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70" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $799, 6 Way Powerboard with Surge Protection $29.99 @ ALDI

  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Powered by WebOS
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Prime Video
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range
  • 4K – Ultra High Definition
  • REC – Record Live TV
  • ARC – Audio Return Channel

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    60hz refresh?

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        I'm sure you weren't saying that when 60hz used to be the max refresh rate on TVs

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    I assume you have to queue/camp the night before to get the TV.

    Probably stores will have only 2 or 3 TVs to sell.

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      It will probably be like the last special buy Aldi had for caravan & camping stuff recently….stores won't have anything!

      I went to 4 different stores looking for caravan stuff and none of them received any stock of the 3 items I was looking for on behalf of a family member who recently purchased a caravan.

      • +2

        Aldi has been struggling to get specials to the stores in time since TP crisis. those highly sought after items are likely to be delayed for a couple of weeks so your best bet is to revisit them weekly. I often get most of the stuff i wanted after a couple of weeks.

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        Yeah best to use the messenger app for stock-checks on any special buys before going in to store IMO.

        • What messenger app?

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            @muzzamo: It's a bot chat on facebook messenger. If you are using facebook messenger, then search for ALDI. There will be onscreen instructions on how to search for stock.

            Another option is going to this page, https://www.stockcheck.aldi.com.au/

          • @muzzamo: Aldi Australia on Facebook messenger. It lets you do stock checks for special buys within 20kms of your postcode.

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            @muzzamo: Facebook messenger. It's weirdly what Aldi uses to check stock levels.

            • +5

              @PainToad: Completely unreliable and inaccurate from my experience.
              Stock was right there in front of me at my local store, and yet the app was telling me none left anywhere in VIC.

        • +2

          They have moved the stock checker to their own website:

          • +5

            @mister_snrub: Considering Facebook's recent maneuvers, taking direct control rather than relying on another company's service seems like a wise move.

      • Camping gear arrived in Perth stores late last week

    • -2

      Standard Alsdi scamming with only 2 or 3 TVs. I'd rather use a Goodguys commercial login and find a Hisense or TCL for a few Bob more. Least I have a legit warranty. Probably even go the TCL for AndroidTV. I do have webOS on my LG OLED which is good, much better than Samsung bloat but use a NVIDIA shield for all apps.

    • Or if you can apply for a job there.

  • Hz ??

  • When it says product description shouldn't it mention ram and internal memory

    • +14

      It should, but this is Aldi… None of their product descriptions contain all the useful information a person would want to know before purchasing…

    • Doesn’t mention backlighting technology either.

      • +14

        Button battery LED decorative candles.

    • +7

      I've never seen RAM or Internal Memory mentioned on a TV description, because it doesn't matter. Go have a look at any TV website and they also won't mention it - LGs pages for their top of the range OLED tv's have zero mention of RAM or storage.

    • Ram is internal memory…

    • It interesting that you can use the "LG ThinQ App" to control the TV. Does that mean its an LG panel?

      • +3

        No, it just means they've licensed WebOS from Lg to use in this television.

        • +1

          Webos is great on TVs.

          It was pretty good back in the touchpad days too.

  • Anyone vouch for this?

    • +19

      Possibly Aldi…

      • +10

        Ahh the resident OZB troll

        • +11

          Aldi ??

          • @jv: not quite. try again….

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    First of the OEM tv's that I have seen now using LG WebOS, instead of their usual buggy os.

    • +1

      Some of the Big W tv's run LG's WebOS too.

      • Which ones? Not the EKO?

        • +2
        • Yes some of the EKO's has WebOS

          • @JaeTee: Yes EKO now has a 75" WebOS tv and the Magic Remotes sold separately.

    • It lacks 7Plus, 10Play, Disney+ and Kayo (the latter not yet on any WebOS TV) – but 9Now, Stan, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many more are there.

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    Found a review

    • -1

      I'd hardly call that a preview. It basically covers stated specs with some extra fluff words around to make it into an essay. There are photos so he actually has a unit, but it's an opportunity wasted. No comparison measurements, no real words about actual picture quality. Perhaps a comparison to a better known tv would have been better.

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    It also uses LG's "Magic Remote" which is like computer mouse. I love that one.

  • 70" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $799

    Which brand is it?

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      Lol and i was looking for ram info…😆😆

    • +10


  • @jv it is Bauhn

    • Thanks… Where does it say that on the link?

      • +1

        you mean the brand? it is not on the link. ALDI sells Bauhn electronic products such as TVs etc. have a look at this link. you will see the TV is right on the first page


        and from web site

        Bauhn products are sold exclusively through ALDI stores
        Bauhn products are sold exclusively through ALDI stores in Australia on a promotional basis, for more information on the next amazing Bauhn product please visit aldi.com.au or sign up to the ALDI weekly online newsletter by clicking on below.

        • you mean the brand? it is not on the link. ALDI sells Bauhn electronic products

          They sell other brands too…

          • +3

            @jv: You are right. I did see different brands that they sold in the past .

            I am not closely following so I can be wrong but Bauhn is the only TV brand they sell these days. Or that's what I always come across. So when I see TV on ALDI's website that's the first thing I do to jump on to Bauhn website.

  • Thinking of buying this TV as a for the rumpus. Mainly for the kids to watch netflix and playstation.

    • +68

      Thanks for letting us know…

  • +2

    How many nits brightness? If it's not much, the HDR will be next to useless and/or if using in a room that you don't want to have to keep shutting curtains every time you use the TV.

    • +6

      Can't really have high expectations for an $800 70" tv

      • +2

        I get that.

        Just pointing it out to those who might not be aware and get excited by "HDR" feature. This won't really work very well if the peak brightness is poor.

        • You kinda want zoned backlighting too, unless it’s an exceptional quality display.

      • +3

        I know it's not quite the same thing but my 4k $750 Hissence has been the best TV ever, way better than $2000 LGs. It seems that this TV is surprisingly good, just lacking in blacks and refresh rate.

        From a review another posted:

        • Also missing apps like Disney+, Kayo, 10play etc..

          • @bOngOCaT: Can you add apps to it? The last aldi "smart" tv I bought you could not and we use disney+ a lot so it's quite necessary for me.

            • +4

              @nmachine: You can get a Google TV for ~$100 or less. Well worth it.

              • +12

                @b2dz: I agree. I don't buy any TV based on how 'smart' it is. Just plug in an external device, much better. I'd rather make sure the TV had the better picture, blacks, viewing angles, colour reproduction, DSE effect, blooming etc.

                • @placard: Same. I bought a Samsung smart TV, and until recently I was just using my Xbox One X to stream media because it supported more apps that the Samsung's own OS. Then Kayo, Disney and a few others came to it and I now no longer need to use the Xbox for streaming.

                  Even now I have dedicated Netflix and Amazon buttons on my Samsung remote, I never use them.

                  The dumber, the better really.

                  • +5


                    The dumber, the better really.

                    I use this same principle for finding my future life partner.

            • @nmachine: No you cannot add apps. Either wait for an update which may or may not fix this issue or just buy an external smart tv box like Vodafone TV or Amazon TV to add dedicated smart functions.

        • +1

          That's a paid review.
          Consider any review of Bauhn products before they go on sale to be a paid review so biased towards the product.

          • @connorp: What makes you believe it's a paid review? I block ads so may not be seeing where it discloses that.

      • If it turns on it's a bonus! :0

  • +1

    Blimey, impressive that this has WebOS and an LG smart remote for the price. Shame there won't be buckleys chance in hell of me getting one on release day (let alone getting it home…)

    • Lacks 7Plus, 10Play, Disney+ and Kayo (the latter not yet on any WebOS TV) – but 9Now, Stan, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many more are there.

  • +1

    I'll wait for the 85 inch at $799 their will be one per store cause they don't have the space or stock.

  • Ok - so is it a LG 2nd's or a full remake using LG parts?….if so possible better then older BAUHNs……hmmmmm
    I guess anythings better then my 2012 LG……ponders……

    • +1

      Likely not an LG panel or any LG parts anywhere.
      LG recently opened up their licencing of webOS to other TV manufacturers so you should start seeing a lot of brands offering TV with webOS.
      This in no way means it is LG hardware, it's just LG licensed software. See this article https://www.xda-developers.com/lg-webos-platform-other-tv-br...

  • I read this as '70" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $29.99 @ ALDI' lol. got excited.

  • +3

    Eko from bigw waaaay better when on sale, cheaper and 5 more inches, everyone could use that

    • +10

      Yeah, I would like 5 more inches, my missus could use that…

  • +2

    I got a 75” EKO @bigw for $899 and it’s proper Android smart tv and it’s amazing. The oem webOS isn’t worth it so factor in an Android box or Amazon stick. That extra 5” is a lot of realestate your missing out on too.

    Also factor in a 2.1 or better soundbar that supports ARC and use HDMI as built in sound almost always is subpar.

  • +1

    I picked up one of their 58in 4k 60hz tvs a year or so ago and is great for gaming. Destiny on the ps5 is smooth.

  • +1

    Why buy a tv with a 1 year warranty?

    3 minimum surely… plenty of reasonable options out there for this money

    • +2

      In this case because it’s cheap but good. You are still protected under Australian consumer rights if this TV fails under 3 years. Granted, it will be annoying chasing this up for repairs/compensation.

      • In ACR, is there a particular paragraph about TVs getting 3-year warranties?

        Or is it supposed to work for "reasonable time" - like it used to be in ACR, for every product?

        • +1

          reasonable time, and it's ACL

        • It's supposed to be based on "reasonable expectations". i.e. if you pay $5000 for a TV you expect it to last for a few years. An $800 TV? Not so much..

  • +2

    any thoughts on the powerboard?

  • Would anyone know if it is compatible with DLNA?

    • +1

      app store MIGHT have a dnla aware app like plex maybe

      • Might try it for 60 days 😄

  • +1

    Don't buy electronics from aldi they barely last the year, spend a bit more and get a tv that will last 3-10 years, as a handyman i see these TV's failing constantly there designed to last a year that's it.

    Despite the one year warranty they have to replace it under consumer law for at least 3 years as in Australia an item must be fit for the purpose its intended for despite what they offer as a warranty. Aldi are the most difficult company to get this followed up with and ignore you until the mater is in official arbitration.

    • Cheers for the heads up mate. Agree with you about the ACL thing

    • ignore you until the mater is in official arbitration

      That could take forever, and meanwhile your are out of a TV while the kids are screaming at you all day.
      Not worth the hassle when you are buying such an expensive piece of equipment.