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Xiaomi Monitor Desk Lamp w/ Wireless Controller US$42.97 (~A$56.38) Delivered @ Banggood AU


UPDATE: System had technical issue, apologies for the wait. New code. 200 added. Get in quick

The previous deal was extremely well received and many people missed out. However, it is now restocked at the lowest price ever.

I purchased one late last year and have been using it ever since. Extremely nice quality product (aluminium build and magnetic design). It projects light uniformly in the space in front of you and prevents eye strain / shadow when writing / reading. Has a wireless remote for adjusting brightness / temperature / on / off, for added convenience (extremely useful). Highly recommend it. Definitely one of the best products I've ever bought and used.

The lamp itself gets bright as well. See it in action - few nice pics from Aliexpress reviews. Absolutely no glare when using it with single / dual monitors.

Limited stock. Shipped from their CN warehouse. Banggood shipping times are often pretty good (1-2 weeks) and much better than Aliexpress.

Price is the cheapest ever! For reference, Australian retailers are selling this for $99.


Easy installation: Just hanging it on your monitor, saving space on your desk.
Asymmetric forward projection design: Avoid screen reflection, even focusing on the screen for a long period of time, you don't need to worry about the glare and dazzle. It effectively reduces eye fatigue.
Adjustable brightness and color temperature: you could brightness and color temperature by pressing and spinning the remote control.
Ra90 Color Rendering Index: High Color Rendering Index, the presentation of colors is more real, more vivid, and has better recognition.
USB Type-C connector: The lamp can be powered by a monitor, computer, USB adapter and power bank.

Package List:

1* Lamp
1* Base
1* Remote control
2* AAA battery (Not Included)
1* Manual
1* USB Type-C cable (the end that plugs into the light is USB C, other end is USB A)

AUD price based on current MasterCard conversion rate. Title price includes GST and shipping.

To get closest to the above price, ensure you pay in USD via PayPal with an international fee-free card linked.


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  • Ships from China now :(

    • +1

      I think this deal was always shipping from China warehouse. (Previous deal was from AU warehouse)

  • +1

    Keen to add to my work from home set up - thanks for the post OP

  • +1

    Not entirely sure why I bought this, but I'm looking forward to trying it out. Cheers!

  • got one, thanks OP~

  • Does this fit on curved monitors

    • +1

      yep! fits perfectly and works fine

  • Expired! Damn it. Was showing the code applied then final step it was removed.

    • +1


      • Rightio, will keep trying

  • Noo it's OOS

  • Stupid question time.. How do I get the coupon/discount etc? It shows up as US$59.99 and I can do anything to get it to under US$50 I see others are getting it for. Do I need to use the referral link. If so how do I do that??

    • +2

      apply: BGML89

      in checkout. no need for any referrals

  • Out of stock while checking out.

  • Coupon 300 limit reached?

    • +1

      yep, I have sent coupon extension request. They are applying for it

      • So no more? Don’t leave us hanging.

  • Thanks OP, finally ordered after anguishing over lamps for way too long lol

  • +1

    is it going to be possible to mount a webcam on top of this thing

  • Still says already 300 reached :(

  • Damn! Already gone. Guess I have to get the jb one then

    • +1

      they're adding more to the code right now… will be back up soon

      • Thank you so much Skido!!! Finally got one!!!!!

  • Comment has changed - now stating the daily limit has been reached. Please try again tomorrow.
    So - wait till tomorrow for this code to work?

  • 200 more have been added

    • It’s not working :(

    • Doesn’t work says it’s used up for today :(

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        ok two reps told me they added 200. must be technical issue, hold on

        • Thx ! Need this thing haha

        • Yep getting "The daily limit for this coupon has been reached. Please try again tomorrow."

          • @duskx: same
            Though before coupon it's US$61.46 incl insurance US$1.20

            [EDIT 19:31]
            Now says "This coupon can only be used 300 times."

        • Now it’s back to the message that it’s exceeded 300

      • Find hard to believe 200 more people just purchase within 3 mins haha

  • Super tech sale on Aliexpress tomorrow, why not wait one more day?

  • Is there any benefit to this over than aesthetics, i.e. is it better for your eyes in low light conditions? Any point if I can dim the my room lights? Seems really expensive got a simple light.

  • Sold out too quick, I might just get from taobao instead.

  • dang I bought one and my wife wants one too…couldn't purchase anymore :(

  • +3

    New code and now working

  • Coming up as US $44.56 for me. Ah well I'll bite

    • Remove shipping insurance

      • Ahh ok got it! Thanks

  • Cheers OP - finally managed to get one!

  • Paid by HSBC Everyday global debit
    Got charged A$57.25
    Probably not the best rate but… will take it

  • Will there be more deals of this in the upcoming weeks? Planning to purchase it at a later date.

    • not for at least 2 weeks due to stock shortage

      May be another model on sale (yeelight) next week

  • Do I need to take the postal insurance?

    • +2

      According to Banggood

      It is about speed of refund/resend, with shipping insurance you may not need to return the item back, instead a case of DOA or no show will be resent or refunded without needing to wait for an investigation. For a DOA of faulty item, even if we ask you to return it, you don't need to wait for the item to be sent back to us and checked, you will be refunded/resent first. With or without insurance, using PayPal also gives some nice added protection.

  • How is this Xiaomi light better than something like this Quntis model on Amazon? The latter is longer; has 100 LEDs as opposed to Xiaomi's 80; and has higher CRI than Xiaomi (95 vs 90). Price is pretty much the same. Is there something I am missing here?

    • imo the wireless controller is a huge advantage and USP of the Xiaomi. You don’t have to reach out to the light which could cause it to fall

      Don’t ponder for too long as there’s only about 20 or so left for the Xiaomi ;)

    • That Quntis looks more like a copy of the original Benq than any of the other screen light bars. Down the the 95 CRI. Seems like a decent bargain if the quality is there. If it had the wireless remote like the Xiaomi as skido pointed out, it would be an easy choice, so as is you're trading better performance for convenience(and a little design, I think the Xiaomi is the best looking of them all)

  • Is this purchase eligible for Cashback?

    • Don’t think so as it uses a code but you can try your luck

  • Should I bother if I have lights on my ceiling?

  • Dammit - literally bought this this morning from AliExpress for $68 delivered. Booooo.

  • -1

    Alas - Code used up :(

  • Anymore available @OP?

    • +1

      Can’t be renewed anymore as almost no stock. Also may take few weeks to restock

      Next week will negotiate a yeelight deal. It’ll be slightly pricier but it has RGB rear lights


      • is it the exact same thing but with RGB on the back?

        Man RGB has got to be the ultimate vanity measuring stick.

        • +2

          Similar yes but also a few major differences. Apart from the rear lights, it’s smart - can connect to wifi and the yeelight app. You can use google, Alexa, etc to control it. Xiaomi one doesn’t have that feature.

          The lights also sync with compatible games via razer synapse and overwolf.

          • +1

            @skido: It also has hugearse Yeelight logo blister. Which just seems to stand out every time you look at your screen. Well, it did to me anyway.

  • Sold out :(

  • +1

    Thanks so much OP, bought one. My eyes will thank you forever. Amen.

    • lolll np

  • -1

    The XiuMu brand take on costs 50% less made in the same factory with the same children making it

    • If it's so great post it as a deal.

  • Can anyone confirm if this lamp is flicker-free? The BenQ lamp emphasises flicker-free as a major feature, and I could not see it as a feature in the description of this lamp.

    • +1

      I’ve never experienced any flickering issues. Pointed the cam at it and recorded it in both normal video mode and slomo - also no flickering

      • Thanks, it’s good to know.

        Btw, I’ve already bought two in a hurry, thinking I need one for each of my monitors, but now that I have time to read up the features and benefits of the lamp, it seems just one for my desk is enough.

        • r u in Sydney? lol would buy one off you

          • @sauce2k: Sorry, not in Sydney. Also I’ve planned to offload it to a family member already :)

  • For anyone who missed out on this, it may take few weeks to restock, however, there is rebranded model from Yeelight which may be in stock next week

    Key differences between Xiaomi and Yeelight:

    • RGB rear lights - can be used to create an ambient lighting against the wall. You can use just the front, the back or both at the same time.
    • Yeelights can be controlled via Yeelight app and linked to Google/Alexa, as well as physical wireless Controller
    • Yeelights can be synced with games via Razer Chroma or Overwolf (for Pro model)
    • Yeelights require more power so these need to be plugged into the wall (can't use USB port like Xiaomi)

    For Yeelight, there is a standard and pro model. Main differences are:

    • Standard model does not support changing RGB color by remote control, please use the APP to change its color.
    • Standard model could only show one color at a time, but Pro version could be more colorful.
    • Standard model lacks integration with Razer Chroma and Overwolf

    Youtube Demo Link

    Banggood Link

    Price looks unattractive now but aiming for similar or better prices compared to previous deal

    Let me know if you're interested on a deal on this, by replying to this comment

    • +1

      Yea, I’m interested.

    • FYI I've been using the Yeelight plugged into USB port for awhile now, works fine.

      • ooo Interesting to note. Their manual says it

        requires a 5V adaptor with power greater than or equal to 10W for power supply otherwise the product will not work.

        I wonder if it makes a difference in brightness

        • +1

          Not sure, gets really bright via the USB port. Will compare with the wall charger tomorrow and report back.

        • Couldn't find original charger, so plugged it into my BlitzWolf BW-S6 30W charger and didn't notice a difference in brightness. The instructions/manual were in Chinese so didn't know it required a 10W power supply. Shall leave it plugged into the charger from now on, thanks for the heads up.

      • Do you also have the back RGB light on when plugged into the USB port?

        • Yes

    • I will wait for the next Xiaomi deal :)

    • Definitely interested!

    • keen

    • Yes, I am I interested.

    • Yep

    • Interested

    • Yes please!

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