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ASUS Zenfone 7 5G Global Version 128GB US$559.99 (~A$720) or A$738.30 + Shipping @ Banggood


I thought this was really cheap for this 6-month-old, unique flip camera phone with decent specs.

I was following the Zenfone 6 a while back but never saw it this cheap.

The camera is the same for the front and back (flips over) so you don't loose quality for front facing photos, and no bloody notch.

DXOMark review on the camera (its the PRO but camera specs almost the same): https://www.dxomark.com/asus-zenfone-7-pro-camera-review-muc...

Phone Specs: https://www.gsmarena.com/asus_zenfone_7_zs670ks-10379.php

Band 28
Big battery
Quick charging

JerryRigEverything did a durability test on the previous model (Zenfone 6) if you're interested, had good results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPv9XPHMYfg

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  • Nice one OP, phone had good specs for price..

  • The zenfone6 was my dream phone that really had now ay to get it to Aus…. Banggood is a company I have a long relationship with; I'm severely tempted.

  • I have the Pro version that i bought from Aliexpress.
    Very happy with the phone so far. Has all the things i need in a phone.

  • 8gb ram
    90hz screen
    5000mAh battery

    • Asus manage to do that…. hit the sweet spot every time.
      90hz? Brilliant upgrade over 60hz, without chewing the battery of 120hz.

      Love their team, they know what's up.

      • I think the realme 7 5G has all these specs for $497 with local warranty (available at Officeworks/JB etc)

        • Dealing with a LOT of electronics equipment, has me trusting Taiwanese technology (not just in software; but in hardware quality) much more than Chinese mainland.

          Also, that flip camera is a game changer if you VLOG.

          • @MasterScythe:

            Also, that flip camera is a game changer if you VLOG.

            I've had the Pro version since release. It's great and all but one huge caveat, Asus forces the "front camera" choice in 3rd party apps like (IG, FB, SC, TT, Skype, etc) to the ultra wide-angled lens but cropped in. There is a way to use the main lens by selecting the rear camera and manually flipping it over using the Asus Flip toolbar. But your face will be upside down of course.

            Their reason for this is that the camera module gets too hot on prolonged use. There is a warning of high temperatures when recording 8k video too in the stock camera app.

            We've asked on the official Zentalk forums to give the user the choice of using the main lens as the front cam with a warning about high temperatures in a firmware update. But all the many requests have been duly ignored.

            It's a shame because the market they're targeting with the flip mechanism is mainly those that do use those third party social apps.

        • Qualcomm Vs Mediatek

          • @manja: Oh, that's actually more relevant in more ways than you might have thought….

            I'm sure ASUS have managed amazing camera software again, so it's probably not relevant in-use.
            But Mediatek DOES handle hardware accelerated image processing in a much nicer way, despite having slower computational benchmarks….
            Worth looking at sample footage for both, that's for sure.

  • <moved> replied to wrong thing.

  • I have the 7 pro and apart from the weight, I love everything about this phone. Bought from mymobiles.

  • JUst remember shipping takes ages if buying from Banggood outside Australia. I ordered a Poco X3 NFC on Feb 9 and am still waiting for it. The long wait could also meant a price drop for the same item.

    • Phone the courier company you selected, like TNT or EMS, and ask them to get onto it.
      I've never had banggood orders take more than 5 days using a decent courier.

      If you used free shipping, then, well, china free shipping, you know the drill…..