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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) Wi-Fi 3GB / 32GB $299 (Was $379) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Wi-Fi 32GB $299 save $80

Product Features:

WI-FI (a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
7,040mAh BATTERY

With beautiful symmetry and a thickness of just 7mm, Tab A7 features a sophisticated metal design that offers great immersive experiences. Available in Grey.

Galaxy Tab A7 comes with 32GB storage built in for all your hi-resolution videos, photos and files. You can then expand it with a microSD card for even more storage — up to 1TB. Store more of what you love and delete less.

Cheers Price Hipster for the alert.

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    Amazon just price matched/beat by 2c: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08DJR6TRH with free delivery.

    • It's actually MobileCiti shipped by MobileCiti

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        It's $298 at MobileCiti directly with free shipping. That's their normal price - its not a special offer. I bought one a month ago from them for $299 (not on sale)

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      That's not directly from amazon. But if you go to other sellers, then select amazon au, it's 297 ($2 cheaper)

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      Though you can get 5% discount at big w by paying gift cards

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        as per below, 297 at amazon now, 5% off price beat for officeworks for now.

        • so
          1. OW price beat 297 5% = $280.25
          2. Pay with 5% gift cards = $266.24?

          EDIT: Oops nvm misread 5% BigW GCs as OW GCs… don't think those exist?

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    $287.04 via Bing Lee ebay with 4% code Plus4P

    • Thanks, bought this for my dad. He's after a zoom machine and I was about to get the lenovo but have heard that it crashes regularly.

  • The Lenovo looks like the better buy with more RAM and storage, although don' t know if that will translate to a noticeable improvement in user experience.

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      Looks like lenovo store has it for $279 delivered. Interested in peoples thoughts on this model.

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        MediaTek is rubbish.

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        I've had experience with both, another family member has the M10 HD and I have the Tab A7
        my thoughts:
        -M10 HD is only 800p, Tab A7 is 1200P and is quite noticeable however the M10 HD has a little better viewing angles than the A7
        -Performance wise the 1GB less ram doesn't affect usage much however the SD662 in the A7 feels so much faster and overall the user experience is better on the A7.
        -Keep in mind the 32GB M10 HD only has 2GB of RAM
        -A7 Speakers are a bit better and louder

        On the note of performance the Tab A7 stock launcher feels sluggish in the sense that the scrolling speeds are slower (not actually laggy just the scroll animation is slower) and if you dont like it you can use another launcher like nova to get more of a stock snappy feel. The lenovo comes with a pretty stock android style launcher and maybe feels better out of the box. But rest assured the A7 is the faster device in pretty much everything

        • M10 HD is different from the one mentioned above. That one is 4GB/64GB. The one you mentioned was 2GB/32GB. My experience is 4gb/64gb is significantly better than the one M10 HD 2gb/32gb

          • @MINKx: None of the Lenovo M10 has comparable specs to Samsung. Worse screen and worse SoC affects a lot more than less RAM and storage.

          • @MINKx: sorry forgot to say the one we have is 4GB/64GB

            was just making a note that the 32GB version only has 2GB of RAM in case OP finds it cheaper and thinks its better value

        • If you want a snappy feel, just change the animations speeds. That’s what I did on my S5e. And now it’s nice and smooth. Those A53 based SoC sucked in 2014, I hate to use something so primitive in 2021.

          • @Ronnnie: yeah third party launchers are great for that. sadly you can't really customise the stock samsung oneUI launcher so out of the box its just a little slow scrolling

            • @DisabledUser233493: Well actually you can customise to your hearts content without a third party launcher on one UI. Samsung developed good lock for that purpose.

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      MediaTek Helio P22T (8C, 8x A53 @2.3GHz)

      Yeah um, no, stay the hell away

    • The Lenovo isn't FHD though.

      • the Samsung one is higher than FHD as well…

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      That Lenovo tablet is garbage. Uses a poor mtk chip that is A53 based. 5000 mah battery? Wow that’s pathetic. No quad speakers. Worse screen. Worse support. Nope spend a bit more for the Samsung with better snapdragon 662 chip, quad speakers, better support and also can stream full HD on Netflix etc.

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    Get the Samsung Tab s6 lite for $375. Much better budget tablet

    • where do you get that price btw?

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        Samsung education store with a $50 marketing voucher they have for newbies.

        • ahh something i dont have access to

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      I don’t believe the s6 lite is considerably better. It’s more like the A7 with a dual speaker set up and s pen. It’s marginally better at best, it’s more like an option for people who want a cheaper tablet with s pen support. The exynos chip the s6 lite is similar to the snapdragon 662. I think the s6 lite sucks compared to the predecessor the S5e, it took away a great midrange option for those that wanted flagship features in a tablet at a cheaper price. Hopefully Samsung releases a truly good mid range tablet like the S5e again, especially if Apple really use made their next budget line tablet basically a cheaper iPad Air 3. Because seriously that would eliminate the many of the advantages Samsung had in their midrange tabs over the base model iPad.

      • Yeah, the S5e was a killer.

        The Tab s6 lite has 4gb ram and has slightly more storage at 64gb.

      • significant difference is the screen though… S6 has much better viewing angle… so depending on your usage you may find S6 to be better… otherwise, I agree that its not that much better for the price difference…

        • +1

          Not according to this reviewer that compared the two. He doesn’t mention anything about being a significant difference in display.


          3:03 mark. Does note that the display appears brighter on the S6 lite. And that the A7 tends too be a bit cooler. It’s not like the S5e, where it has a vastly superior display to either of these tablets.

          From all the comparisons I’ve seen on these two tablets they basically similar in all aspects. Just one has the S pen the other doesn’t. So if that feature isn’t important to you then you may prefer to save the cash for a similar experience.

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            @Ronnnie: i wish i can find the review of the comparison that i saw… there was one video that compared the viewing angle… but i stand corrected, its not significant difference…

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    A TFT screen is going to be pretty awful to look at in portrait mode, right?

    • +1

      It's IPS display. TFT displays won't be found on tablets, and hopefully not even on a smartphone nowadays.

      • So it is. Don't know how I read IPS as TFT…

      • the IPS label is no longer strictly enforced, I've seen super budget monitors advertise "IPS" when their viewing angles are clearly ass. Not sure if this is the case in the phone industry yet, but clearly this tablet's displays has decent reviews so I'm not worried.

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    298 at office works,
    297 at amazon,

    time to price match office works to amazon, and get it for about 280 at office works… nice!

    also, the 64GB is a dollar cheaper at amazon, meaning you can get also price match it.

  • If buying or own this I would recommend getting a fast charger that supports the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) specs. Such as a Quick Charge (QC3.0) charger. As this only comes with a slow 5v 1.55a 7.5w charger that can take up to around 4.5 hours to charge the 7040 mAh, non-removable battery. Compared to around 1 hour using a fast charger.

    • It really ships with less than a standard 5V/2A charger? Wow, even my mother's Tab S2 from 2015 came with one.
      Slower charging is better for the battery but even then a sub 2A charger is just odd for a modern device.

      • This is true, I turn fast charging off on my tablet and I changed it to only charge to 80%. So hopefully the battery lasts for a lot of years.

  • On a side note the Samsung Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event is being streamed March 17.

    From what I understand it's to announce new 'A' series devices, likely just phones but could potentially also be a new Tab A?

    • Unlikely, they always release S series (tab or phone) prior to A series. We haven't got any S8 tab event yet.

  • Bought one. Not sure if I needed it but, hey.

  • Dammit I just ordered one last week! $40 drop.