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Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait Granules 24 Oz $55 Delivered @ VELOCE IN ARRIVO via Amazon AU


Ant bait with great reviews. Priced @ ~$74 / 170g for similar product.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • 40x50inch?

    • ~6 applications of a medium/large house perimeter

  • how is this one compare with Richgro Ant Killa

    • Haven't used the Richgro, from my reasearch Amdro is good for Coastal brown ants.

    • +1

      In Perth - Amdro is the only thing that consistently works for us. We have used everything Bunnings sells and this stuff is magic. Literally ants swarm for it then disappear overnight.

      • I am in Perth as well

  • Does this keep well once opened?

    • -3

      Store it in the fridge to extend shelf life.
      Edit: I meant so that you could eat it later.

    • I would say no, I've kept one open for a while and noticed ants are less attracted to it.

  • I use Apparent Surround perimeter spray in a 5L concentrate bottle which is good for 1000 applications of 5L sprayer. It works great but you tend to have to monitor and spray the ants & their trials as you see them and reapply after rainfall. Not sure if it actually kills them if not sprayed directly on them, I think its more of a repellent spray than non-repellent. I did notice heaps of dead ants around on the ground.

    Is this stuff any good ? I've killed off one ant nest with Permethrin powder at one side of the house within brick walls. I'm sure I still have another one at the other end of the house that's refusing to die.

  • +1

    Has anyone here used this, or anything else, to successfully control a green headed any problem in the lawn and garden beds?

  • ? OOS at that price I think

  • I have $67 now.

    Even at the elevated price, still decent IMO

    White bottle amdro (slightly lower hydramethylon %) at bunnings sells for $74 per 170g

    I bought this product in 4x 5oz bags from Amazon US for $55 with 2 weeks delivery.

    Couldn't find anywhere else with reasonable prices in AU

    Looks like this ships from US now too, so I would go for the 4x5oz bags from US.

  • +1

    Update for anyone looking in the future.

    This product stopped coastal brown ants in pretty much 1 day.

    Had 6 or 7 active areas in the house where they were getting in. I sprinkled 1 5oz bag around the perimeter (~130m) and they are gone.

  • Black ant does not want to carry it away.

    • I've had sucess with the "Talon" gel in a syringe previously with black ants.

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