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XIAOMI Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver 350mAh Rechargeable with 24 Bits US$29.99 (~A$39.46) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Found a discounted price on the XIAOMI Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver 350mAh 200rpm Type-C Rechargeable Tool with 24pcs S2 Steel Bits with coupon BGAXM2. delivered from Australian warehouse.


● Pressing magazine type magnetic absorption storage, which is easy to use by pressing out.
● Strong magnetic motor, the maximum speed can reach 200rpm. With the all metal gear box, the concentricity of the bits is less than 0.2mm when rotating, which can effectively improve the finishing efficiency.
● Small size, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, long service life and 400+ precision screws can be hit when fully charged.
● 9 kinds, 24pcs S2 steel precision bits, hardness up to 60HRC, tough and durablem meets the needs of mainstream electronic products and new small household appliances disassembly and assembly.
● 6pcs commonly used 45mm long bits to cope with more complex situations such as deep hole, narrow space and so on.
● 2 gears precise torque regulation. 0.05N·m can be used for mobile phones, watches, glasses and other precision objects. 0.2N·m can be used in smart speaker, notebook and other electronic products.
● TPU soft rubber material with soft touch is adopted, which can be pressed and used for a long time without tiring hands.
● Low center of gravity enhances handling, non slip texture for better grip
● Integrated aluminum alloy shell, anodized aluminum alloy process is antiskid, sweat resistant and not easy to rust.
● Universal type-C charging interface. The indicator light beside the charging port can provide low power warning and charging status prompt in time.
● 13 battery safety tests & 3 charging protection is safer.

Package includes:
1 x XIAOMI Mijia Electric Screwdriver
24 x Screwdriver Bits
1 x Storage Case

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  • +4

    +1 for USB C.

  • +12

    Thanks OP. Bought another thing which I don't need and won't use a lot.

    • +3

      It's the Ozbargain way ;)

  • +1

    Thank you OP, been waiting for a bit of a discount on this.

    • Your comment:

      been waiting for a bit of a discount on this (0 upvotes)

      dealsforlife's comment:

      Bought another thing which I don't need and won't use a lot (13 upvotes)

      Hehe :)

  • +2

    Is this better than the wow stick?

    • +2

      Is this better than the wow stick?

      Yes. I have two Wowsticks (AAA version and rechargeable).

      Things that make this one better are:

      • 2x torque settings (Wow is fixed)
      • USB C (Wow is micro)
      • Being able to store handle with all the bits (Wow case only allows a selection of bits to be stored in the case with the handle)
  • +3

    I have the non-electric one and its great.

    • Does the non-electric one have magnetic tips?

      • Yes according to the paper manual

        • Coz apparently the electic one doesn't

  • worth the upgrade from the non-electric version?

    • +2

      worth the upgrade from the non-electric version?

      Even the Amish now use electric micro screwdrivers.

  • +13

    Thanks, didn't need it so I bought one.

  • Now that I've moved into a house I assume this is the sort of stuff I should be buying.

    So bought I guess.

  • +1

    I bought one of these a while ago, and realised it doesn't have magnetic bits.

    My fault for not doing proper research, but damn annoying!!

    There's probably a very good reason why they aren't magnetic …

    • Could always just get a cheap magnetiser no?

    • Just grab a strong magnet (like from old 2.5" hard drives) and it's easy to magnitise them :-)

    • Something from the 'Frequently bought together' section… https://au.banggood.com/Wowstick-Magnetizer-Demagnetizer-For... might help with that.

    • Yeah I like the magnetic one. I would only upgrade if it's magnetic version of this. So handy

  • +2

    Thanks OP, i have a house made entirely of dovetail wooden joints and snap-on fittings….bought one anyway.

  • Got one. Not sure if I will ever use it

  • Thanks so much, was eyeing this for the last few weeks!

  • does this have the annoying P5 screw for MacBooks?
    Looked at the details, and couldn't see it, but wanting to confirm.

    • i'm also interested. there's a few photos in the reviews which you can enlarge and possibly showing a P5

      • Not if the same bits tyat come with the original Precision set. Its annoying and wish the made optional sizes as this kit is missing some common tips like for Older Macbooks or even older Nintendos.

  • If the 0.5 Nm Torque is not enough can I tigthen more by hand or will that ruin the internals of the screwdriver?

  • +1

    Can some please confirm that these do NOT have magnetic bits.

    • Does it matter? If not magnitised and you need, then magnitise them yourself. Same applies if they were and you did not want, you could demagnitise them.

      UPDATE: The first Q&A on their site asks this and answer = They are magnitised as is the case.

      • So it's magnetic? Thought there's no magnetic version of this

        • The case use magnet to hold those bits in place.

    • The batch head itself is non-magnetic and has to be put into the cabin for magnetization when needed. The process of magnetization is troublesome and takes at least 2-3 seconds. The magnetism is so weak that some larger, slightly heavier screws cannot be sucked up at all.

      • Thankyou. I use infrequently (once in two months) and does not make a big difference between manual vs motorized.

        Could you recommend anything else with a stronger magnetized bits

  • +1

    have added more 50 units for the code: BGAXM2

    • Thanks, bought one.

    • missed out, but i probably didn't need one anyway!

    • Coupon limit reached…

    • +1

      Can you add some more?

  • +1

    just got one even though i don't need one, the ozbargain way

  • hell yeah I've been waiting months for this to come back on sale

  • purchased for no reason, now thinking why?

  • +2

    Limit reached :(

  • Wow, received today; very fast shipping 👍

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