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50% off One Way Economy Airfares: Sydney-Byron Bay/Gold Coast $55, Melbourne-Launceston $64 + More (5-7pm) @ Virgin Australia


Info taken from Point Hacks website and Virgin Australia's Facebook page.

EDIT: Deal is now live

Virgin’s flash sale will take 50% off the discount Economy fare of the airline’s domestic flights for travel between 15 and 28 March 2021, until sold out. Here are some example one-way prices:

  • Sydney-Byron Bay: from $55
  • Sydney-Gold Coast: from $55
  • Melbourne-Launceston: from $64
  • Brisbane-Whitsunday Coast: from $78
  • Melbourne-Gold Coast: from $88
  • Adelaide-Sydney: from $102
  • Melbourne-Canberra: from $111
  • Perth-Melbourne: from $146

These sale tickets book into ‘Economy Getaway’, which earns 5 Velocity Points per A$1 spent as well as 7 to 15 Status Credits per one-way flight.

Includes complimentary baggage, seat selection and snacks.

  • 5pm to 7pm AEDT (NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT)
  • 4:30pm to 6:30pm ACDT (SA)
  • 4pm to 6pm AEST (QLD)
  • 2pm to 4pm AWST (WA)

There are some good prices there although I feel some may have been lower before or aren't a true 50% off the lowest fare. Travel period is limited to 15-28 March.

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  • +3 votes

    Adelaide-Sydney: from $102

    That's not really half price; normal Adelaide-Sydney prices are about $117 …

    • +1 vote

      Agreed, I checked the two week travel proud and the cheapest date was $149, do you'd think a 50% sale would bring it down to $75…

      Maybe it doesn't discount taxes or something like that.


      NSW is also not getting much inbound flights at half price with the federal program so potentially Virgin is just taking their lead given that this is just them giving people a taste of the program


      Wait for the supposedly Qantas 50% off deals :)


      The half price is off of the Freedom fare which was $204…


    Had a browse & a lot of the Economy Gateway tickets are already sold out.. you only really have very selected days & times..


      the answer might be in the title….sale starts at 5pm

      • +2 votes

        So sold out flights become available after 5pm?
        The comment wasn't about price, but availability of suitable flights.

        • +1 vote

          Thes @the INFIDEL.. glad you understood my point. I was looking at flights from Sydney to Gold Coast & for the two dates I checked within the date range of the sales, every time was sold out for the Economy Gateway option so nice dice for me here..

          • +1 vote

            @graceyym: Some don't read what is written & jump to wrong conclusions…

            Booked a flight out of the Gold Coast in the Jetstar return for free sale on Weekend.

            Flights may be harder to find once the Govt subsidy on interstate flights to the Gold Coast starts next month. Guess we won't see discounted flights by the airlines then!

            Hope you find flights at a good price.


          i suspect if they are pushing a sale they may release more seats.

          i guess we will find out in 15 minutes.


            @wearabloodymask: Airline Sales are to sell seats that otherwise are unlikely to sell. It's to fill the plane, to make the flight more economically viable.

            Usually search for less popular times & days to find a cheaper seat.

            If a route / time is popular, adding seats at discounted prices is very unlikely.


    'snacks' more like a tiny bag of nuts


      Which you can already get at the lounge 😂