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TP-Link Slim Smart Plug KP105 $19.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


The popular HS100 has been redesigned and slimmed down in this new model - KP105. You can finally use them in dual sockets without any blockage :D

This seems to be the cheapest I can find anywhere.

Compact Design – Fits into sockets without blocking adjacent ones.
Remote Access - Control devices connected to the Smart Plug wherever you use the free Kasa app on your phone
Voice Control – Free up your hands with simple voice commands. Works with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings.
Multiple Safety Guarantees – Overheating protection and PC flame retardant material help minimise burning hazards; Sliding safety cover protects children from electric shock
TP-Link - World's No. 1 Provider of WLAN Products within last 8 years. LEADING SUPPORT - Industry leading 2-year warranty and 24/7 technical support

Don't forget - 6% cashback via Cashrewards or Shopback !

You can also get extra 20% off if you add an Amazon Echo device to your cart - comes down to $15.36 each !!

Get 20% off select Smart Home products when you purchase an Echo device plus an eligible Smart Home product in a single transaction. Add both the items to cart and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Offered by Amazon AU.


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  • +1

    If you have a good guys commercial account remember this deal is still active.

    • +5

      They are $23 delivered though, this is $19.20

  • +1

    Can someone recommend an outdoor wifi smart plug? I can't find it in Australia.

    • +2

      SONOFF S55 is available with AU plug (search AliExpress), but it's probably not certified for use in Australia, and you'll be using it at your own risk. It might be a better idea to get a weatherproof junction box that is large enough, and put any smart plug inside it.

    • I have two of these IP44 plugs from Kogan.

      They are great with energy monitoring and I re-flashed with Tasmota to use without cloud with Home Assistant.
      Unfortunately, Kogan no longer sells the - I wonder why!?

      • +2

        I remember these Kogan ones. They were only rated IP44 if nothing was plugged into it, which seemed a bit pointless.
        I went with this one with an extension lead and put it out of the weather. Tasmota all the way!

        • +1

          That is true regarding IP44 rating. I use mine outside - mounted high and under the cover. No direct water exposure, but wanted "outdoor" version so it doesn't get affected by moisture and dust over time.
          One is used for my water feature (on schedule) and other for string of outdoor LED lights (MQTT controlled by inside the house Deta Grid Connect switch also flashed to Tasmota).

  • Wonder if it still has the annoying green light that's always on like the previous model

    • I find it one of the least annoying lights. Blue and red lights are much worse.

    • +7

      Small piece of black electrical tape will do the trick.

      • +1

        or some nail polish

    • Get some of these. Cheap and effective.

      • As is a cheap any ole sticker :-)

  • +2

    This seems to be the cheapest I can find anywhere.

    Yeah, its 80 cents cheaper than the normal price at Bunnings…

    • +1

      if you prefer, you can take advantage of Bunnings 10% price beat for $17.28 :D

      • Do they price match Amazon though? Especially Prime membership?

        • hmm they may add in delivery fee but if you are buying multiple (over $39), then it is definitely possible

        • They should as it's Amazon AU. I've been turned down when it's been Amazon US

  • +2

    Does anyone know difference between this and below?

    TP-Link Tapo Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket - Voice Control, Remote Control, Schedule, Timer, Away Mode, Safe, Alexa, Google Assistant (Tapo P100(1-Pack)) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08SJ7MLRR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f...

  • Can I use this without an account? I can with my hs100, but just want to use it on my local network.

    • +1

      Look for something you can re-flash with Tasmota.

      • Thanks for the advice!

      • +1

        I have found the list https://templates.blakadder.com/au.html but most of them has firmware upgraded and no longer flash-able.

      • +2

        Or you can buy ones from athom preflashed with Tasmota. I haven't had any problems with them so far.

        • Does it has an one off switch on the side?

          • @Black Hole: Yep, and it has power monitoring as well.

        • Can you fit two of these beside each other in a normal power point?

          Or even one of them next to a normal plug might be ok.

          They look a little bit wide… Pretty keen to get in on some Tasmota action though!

          • +1

            @abb: The athom ones block the power point next to it. The TP link ones in this deal is definitely better designed.

      • Can the KP115 run tasmota?

  • Anyone known the peak rating for this plug? The hs110 has 3600watt peak rating, which makes it perfect for heaters and 2400w kettles. Most other smart plugs peak at 2300-2400w and trip with 2400w heaters.

    • +2


      apparently hs110 has peak 2400w, which is same as kp105

    • +3

      Your 'standard' wiring terminating in a 'standard' socket is meant to supply a maximum of 10A current. This device has a 10A plug and is rated for 10A 220-240V, why would it support more than 10A with a 10A plug? Higher current devices need different cabling going to the switchboard. They also have a different ground pin because they are not meant to be used in 10A sockets.

      • Sometimes devices draw a larger amount of current during power-on (inrush current).

        It's only for a fraction of a second, but is enough to trip some circuit protection.

        Over-current protection often has a slight delay due to this. The higher the current, the quicker the trip, but if it's only slightly over, it will allow it through for a short duration.

    • All the plug-ins would be 10A rated, and I'm surprised if they trip on a kettle.

      For 15A you'd want the Sonoff POW, which you need to wire yourself.


      • +1

        You mean which needs to be wired by a person holding electrical license?

        • +3

          needs to be wired by a person holding electrical license?

          you can get a license on ebay.

        • No. Are you thinking of fixed wiring?

          You think people cannot change a plug on an appliance? That would make Australia a laughing stoock.

          • @bargaino: One may be able to change a powerplug or add a power lead BUT not legally unless you are an electrician.

          • @bargaino:

            You think people cannot change a plug on an appliance?

            That's a minefield. If you change a plug on an appliance and that appliance burns your house down, have fun with insurance.

            That's the real problem these days. I could do a lot of the electrical at my place (safely), but I don't due to concerns on liability. Having a licensed electrician do the work gives your insurer someone (who isn't you) to sue in the event of any issues.

            I did find this post on Whirlpool that has a dead link to a NSW Workcover document that sounds like it said anyone can do it as long as they're found competent.

  • +3

    No power metering. $19 ea seems kind of lame for a wifi switch.
    There are plenty of cheaper models available, especially if you buy 2 or more. They are all just an ESP8266 with a relay.

    Amazon shows 2 for $30. Kogan has 2 for $36 del with power meter.

  • I have this controlling a 1.6kw box air conditioner and it works well

    • +2

      If you get the kp115 you can also monitor how much it's costing you.

      • +3

        Doesn't really matter to me as I'll be using the AC regardless

  • +3

    Also available in a two pack at JB for $37 if you need more than one plug.

  • Waiting for when smart plugs start having surge protection too

  • +1

    Does this work with Origin Spike?

  • Is this plug good for running on/off via timer? I have a led strip in my kitchen that is plugged into a power point with a remote. Rather set it up 7pm to 1am schedule

    • Perfect for this.

  • +3

    Any coil whine on this one?

  • Where do you find these devices most useful, what situations?

    • I use one to switch on my coffee machine from another room, so by the time I am in the kitchen it's ready to go.

    • Bedroom lamp (means I don't need to get up to turn off light in room).

    • Hard to reach places to stop standby mode using power.

  • -3

    At Bunnings there's an Arlec smart switch for $21.50 that does what this does, but it also has an energy monitor built in so you can see how much power devices are using.

    IMO it's better value for 2 dollars more than this TP link without the energy monitor. I got one last week.


    • +1

      I use the arlec ones and am happy with them but this bargain is for slim plugs and I think that's pretty handy. I'd pay another $2 if they made the arlec ones smaller.

    • +1

      It's not better value when it's covering one of the outlets though. Using that logic, it's better value to pay $3 more than the Arlec to get the TP Link with energy monitoring at Bunnings.

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