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Noctua NH-U12A Premium CPU Cooler $153.54 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Not a bad price for one of their top rated coolers. Too bad for me I recently paid $199 locally from Computer Alliance because I couldn't wait.


Also available on Newegg for similar - https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/noctua-nh-u12a/p/13C-000...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      That is the u12s not the u12a

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      Not the same product.

      Less heatpipes, less fin area, 1 fan vs 2

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        Sorry Guys, should be this one $152 delivered:


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          edited the post.

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          Gotta say, direct from Noctua via Newegg is super impressive. Everytime I've ordered something off them, it's arrived from Netherlands in 3-4 days. Incredible considering a recent order from Drop.com took almost 4 weeks to arrive.

          • @trankillity: My noctua order came from Taiwan not Netherlands

            • @BargainKen: Noctua is designed in Netherlands, made in Taiwan. The order comes straight from Noctua's factory in Taiwan via DHL Express. Very quick. Bought many fans and my NH-U12A.

              The only downside is that the NH-U12A is a heavy heatsink, and the packaging is actually not enough to stop it from shifting inside its box when shipped. Mine came with slightly bent fins, which I straightened and used anyway (was too excited with my 5900X to get a replacement).

              • @Sleepycat3: Tell me about it, I've got a D15. It's practically a weapon 🙃

              • @Sleepycat3: Got 5900X and NH-U12A in my rig, it hardly goes over 45 oC. ( Rig has 3 fans inwards, and 3 outwards )

            • @BargainKen: Sorry, you're totally right. Still, they're quick as hell!

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      I remember how ugly I thought they were to but honestly I love the look of them now cause they just look quality

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        yeah, exactly, if you're the best, you can be any ugly colour you want. Noctuas are very recognizable and you immediately know they are good quality and good performance. Which is why I don't really like that they caved and then the black ones, chromax iirc

        • -3

          The best by one or two degrees doesn't matter.
          Colour is more important at that point.

        • +1

          Wow. That's so interesting that you prefer the brown.

          I've had noctua for years and as soon as the black came out I switched over. Looks so much better.

          The cool thing was, because they're a trusted name, I sold the brown ones for a really good price too.

          Definitely a quality manufacturer.

      • +1

        Yeah, after my first Noctua NH-U12 SE in 2008, I grew to love the brown puke colour.

        So now I'm rocking 3 puke coloured fans in my system, except for the front intake fan which is an NF-A14 PPC 3000 (it only comes in black).

      • I dont look at it, I look at the temperature of the CPU, and it makes me very happy.

    • +3

      That is exactly my thought process on RGB. RGB is just an eyesore. The poo brown on the other hand is ok, not the best looking thing but it's ok.

      • +8

        RGB you can turn off. Poo brown is forever.

        • +9

          But can RGB STAY off?! If you know how, tell my stupid motherboard.

          • +1

            @ElWircho: My ASRock b550 velocita by default had RGB on when the system was off, just had to change a setting in the bios, worth a Google for your own MOBO manufacturer

          • +1

            @ElWircho: I have an absolutely cancerous MSI mobo that won't turn them off in Bios so I use https://github.com/ixjf/MSIRGB/releases/tag/v2.3.0 , seems to work well.

            • @Merlict: Thanks Merlict, MSI here too, nothing in the BIOS, I'll give it a try !!!

              • @ElWircho: What I did was just download Mystic Light, turn everything off and then uninstall Mystic Light.

          • +1

            @ElWircho: I keep setting the options for no RGB on the motherboard and it still turns on every reboot! I'd like a bios setting but there isn't one. I need to download mystic light to turn off the lights but as soon as I uninstall it the lights are back… why do I need to run extra software to keep an unwanted eyesore off?….

            • @g1: MSI's software is the most cursed rubbish I have ever used, won't be buying MSIagain. The link above turns it off for a good while ( have to redo it every few months for.. whatever reason) but it only takes a second.

              • @Merlict: Thanks for that link, I'll give it a go. Are Gigabyte or ASUS better with more options to turn off the horrid lights?

        • spray paint

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    Damn - need Aussie seller for shopper protection insurance. Assume Amazon US via AU won't cut it.

    • Never had issues with returns whether it be Amazon AU or Amazon US via AU. Always super easy regardless of change of mind or actual product defect.

    • Anything that delivers to Australia is eligible. Never had an issue with Newegg or Amazon.com.au (even if it's from Amazon US).

    • +1

      Never have any issue with Amazon
      Always been prime member and I bought probably 60% of all my online stuff from them, shipped from all corners us,uk,France etc…

      I like them because as soon as I contact them for any issue they offer to refund me first then sort out the issue
      or sometimes they just refund and said forget about if thing turn up or not
      Unbelievable customer service, it anything I want that on Amazon I get from them as a first pick

      • Yes had a $700 TV screen with dead pixels, hassle with returning so they said just keep it lol refund also

  • +2

    I'm curious as to why they persist with that two tone brown colour scheme…

    • +5

      it's iconic, and they come in multiple colourways now as many of their fans are available in black.

    • +2

      Dunno why you got negged for an opinion. Anyway, fixed ;)

    • +1

      Immediately recognizable as Noctua product, nobody else is using this color scheme. Looks good in your system once installed.

      You can always swap out the fans for RGB ones or whatever you want to run.

    • There are chroma options….

  • +2

    Fits perfectly in a NR200 (with mesh side panel).

    Using one on my 5800X sitting at 4.3ghz/1.1v, highest temp I got was 80°C running Prime95 small FFT.

  • +2

    If u can fit it, and dont wanna wait, u can get a D15 from MSY for $149: https://www.msy.com.au/noctua-nh-d15-cpu-cooler-universal

    I have a 3900x and a 3950x using this 24/7, very quite and never exceed 75C with some voltage offset.

    U will need a big case though.

    • Holy cow

    • I always thought the D15 was the better product?

      • +2

        the D15 is better but the U12A has better compatibility

        • And it won't fit on some motherboard with the first pcie slot to close to CPU socket like asrock x570 steel legend

      • +1

        NH-U12A also clears all RAM slots on modern motherboards, unlike the D15.

        • Yeah can be annoying taking the side fan off when you want to reseat your ram but at least you don't have to remove the whole cooler & it's not often you want to disconnect your ram.

  • +3

    I bought my NH D15 for around this price which is their flagship cooler. Maybe go for the bigger one if you can fit.

  • +1

    I really like mine. Some people are too concerned with aesthetics, the performance doesn't change if it is black/white/brown. Only old school PC builders don't care about RGB it seems. Now days people would prefer to pay more for less performance as long as it looks pretty…

    • +2

      Only old school PC builders don't care about RGB
      By old school do you mean 1980s?

      Cause when I was a kid those cold cathode tubes were all the rage with 'modders', through a crap plastic window

      • Now days people would prefer to pay more for less performance as long as it looks pretty… is the point.

  • +1

    at this price point, why not go a 240mm+ AIO?

    • +2

      Noctua's stuff is dead quiet, AIO's are generally not

    • +1

      Because it's better than most 240mm AIO?

    • And reliability. If aio pump failed, u could very well burn CPU very quickly, and if it leaks, it is game over, motherboard, GPU, maybe PSU. Claiming warranty on system damage to a $150 aio, it is tough. Maybe Corsair is good for this kind of claim, but id cooling, cooler master, hmmm

      • +1

        I've tried to warranty 3 separate corsair products and each time they've refused.

        I don't think you'd have a chance of them covering the aio alone let alone the rest of your gear.

        I don't buy corsair gear anymore for this reason.

        • Wow, that sucks. Did know they are this bad

        • I actually never have any issue with them, 5 out of 5. I truly believe they are one of the better ones out there, as long as the parts are within the warranty period. They responded really quick, too, each time. I tried requesting the AM4 bracket from Noctua, not only they responded 4 weeks later then send it out 2 months later then they sent out the wrong one eg 2011 bracket instead, so I had to buy one, coz I couldn't wait any longer

    • +1

      As good if not better than a 240mm AIO. Super great reliability (my older Noctua ran for 13 years non stop 24x7 and the fan bearings are still perfect), and the heatsink will still work even when the fans stop.

      If you are talking 360mm, then yes, I'd consider it but reliability is still a big reason that I am using an NH-U12A now.

    • Quieter, better heat dissipation & more reliability with quality air coolers. AIO are just for aesthetics reasons.

      • Thanks all - perhaps not all AIOs are equal - ive got a Liquid Freezer II 360 on the way, having watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPaSEGe6ML0

        A nice noise-normalised comparison of performance at 5:45 in the video - comparison against a number of coolers, but notably, the Noctua D15 (which from Noctua's own scale - https://noctua.at/en/noctua-standardised-performance-rating - performs better than the U12A). Note, this is comparing a Liquid Freezer II 280 (2x 140mm).

        The Liquid Freeze II 280mm can be had for 159 + 15 p/h = $174 (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/53200/arctic-liquid-free...) - more expensive, but arguably better performance.

        Reliability seems to be the disadvantage, cant argue the reliability of air cooling vs having a water source inside your case, its a no brainer that air-cooling is reliable.

      • Don't they perform better in higher ambient temps than air?

  • Is this better than the NH-D15 at $120?

    • +1

      This is smaller and has better fans, doubt there's much real world difference all up

    • -2

      The D15 will definitely perform better

      • +1

        According to some reviews, they perform similarly, in a smaller package.


      • +1

        you're the negative vote? Do you realise that the u12a is for smaller cases? My god, noctua must have been mad to make two different products one that cools better than the other and in a wholly different size class and then pricing them as it is. It's almost like the smaller cooler wasn't even designed for the same use case.

  • Everybody knows water-cooling is better - kid
    That's because you don't have Noctuaaaa - Griff Tannen

  • +2

    This is a pretty cool deal, completely blew me away

  • +1

    perfect to go on my new case https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07VL5QHMB/ref=ppx_yo_d... that is on sale as well

  • +1

    This or the Scythe Fuma 2?

    • +1

      I bought the Fuma 2 because I couldn't justify paying 90 more for the NH-U12a at PCCG

      Had i known about this deal i would have grabbed the noctua

      A key point of difference is the fan capability, the fuma 2 tops out at 1200rpm compared to 2000rpm on the Noctua

      Here is a good comparison

    • I went with the Fuma 2 for my 5800x and it's incredible. I believe the two perform similarly so my only real swaying point was avoiding the poo brown colour scheme and saving a few bucks..

      The Fuma 2 is dead silent and Scythe does sell 2k RPM variants of the included fans though from my research they have diminishing returns for the increase in sound.

  • Amazon.au description says "120mm x 25mm x1 fan " photo shows 2 fans, should be 2 according to Noctua web page. Amazon got the description wrong.

  • This isn't new at all. Newegg has been the same price for months.

    • +1

      Should of posted it then mate. You would of saved me $50.

      The previous post said expired so I didn't bother clicking the link.

  • Does it come with decent paste or should I buy that as well?

    • +1

      Come with NT-H1, enough for you to apply 2 to 3 times.

  • Buy off newegg direct from noctua direct. Fast post and reasonable prices

  • -3

    where is the bargain here?

    love my noctua gear, but $150? pffft

  • Might be too late to ask this but since I'm still on stock amd fan for my 5800x, would this fan cut it or do I need something more powerful like d15/d15s?

    Also even sillier question, do they provide you with thermal paste along with the fan or do I need to find one separately? (and if I do need to buy separately, any recommendation?)

    • +1

      This would be fine imo, the D15 is actually pretty close in performance

      Comes with decent thermal paste

      • Thanks for the answer!

  • +1

    This might sound ridiculous to many, but I will allow my cpu to cook until Q2 of 2021 for the chromax version, and probably pay 50% more just so I can get it in black.

    Let me just adjust my clown makeup.