Has anyone been caught with the hack for 7-11 fuel lock?

Just curious, I haven't tried it yet and will be testing it sometime this week. Not sure what to do if someone asks me why the price is so whack.

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    You worry too much. Calm down, you make it sound like you’re smuggling with a fake passport.

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    7-11 is not dumb they would know so many people do it. They shouldn’t bump up prices anyways.

    Also they worker wouldn’t give 2 damns about the price being so low.

    • sometimes the franchisee do give a damn

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    Relax, you'll be fine. I use fuel lock 5-6 times a week across multiple states and no one ever questioned how I got the locks. They just don't care.

    • Are you a truckie?

      • Nah I just drive a lot for work.

  • thanks guys yeah I do worry too much

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      User name doesn’t check out.

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    They clerks don't question you so just keep your trap shut. Ie. Don't volunteer extra information if you don't have to

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      The guy at my local often asks where I got my lock when it’s a good saving of $10 or more, but it’s more a congratulations thing.

      • And what do you say?

        • I only lock prices from Vic so I just tell him roughly what area the station was in, he doesn’t say much more than something like “hey, nice saving, where did you lock that one?”

          • @mapax: can they check which state the lock is? i've been doing australia-wide anyway

            • @capslock janitor: Not that I know of. I just keep my locks to the state I’m in because it’s the way I roll.

    • same CL sentiment

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    Mate they get like 3c per litre no matter the price.
    Shut your trap about it.

  • Are the helicopters flying again (on non-root android)??

  • What's the hack?

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      You get your friend with a helicopter to fly you to the location with the best fuel price so that you can get a lock.

      • Just figured out how to do it based on what you said haha, love it.

        Now I can have cheap fuel forever.

  • Could I have some help please -> Can't get it working. Using FakeGPS and the 7-11 APP comes up with "We've detected your location isn't true".

  • lol you won't get in trouble relax bro.

    Ages ago I used it when some play had fuel at $1.00/L. Clerk was surprised but no issues and no issues since.

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