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Digital Timer Power Switch/Board $0. Minimum Order $2.5 + Shipping $8.51 (Ex-GST)


I dont know what's the catch. I ordered 4 of these + a battery that cost $3

Together with shipping, I paid ~$12.

4 of these plug + battery for $12. Today I received a confirmation that items have been shipped. If it is going to function like what I think it will be, I think it's a pretty good deal.

anyway, item description:

13 digitally programmed settings - 24 hours daily, weekday, weekend and 7 day programming options
Minimum time increment 1 minute
Set with digital accuracy and LCD display
240 volt 10 amp rating, maximum load 2400 watt
Random setting, daylight saving and over-ride functions included
In-built battery maintains program when disconnected

Mod: Removed freebie tag

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  • Yeah looks good. Ordered 3 and an extension lead.

  • I think I've got more chance of getting a buy one get one free iPad - you will end up with a $12 battery

  • Great deal! Grabbed this plus a couple of batteries. Hopefully it all goes through!

    Now I just need to think of some electrical things to put on a timer…

  • So you spend money to get it for free? Just want to clarify that…

  • sweet deal, someone IS going to broden it. Is there a maximum?

    • i dont think there is a maximum. but we shouldnt abuse this. so more people get benefit.

    • Hopefully it goes through. I can see this totally being ozbargained to death though, and everyone ends up with expensive batteries.

  • does it take paypal?

  • +2

    Are you sure there are any - $0 usually indicates no longer stocked. May say you ordered it, but may only receive the other product at high price.
    Might be good idea to contact trader.

    • Yeah good point, especially as product name also states OBSOLETE

    • I agree - best to contact trader first. A bit of a check through the website shows a few more "OBSOLETE" products, that are $0. Save them the effort of dealing with hundreds of invalid ozB orders, and you the frustration of asking for refunds…


    • Waiting on reply. May take a while.

      If no supply, you pay for other product at normal price of at least $2.60 + Shipping, and that is no bargain.

      Can't see trader suppling hundreds of expensive times (usually about $20 ea) when there is nothing in it for them.

      I'd guess it is poor site design, still listing stock way beyond any supply available. They need to do a bit of pruning.

      Was in Arlec's 2009 range!!!
      Can't find available at other traders sites.

  • Found a few more items for free


    I think these are out of stock items and hence reduced to zero, it looks like that DSE/OW deal a few months ago as well

    Beaten by Bruce

    • +1

      yeaaa… im gonna say, for all those who ordered, that you are going to get what you actually paid for….

  • just bought it..they accept paypal so fingers crossed if something happen.

  • looks like the site has been ozbargained and is now having trouble loading! still up just a bit slow.

  • didnt bother ordering as I'm pretty sure they are simply out of stock like many have pointed out…

  • +1

    There are many more 'freebies' on the site as well.

    Arlec ET571B Super Tool OBSOLETE
    Arlec LV24 Transformer 12 Volt/24 Watt OBSOLETE

    Waste of time…

    • Why a waste of time? If Obsolete it maybe a clearance price that the supplier wants to get rid of.

      Its hard to see how a site will allow items to be added to the cart if they are not in stock. but then again the number of items that are Obsolete is quite large.

      • A clearance price of $0 ?

      • Who has a clearance price of $0?
        (Although Woolies seems to sell 'buy 2 get this free' (eg Linx) promotional products at 1c.)

        Makes more sense that an OBSOLETE 2009 stock item listed at $0 is no longer stocked, and their ordering system has not been programmed to refuse orders for this item.

        Most sales systems require a non-zero price for their system even to accept a sale. A $0 listing in sales systems is by definition a non-stocked item.

        They paid for any stock they bought. It costs lots to store it.
        Would be no benefit to sell them for $0 & pay staff to deal with all the orders
        It would probably cost them less to dump them than sell them for $0.

        Otherwise, they could use them as a promo, buy $X & get one free.

  • ob·so·lete/ˌäbsəˈlēt/
    Adjective: No longer produced or used; out of date.

    or just waste of time & money!

    • It's a bit of a weird term to use on a website for out of date. Especially when you still have those items 'available' through the ordering process.

      My initial thought was perhaps it was superceeded by a newer, better model and they wanted to rid themselves of excess old stock as a sweetener when you buy something else. But with all the 'obsolete' things on their website, it's obviously not the case.

      Maybe their web management system doesn't allow for out of stock items, which is a little silly.

      • It is just the online presence of a single family run hardware shop located at Shop 7, 3 South Street, Canning Vale, WA 6155.

        Like some small operators, the online 'shop' may be more for the convenience of their existing local customers (not 'foreigners' like us). As such, site development & maintenance is often minimal. Their customers would realise a $0 & OBSOLETE listing means 'No longer stocked!'. Pity their ordering system did not know this. It should have refused orders for this item.

  • I would say that its the same pricing thing as:
    http://www.wahardware.com.au/prestashop/apprentice-kits/1064... since it states:
    Which is probably what the plan was for everything on the site with the $0 price tag

  • Five checks of a real bargain:
    Is it a reasonable product or service? Great.
    Is it a cheap price (including shipping)? Great.
    Is it available (and deliverable in a reasonable time)? OOPS!
    Can I trust this trader (supply my details or have to do to much to get deal)? Sure.
    (Do I really want it?) Why not!
    All 5 must be met.

  • There's no price displayed any more. Looks like they have noticed the orders. I assume they will be cancelling or modifying orders soon as I don't believe that they have this item to supply.

    • Ah, pruned from their system at last!
      Someone there is going to be scratching there head after receiving orders & emails for something that has probably not been stocked for ages!

    • No price for the Digital Timer switch but the other obsolete items are still $0.00

      • Great, let's go and order all of the obsolete items!

  • Will be great for the tjvo!

    • What? A non-existent timer for the Tivo??? That would be strange.

      • not the tivo, its the tjvo. It has the Timer!

      • A timer to shut the tivo off overnight to stop it recording a 30min buffer of tv at 2am

        • Again - With the non-existent timer on this deal? LOL
          An out of control Tivo!!! Attack of the Killer Tivo!!

          Know what you mean. Different issue needing the help of a timer: my old PVR consumes a bit of power on Standby. I wanted to record programs at set times while overseas for months. So set up a timer to turn PVR on a few minutes before scheduled recording (to pick up time signal) & shut down a bit after recording. 2 times to operate the 1 PVR! Worked great.

  • +5

    I don't know how this product got onto this website. wahardware.com.au has just been upgraded and now has the facility to make unavailable obsolete items. We keep the items on our site to save enquiries for items that are not available anymore.

    • That's nice but hardly public knowledge. It got onto this site because someone shopping at your site found an item for $0, added to their cart and it processed.

      Which looks to everyone (except you) like a giveaway/clearance with $2.50 min spend.

      • +2

        Um… I did suggest caution 19 minutes after this all started. It took that long to do a bit of research & thinking. I doubted there was any stock. That was quickly echoed by spawnpoint.

        I didn't like to a doubter when others were happy with the deal, as I have been attacked over that before.

        Seems people got carried away with the fantasy of something for nothing.
        But, even the OP questioned "I dont know what's the catch."

        It was just an aberration of the online system, and failure to deny orders of OBSOLETE stock. I don't think that mistake will happen again for this company!

        • +1

          haha yeah well you can hardly blame the OB community: we're all a little trigger-happy since the omni wines giveaway ;)

          We learned the maxim "If it seems too good to be true: you'd better get in bl..dy fast"!

        • Bugger! I snoozed when that was on - so don't talk about that one!!! I was hoping to set myself up with timers everywhere on this deal, until I realised it wasn't a deal a few minutes after it was posted.

    • So what happens to people who placed orders? It was very misleading that the items were able to be added to the cart and the order showed the item was available on the order confirmation.

      EDIT: posted to slow, rep has confirmed

  • +2

    Not everyone thinks it's a giveaway MattyD! It's clear from the comments. There are people out there with common sense. Not many though given the volume of orders now for refund.

    • +1

      Some may consider it common sense to specifically state obsolete orders cannot purchased or prevent them from being purchased (which you have now done, a little too late). It is still possible to purchase some items like CTKAE400, though.

    • +1

      That was pretty quick of you…I hope everyone gets refunded instead of being sent the items that weren't free,

      Out of curiosity @Shop Rep, how many of the 785+ clicks on this page were orders, can you tell us that?

    • +3

      Hey not taking it personally, but I'd caution you here at OB not to be unecessarily inflammatory. I retract the blanket statement about "what it looks like to everyone", but was simply answering your question about how it made this site.

      Irrespective of what you (or the 3 other commentors here) deem "common sense", others may reasonably expect that a product for $0 which can be added in non-zero quantities to their cart and successfully transacted appears to be a giveaway.

      It's a difference of opinion, but I certainly wouldn't be deriding the "common sense" of the OP or others who speculated. You might want to revise the way these products are represented on your website, or the purchase behaviour for such items. Peace.

  • yeah right. So you buy over $12 dollars shipping for a battery :)
    Some people would think these guys make more money on shipping :)

    • Nearly 3 hours ago, I pointed out a $12+ price for a $2.60+ product was not a good deal.

      As most people placed orders long after doubt was raised, and contacting the trader was suggested, who is really responsible for the feeling of disappointment??? The trader with a fault in their online system (this fiasco will cost them a lot of time & money), or people wanting something for (almost) nothing, despite warnings?

  • +4

    I have now been able to rectify the problem since the shop upgrade yesterday.
    Obsolete and Price on Application items can not be ordered.
    I apologise to those who have ordered for the inconvenience.

    Our website is very new and is being developed on a daily basis.

    Given the response, watch this space for a REAL bargain.

    • A "baptism by fire" for your new system!
      I am sure it won't happen again. Still, the oversight might not have been spotted quite so quickly without the eagerness for a bargain by OzBargainers. I sympathise - new systems can be a nightmare to implement.

    • +2

      Look forward to the bargains wahardware, and welcome to ozbargain!

  • Let see how you deal with this issue first for people who have ordered before anyone will jump onto your REAL bargains.

  • +1

    brucefromaustralia: thank you

    lovebug: I'm refunding as we speak

    to all who have ordered: i think refunds can take a couple of days to be seen in your account

    • We are will be waiting for your upcoming bargains now

  • +1

    Lol, all you guys got rolled :P

  • thank you…got my full paypal refund.

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