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70" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $799, 6 Way Powerboard with Surge Protection $29.99 @ ALDI

  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Powered by WebOS
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Prime Video
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range
  • 4K – Ultra High Definition
  • REC – Record Live TV
  • ARC – Audio Return Channel

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  • Got the catalogue today, this has the exact remote my LG and inlaws LG TV's are running, albeit with bauhn branding. Noting it also uses LG webos as well, what's the chances its a lower grade LG rebranded?

  • Level of customer service, warranty and returns provide by Aldi is comparable to Red Dot or Reject Shop.

    As such I would only buy food items and disposable consumables from Aldi.

    I would recommend EKO QLED tv from Big W for those who would like to purchase budget tv.

  • If your looking to ONLY watch broadcast TV then this tv is for you. If you want a smart tv, you may find you need an andriod/amazonfire stick and that means another remote to keep loosing and dropping. Also sound is ok but you should factor in a soundbar 2.1 with HDMI ARC as well…

    for that money, look for an EKO with Andriod smart tv (nothing less, beware of smartish tvs like webOS and basic EKO offerings)

    for a soundbar look at the samsung 550/600 and up, like this under $200 one @www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-21ch-320w-soundbar-hw-t550xy ~ it will make any movie just come alive!

    REVIEW: https://eftm.com/2021/03/bauhn-70-inch-webos-aldi-tv-review-...
    ALTERNATIVE: https://www.bigw.com.au/brands/eko/?sort=pricenat-desc&q=%3A...

  • No AirPlay 2 unlike LG TVs, right?

  • How early would one have to rock up to Also to basically guarantee getting one? I was thinking like 1 hour?

  • Anyone get one? Any feedback? How was stock at stores?

    • +1

      I managed to get one, I went to Aldi Cheltenham and there were 5-6 in stock there

      Will open and mount tonight!

      • Please let us know what the picture quality is like. While you can improve sound with better speakers, you can do anything about PQ.
        The review linked above shows poor contrast.

        • +1

          Will do. Bear in mind that the TV is for relatively casual use so we're not super focused on the quality of the picture haha, for reference our current TV is this beauty: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/340562

          So we've always been well within the budget range for TVs haha

          • +1

            @Duplicity: Too late…. I've just got one at my local Aldi store. It's turned out they didn't display it as the stock just arrived. They're only selling it to people who ask for it. I guess I'll find out soon myself what the PQ is like. If its 2x better than my Sharp Aquos, 15yr old that recently died I'll be happy 😁

            • @vrsac: I doubt that it will be that much better than the Sharp Aquos as the Aquos are very good TV's. You will see a noticeable lag with the UI, start up time etc…..

              • @Logical: You're right. I'm already thinking of returning it due to very poor contrast.

      • Awesome, can you check if desney + is installed or can be installed from the content store please, apparently it can for webOS 3+

        • Doesn't look like it can as nothing shows up for a search on 'disney'

  • does this fit into a SUV?

    • +1

      It just fits in a Mitsubishi Outlander. Ideally, you should get a bigger SUV.

      • also barely fits into an oldish pathfinder with the 2 back seats rolled down

        • damn i got a tuscon, sounds like it may not fit

      • +1

        Cheers. I've put down a deposit on a Landcruiser. It won't arrive until June. Hopefully, Aldi will still have stock by then.

  • +2

    I've tested my new 70" TV last night. Considering the price, it's fully featured with all the streaming apps I use. However blacks are so bad, they look more like Gray. My (now dead) 15yr old Sharp Aquos LED had better than blacks.
    The TV couldn't connect to my wired or two different Wi-Fi hot spots. I need to do some more troubleshooting today, but the same Ethernet cable and WiFi hotspots work fine in a Vodafone TV box.

    • Human eye makes us call greys black, when blinded by bright light.

      It's pretty normal, for years they've been making new HD panels with increased light output to drown out the gray instead of improving the panel's powered on contrast. Probably because they are making them each new one have more impressive specs, instead of a higher quality.

      Can be good to test them with the backlight off, but some override it or have automatically enable it, so can't be watched with backlight off and contrast and brightness up instead. If the panel has FALD, I imagine it's worth using the backlight and waiting for the LEDs or the power supply to die.

      My 6 year old Samsung looks better than my neighbour's new one. So we didn't buy a new one. Our new LG OLED really only just beats it at 1080p. Normal 'FTA' TV (SD/HD) is defo better on the old Samsung.

  • Did anyone return this TV ? curious as i'm seriously considering it , the upscaling and motion blur is pretty terrible.

    • imagine if you have to stick with it for a year at least, can you stand it ?

      • No taking it back tomorrow

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