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Free 1 or 3 Cubic Meter Blue or Green Bag Delivered @ Blue Croc Rubbish Removal


Finally found a bag to keep everything I bought just because it was a good bargain, it even has carry handles on it.

3 cubic meter gag measurements are 1.5x2x1m
1 cubic bag measurements are (presumably) 1x1x1m

Please note these bags are designed to be used for rubbish removal and removal costs range from $129-249

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  • Can't add to cart

    • Page is getting ozbargain. I don't think they paid for high traffic.

      • I clicked when it had less than 20 clicks and have tried 3 different browsers. Don't think it's going to crash from that many clicks haha

        • +3

          I have 6 in my cart… don't spam click lol.

          [edit: No point. Just seeing what it was. I don't like taking advantage of small businesses. All yours guys.]

          • -3


            I don't like taking advantage of small businesses.

            Neither do I, but I don't mind taking advantage of a business with a shady practice of advertising a product with a strikeout price which seemingly has never been sold at said price.

    • same

  • You can, just lags a bit.

  • We're sorry, you are not allowed to proceed

    Your request looks suspiciously similar to automated requests from spam posting software or it has been denied by a security policy configured by the website administrator.

    If you believe you should be able to perform this request, please let us know.


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    Note that disposal is $249

  • checkbox on checkout says, "Terms (read Terms and Conditions here)" - whcih does not load?

    • +1

      T&C at the bottom of the page works. Seems they hold the right to not bother delivering these unless service is paid for, but we'll see if they do so on good faith and for some free business promotion/marketing.

      • +15

        'Good faith', says the guy trying to exploit a deal to get free crap 😄

  • +3

    The bag should always be free, its $249 after all to get picked up.

    • The bag is always free from what I can tell.

  • +1

    doesn't go to checkout, pretty sure they have been Ozbargained

  • I'm not gonna get one but just really curious to feel the material of the bag. The website says it can hold up to 600kgs and is made from woven polypropylene. The image of the bag looks like it's really soft though and may be easily pierced. How interesting

    • Guaranteed to be brittle after a little bit of weather

  • THanks OP, Managed to checkout with 2 in my cart!

  • Thanks OP, got two for gardening.

    • Well done mate, taking advantage of a small business. Disgusting.

  • +6

    bankrupt in 3 2 1

    • +1

      Advertising budget

  • +14

    I’ve used their service before, and they were very friendly, helpful and professional. They are a small business that is attempting to be enterprising and offer a point of difference. Feeling a bit conflicted about them getting ozbargained.

    The bags are a heavy weight plastic, but i wouldn’t bet on them being UV resistant over a significant period.

    Collection cost can be around $130 for a cubic meter from memory.

    • coll….ection?

    • +13

      It's absolutely disgusting behaviour to exploit a small business like this.
      I'm glad at least a few people here have morales, I hope more think like you and do not order one just to keep

      • +5

        I couldn't get Morales as I have an xbox

      • Agreed

  • My brain is switched off on a Friday and the website is not very clear. What is this bag for?

    • +1

      to dump your brain

      • Haha funny.

        I figured it out. It’s nice of them to send out the bags first (for free), without having to pay for the service first.

  • +4

    Please don’t spam I’m doing a reno need some pickup for rubbish

    • ordered more when i read this thanks

    • -2

      cheers mate just popped 20 in my cart for safe keeping

  • They are called the John Wick bags… B)

  • +13

    Don't do this to small biz. WTF you going to do with the bags?

    • +4

      Disposal of the bodies of people that get in the way of OzB user and something that’s free….

  • free visit from the bin man…

  • Trying to find out if they service my area…I think the site has been inadvertently OzBDDoS'd :-0

    • Did you ever find out? I do actually need to get rid of some rubbish. I just checkout first, ask questions later.

  • +5

    Alright, the kids now have a swimming pool!

  • +9

    Yeah, not nice to grab unless you have a genuine use or are half planning on using their services. Each bag costs them $$ especially as the also have to pay for shipping. The exception would be if they added this post themselves i.e. associated.

    • +2

      It would only take 1 ozbargainer to fill the bag then think "hmm I need to get rid of this - who am I gonna call?" - they get his business, he posts on here how great they are, suddenly thier business takes off.

      There is only one reason a company gives stuff away for free - it's because it's profitable.

      • Agree BUT would be nice if their permission was given in advance to list here. They then have a choice and will be prepared for OZB rather than arrive in work on Mon wondering WTF has just happened and their systems full of freebie requests from greedy OZB people :-) One way or the other, they have their work cut out for themselves on Mon.

  • +1

    These bags are recycled right so will be full of crap from someone else's previous load right?

    • No the bags aren’t re-used

  • Thanks, needed some removal.
    Not expecting to receive it though!

  • inb4 Blue Croc Rubbish Removal enters voluntary administration

  • These would be good as a back up if your green bin is full and you need to keep the extra stuff contained until the green bin gets emptied.

  • Grabbed a couple for my bottle/can collection.

    • +4

      Cancelled my order. Will continue to live as a slob.

  • +17

    🤦🏼‍♀️ This is a high quality, small biz trying to survive after covid. They hand delivered my bag, were very helpful on the phone and flexible and prompt with pick up. I Demo’d my old deck and car port, filled the bag and then added a bunch of random building junk from around the garden. Saved me doing about 3-4 trips to the tip.
    The bag is tough, but It’s not supposed to be left out in the sun indefinitely - you get it, fill it and get it picked up. I had it for about 3 weeks.
    Definitely get one if you plan to fill it and have them pick it up. Otherwise… don’t 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • +19

    This is a new low for Ozbargain.
    Deliberately taking advantage of a small business during times like this.
    This isn't like taking advantage of a price error from a multi billion dollar company.

    Please think twice before ordering one if you have no intention of paying for collection.

    • -5

      Deliberately taking advantage of a small business during times like this.

      Small business: Yes (I guess? didn't look into it enough)
      Taking advantage: I think not. If anything, this business is taking advantage by claiming the bags were $29.99 when they haven't been for as far back as I can check.

      • +1

        How exactly are they taking advantage if they are not, nor have ever charged that amount. What counts is "actual charge" and how much out of pocket you will be i.e. $0.00!

        • -1

          They are taking advantage by displaying a fake price in order to persuade a customer into getting the "free bag" which would then lead to a sale when they book (and pay for) the collection. It is unlikely someone would order the free bag without the intention of using the collection service and by advertising this way they are misleading customers. It's illegal and should be stopped. The fact that a customer is paying nothing for the bag does not mean they can advertise it as previously $29.99.

      • +1

        Of course it's taking advantage, and it's clearly taken some serious mental gymnastics to convince yourself otherwise.

        The bags aren't their product, the disposal service is, but you've listed the bag as a 'freebie' when they clearly provide them at no cost upfront purely so you can utilize their paid rubbish disposal service.

  • +13

    I'm disgusted that this was posted in the first place, and equally disgusted in the myriad disingenuous individuals who think it's OK to order a bag when they have no intention of having it collected. OZB really does attract some gutter trash, I must say.

    • +1

      If these are delivered, we'll have very large branded bags, which will be a discussion topic with guests, free marketing for the company. Even if this doesn't happen - at least 10,000 people now know of their brand.

  • -1

    You guys negging this deal don't get it. Anyone getting a bag is going to be followed up, maybe even get the high pressure sales guy hounding them. A decent number (yes, even ozbargainers) will end up using thier service. I doubt that a pickup service company giving out pickup bags isnt going to generate sales..

    • +6

      Followed up using the fake phone number these tossers will obviously have provided? I don't see how wasting everybody's time is a good thing. Only on OZB I guess.

      • You know this is a physical service, right? I don't think they'll be sending bags anywhere they don't service, and they will knock on your door, ask when you expect the bag to be ready for collection, when would be a good time to follow up, do you want to book now….

        • +1

          So again, it's just fun to waste everybody's time, is it?

        • +5

          It is a physical service, and they now have to spend weeks to wade through 6300+ clicks of orders just to find the one or two that might have a genuine need…

          And you think this is good for the business? It'd grind my business to a halt for weeks if I had that many fraudulent bookings.

          • +4

            @shtgnjns: Not to mention OP wrote in the description "Finally found a bag to keep everything I bought just because it was a good bargain, it even has carry handles on it." which clearly indicates that he suggests that it not be used for the intended purpose. Pretty dodgy that OZB ignores the reports and thus encourages such behaviour.

            • -1

              @dcash: FYI I wrote that description because I thought it was funny. Using one of these bags as a normal bag (or even trying to use the "handles") would be pretty silly.

  • +5

    Horrible behavior if you are doing it just to get a free bag.
    Do the right thing and use their collection service or cancel your bag.

  • -1

    would these bags leak blood?

    OP mentioned a 3 cubic meter gag - aren't these a little big for normal kidnappings?

    • There's a 1 cubic meter bag too, as for leaking I would assume not but I have no experience with them.

    • Just put your "yard clippings" into a car compactor

  • +2

    Only a buck for a genuine Ikea largish bag. Less trouble.

    • ikea bags aren't 3 cubic meters though :)

  • +2

    Just saw this on their website:

    1982+ shoppers have bought this

    I wonder what percentage of that traffic was generated from this OzB deal.

    • +1

      Easily 99%.

      They’ll all get calls from the nice ladies from the mornington peninsula before they bother delivering anything.

  • -1

    I think all the people in this thread that think the business is going bust because of a possible few free bags need to stay away from starting a business lol :)

  • +2

    Did anyone get a bag? I ordered 1 as I actually need it because I’m renovating/cleaning up and I haven’t received it. I got an email confirmation but nothing has showed up. May just order another or look for a different company

  • -1

    For anyone that got one, look at clause 18.4 of the terms and conditions.

    • Might help if you just copy/pasted here.

      • -1

        Couldn't copy and paste properly:

        1 8.4 CROC BAG - Promotional, Free or Bag Only Purchases
        If a Croc Bag has been relived as FREE or as pad of ALL and ANY promotion it must be collected within a
        6 Month period of receiving the Croc Bag. You accept that if the Croc Bag is not collected, you will be
        diarged the full amount as sated below:
        3 Cubic Metre - General Waste Croc Bag $249
        3 Cubic Metre - Green Waste Croc Bag $1 79
        I Cubic Metre - General Wash Croc Bag $129
        I Cubic Metro - Green Waste Croc Bag $129
        I Cubic Metre - Soil, Rocks & Dirt Croc Bag $129

    • +3

      It would be illegal because if you look back on the "way back machine". The terms and conditions changed in the month of March and the new conditions weren't even written correct as there are duped 18.4 sections. Also if they want to argue they need to provide sufficient notice about the condition of the contract prior to entering the contract (aka purchase).

      • Also……they would need to change/remove the standalone Free Bag offer to be whatever is noted above and only then note that specific offer as "Free bag included" with order.

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