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Philips HX9351/52 DiamondClean Toothbrush in Black/Pink/Rose Gold 2019 Edition £86.70 (~A$159.53) Delivered @ Unineed


Shipped from UK - probably UK version, seems to be a very good price.

Also Pink
and Rose gold

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    Great product but not durable.
    I have 4 of these which 3 of them broke after around 2 years normal use.

    No issues with Philips warranty, even though one was already 25 months old.

    So check if it's covered AU warranty, if not, it would likely become a regret after two years.

    • They die because of a design flaw …

      • I'm not trying to be smart but this is the most redundant statement.. unless i'm missing something

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          These expensive tooth brushes always die because of the mechanism inside will always slip eventually… it's inherent in its design… it will never last .. if you're inclined.. you can open it and fix it like I've done a few times… you just need to adjust the spacing in the mechanism.

          • @hippyhippy: How do you open it?

            • @Lps: There are many videos on YouTube.. you open it from the bottom… and pretty much damage it…

              My brush has lasted me over 5 years I think.. but I've had to fix it twice

          • @hippyhippy: ; ) good info

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      I have 4 as well, kept breaking within the warranty period. For the price I do not recommend these due to the high rate of failure

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        I'm considering it since mine broke but I still have a bunch of spare brushes 😅

    • The pair I have is from the UK, and the warranty flyer thing said it was international, not sure if that has changed recently. Mine are still going and well out of warranty now, the only issue is that one is a bit loud.

    • Same for me. Mine died after 2 years and 7 months. Loved the toothbrush but won't be buying again as not worth the money with such limited durability

    • Mine lasted just short of 7 years until i broke it trying to open it after a screw came loose. You're not supposed to push down hard like you would with a manual brush, if that's what you're doing.

    • My first one died just after warranty (AU). Current one is going on about 4-5 years

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    There was a few posts on here about another Chinese branded toothbrush which is meant to be as good

    Found it

    • I have no idea why people would waste their money on a Philips when the Oclean is better. I've had two Diamond Cleans over the years and my Oclean X is better in a number of ways despite being a fraction of the price. Battery length, charging speed, display, looks, the charger…

      • I see lot of variants in Oclean - would you recommend the best alternative Oclean for Philip diamond clean toothbrush. Oclean or Oclean X or Oclean Pro.

        • The Pro is the newer version of the X. Both are better than the Diamond Clean so go with the best offer you can get on either.

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    I find my diamonds stay pretty clean without needing a special brush.

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