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Shower Tap Bolt on Digital Temperature Gauge US$12.95 (~A$16.79) Delivered @ AliExpress


Bought a couple of thermostatic showers and then realised that these things exist. Either way I have bought some. Great idea.

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    What’s the point of them?

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      Don't burn your small children

      • +7

        …and burn your big children???

      • +18

        Doesn't stop you burning them, instead it just tells you how hot the water was that did burn them!

      • +5

        Small children more likely want to fiddle with the tap, and tell mom / dad. “Look I can make bigger number.” 😬

      • Get a tempering valve instead if that's your reasoning.

  • Boo. Sneaky free shipping price is obtainable but price is inflated. Manipulation. Wish Ali got their s*** together. Anyone find it cheaper?

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    price is AU $9.61 + post of AU $7.04

    • Same..

      From Aus is free post but item is $17.75

  • Sorted

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    I purchased this awhile ago , it worked OK for 6 odd months then stopped

    • +1

      I don't think mine even made it a month.

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      Had 2. First model the rounder shape, temp reading was way off after not too long.
      Second the hex shape like this one supposed to have an upgraded probe, I think just stopped working all together.

      Was a while ago now, kids bit older so don't really need any more but thought it was a good idea at the time. Just a pity they don't last very long.
      Were about US$8 when I got them.

    • +1

      Likewise, I purchased 2 of them, both not working after about 6mth. I believe there are moving parts (small turbine?) inside to generate the small amount of power to run the electronics.

      • Same here, had 2. Would start to squeal, and temp would blink on off. Then they started showing crazy temps. Both did the exact same thing.

  • How accurate do you think it is?

    • +1

      I reckon it's not very accurate.

  • The temperature on the stock image photo must be my wife using the shower.

  • How long have we had running hot water, without the need for one of these?

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      Since when we need Facebook to connect to family and friends?

      • How long have we had personal transportation without the need for a helipad and submersible mooring.

        You bet I want these problems :)

    • How long have we had running hot water, without the need for one of these?

      Leave 1980 immediately and join us my friend

  • 'Mum, water is changing 39.5 - 39.6 up and down, I can't have my shower!'

  • Got one a couple years ago which snuffed it after about 12months. It's stuck at showing 85deg but was about 1deg out when working
    A nice idea, reliability seems to be the problem