smart home things as LAN devices removing the Wi-Fi burden but I'm not sure if it helps the Asus overall.

    • I have NBN, does it have WAN port please?

    • Specs wise your Xiaomi doesn't have as much 5Ghz bandwidth as the RT-AX88U. RT-AX88U can actually manage two 5Ghz devices at the same time at around 800-900Mbps (actual speed) and it's really only limited by its 1Gbps port. Your Xiaomi can only service 1 device at around the same speed, again limited by 1Gbps port.

      CPU on ASUS is also much better, Quad core 1.8Ghz vs Quad core 1Ghz on the Xiaomi. Also 1GB RAM vs 512MB RAM on the Xiaomi. The ASUS is much better to handle VPN and large amount of devices. Mine has never had any trouble with Gigabit HFC and 40 devices connected to it via AIMesh, its CPU never go past 50% on two cores and the other two around 25% and about 500MB out of 1GB RAM used.

      • I actually bought the xiaomi ax6000 for 180

        • Which actually has a DUAL CORE processor. They aren't really meant to compete directly with each other as specs are quite different. Once you start going heavy on devices and VPN you need more cores and more RAM.

          There are whole lot others including Warranty, firmware etc. and I'm quite satisfied with ASUS on my RT-AC68U both warranty and firmware wise. This RT-AX88U gets Merlin firmware as well if that's your thing.

        • Hi Sam, could you share your experience of using xiaomi ax6000 in Australia? Is there a global firmware support? Or just the pre-installed Chinese firmware can handle all the things? Thank you,

  • 86 is available at $380.63, if you don't need the added ports and size (Harris Tech)

  • These are definitely a good router, I've had mine for nearly a year. The interface is also very good & fairly intuitive. Highly recommended. This is also not a bad price in the current environment.

  • I upgraded my R7000 to this and strangely the range is no where near the R7000. Basically I go to bedroom and internet is inop and I live in a unit
    Nice features only issue is wifi range

  • I bought this on bloody Friday. Where the hell were you cliffj, I'm relying on you man!