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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (Black) $169.71 Delivered @ Swiftronics Amazon AU


Pretty decent price for this one, looks like second best price ever from a quick search, the last best being $159. However that looks like grey stock, where this is Aussie stock. Aussie stock sales have usually been at the $180 mark edit; it has been pointed out that this may also be Gray stock. My apologies

RRP at places like JB usually have these at $319 too. So almost 50% off at this price from standard RRP.

Whilst not quite as good as your top dog sony's xm3's. They're not far off, which is pretty great for those like me that prefer the earbud over the in-ear design. They trade blows quite well with the apple airbuds, plus they have noise cancelling, and at this price sitting considerably cheaper.

Looks like the Buds+ are also on sale too. If you do prefer the InEar design $176.31 for black

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I've got a set of these and absolutely love them. The fit isn't for everyone though. I love them because you get the sound of an in-ear earbud but without the blocked ear feeling since these don't actually sit in your ear canal like others do. The noise cancellation is decent enough to block out any constant dull background noise too. These are sweat resistant too unlike the Galaxy Buds and Buds+ etc which is the other great thing about them.

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      I thought the buds are sweat resistant ipx2?

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    Check out fb and gumtree. Still a few new unopened floating around

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    I hear reviews of this have been good. Looks like Samsung's purchase of Harman Kardon is paying off.

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      "Sound" "by" AKG.

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        Nope. Share why with a mini review.

        I have a pair of wired AKG's that came with my S9. They are pretty darn good. The Buds Live, which I got for pre-ordering the S21 are… simply rubbish. Let me explain.

        Bass (low/mids in general) are muddy, and the highs are very aggressive. What results is a perceptible lack of accuracy and clarity in the instruments, and way in your face vocals. The only way to eek out any enjoyment is to push up the volume way above reason… and immediately down again on the next song :-(. The AKG's are, in contrast, well balanced. Bass is crisp but carries weight - The Hills by The Weeknd, or Times Like These by the Foo Fighters are both a treat. Try those on the Buds Live… m.u.d.d.y.

        I've tried everything and still can't get them to a point where they're acceptable. I've updated Firmware, tweaked Wear settings, EQ settings, Personal sound settings, everything… and there's no getting away from it - they sound poor and I have not been able to correct. Look I'm no expert but blimey they are nowhere close tto my 2year old wired AKG's.

        What else -
        - Active noise cancellation SUCKS. It kills the lower frequencies leaving the high ones to seep in. It changes the listening profile completely. Go try it - turn it on and off and note the quality of the music playing changes… not for the better!
        - Touch controls freak me out!!! Over sensitive on single tap (i.e. touch) and finicky on the multi tap. Any adjustment of the bud invariably triggers the single tap function. Very annoying because they need regular adjustment especially when lazing around i.e.: any pressure near the ear will cause them to move out of place and you'd need to readjust. On the other hand, the multi tap often doesn't engage as easily. Seems like it is not sensitive enough. Felt I needed to bash them to get multi tap going. Touch is, in general, a pain and certainty not working as I expected.

        So what next? Gonna try and get them replaced and hope that the next pair is good. Not holding my breath. .. Spoke to someone at the Samsung store today. Person said - nope you're not going to match the AKG's with the Live. You can try the Pros and return them within 30days if not satisfied. Thanks but no thanks.

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          Not sure why everyone compares these to inner ear buds. It’s like comparing in ear headphones to over ear headphones. It shows a lack of understanding of audio products when people do. Compare these against non inner ear, like AirPods, Huawei free buds, edifier tws, soundpeats true air or true buds etc.

    • They’re getting ok mileage out of the name only that’s for sure.

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    yeah finally some kidney from ozb… wait a sec.

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    How do you know these are Aussie stock OP? One review says they aren't. They're being sold by a seller with only 7 total ratings.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right. I may have been looking at a different link when I came to that conclusion. My bad.

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    Anyone tried both the LIVE and the Plus? Which do you prefer?

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      Nuh. The size means I can only get one in at a time.

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        If only humans have two ears

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          omg. Thank you! All these years and I never noticed my spare. Now off to buy everything in glorious stereo!

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      I own these and tried the Pro which a colleague at work had. The Pro's kept falling out of the ear with common movement. Although the sound quality sounded a tiny bit better (because of the complete noise blockage the plastic ear pieces achieve). I do prefer the live having tried both.

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      Live is for if you're looking for an airpods 1st gen like experience. (Earphone that doesn't annoy you and can sit in your ear all day. You can hear others and you can easily take them out)

      The plus are for music only, not a good experience to just keep it sitting in your ear since they form a seal. Muffles all sound. But they're better for music and have better passive isolation

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      Yes. Preferred the Buds Live by a long way. Buds Plus sounded so harsh and overprocessed, so clear and sharp that it was painful, and also without any bass.

      Personally I love the Buds Live. And I'm comparing them to my other pairs of wired over-ears from Sennheiser and Grado.

      Fit is annoying though, as the sound changes a lot based on how they fit your ears. And yep, the touch controls are tricky and the noise cancellation works but it just can't provide 100% isolation when the buds themselves are not sealed.

      The sound of the Live though? Perfect. And I can run with them in for 10 mins before 1 gets loose and needs pushing back in.

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    If you're getting this in hopes for a good noise cancelling ear buds, this is not what you want. I don't know what OP is on about when comparing to XM3s but I own both and noise cancelling wise, the buds do not compare to XM3 at all.

    That said, these ear buds have decent quality and will only block out the very slightest background noise.

    • Really depends on fit. They don’t fit my partners ears well and doesn’t get a proper seal. With my ears they are very close to a very good seal. Obviously not as good as xm3 seal due to entirely different design.

      I love these as they let the perfect amount of environmental sounds in. Really depends on preference of design. I couldn’t wear xm3 for long without massive discomfort for example. Also integration with Samsung devices is epic.

      • +1

        I disagree, if you put them real deep in your ear canal to form a "seal" - that's actually not what the instructions tell you is the correct fit. It's meant to be looser.
        Most reviews indicate the noise cancelling is just short of useless and I tend to agree.

        • +1

          I used them on a plane and it was actually pretty good. I just place them in my ear and I get a semi seal. Feels like my ears are blocked. There’s no other way they would fit in my ear.

          By no means is it what you would pick for NC. It’s just a nice bonus.

    • +2

      I’ll definitely bow to your personal experience. I only based it on a couple reviews I read. In particular the Rtings review. Which didn’t have it too far behind- in particular because they are buds rather than in ear. It’s going to depend entirely on personal taste though- I personally can’t stand having something in ear. So this is the next best thing for me.

  • Don't bother, sound is decent but controls are garbage. Single tap, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, often interpreted as 2 or sometimes 3 presses, sometimes a single press will pause playback, sometimes not, sometimes you end up with a different track altogether.

    • +1

      With a little practice you will figure it out. I had issues for the first few uses but now I learnt where to tap and works perfectly except for when I put it in my ear and it plays and pauses while I put it in.

      • It's been 4 months, daily use.
        The controls are rubbish.

        • +1

          Have you returned them or asked for a repair?

    • Couldn't agree more. Did a mini review of sorts earlier in the thread. Not at all pleased with them.

  • +2

    very uncomfortable , waste of money , rubbish sound

  • +3

    These are nice, comfy if you have the right ear, it doesn't hurt my ears even after 5 hours of continuous usage unlike other in-ears.

    • +9

      comfy if you have the right ear

      fortunately i have both right and left ears still intact.

  • Going by the reviews, I'd be worried they are grey stock.

    • +4

      Judging by the photos I'd be inclined to say they're black stock.

  • +5

    Here is a review from one of my fav youtuber and an Aussie at that. TLDR - Save your money, they are rubbish


    • +3

      Guessing this is a dankpods review without looking. Upvote for that immediately!
      Was disappointed to hear how average these were

    • +1

      Strange. I only based it on the rtings review. And they were not that far behind the xm3’s.

      • Checkout my experience with them earlier in the thread. They're very disappointing.

      • These can't even compare to the xm3s, the only use case for these for me is as replacement for regular airpods due to the fit

    • +3

      It’s the best non ear on the market. You would be stupid to consider these over inner ear buds like your mate did. It’s like comparing on ear headphones to over ear headphones. Stupidity.

      • -2

        Mate, Are you Samsung salesman in disguise?

        • Are you dankpods in disguise?

  • +1

    JB prices is no benchmark for an honest deal so do not compare with JB ridiculously high sometimes even higher than the manufacturer - just look at Dell laptops Dell would sell it at $1400 and JB would sell it for $1700

  • I could be wrong but if memory serves me, you don’t get the full experience with these unless you have a relatively recent Samsung phone. Something about the audio quality being limited due to needing Samsung specific software to utilise them to their fullest?

    • +1

      Using iPhone with no issues. Only miss out on Samsung quick swap between devices.

  • what about the hearing aid color?

  • Could anyone share their personal feedback when it comes to using these for making calls? hopefully good sound and mic quality? thank you

    • I’ve used many cheap buds like tws, soundpeats, edifier, etc. for calls these buds are exceptional compared to the cheap ones.

    • I use them daily to make calls while I drive. They're serviceable.

  • Good price

    • They are grey import

      • +1

        So are these, apparently.

  • +1


    Not worth it for sound quality, but if you need some buds that are ultra comfortable without any sense of ear pressure these are the ones.

    I love good sound but actually wear these more than my jabras because they feel so much better. Big fan.

    • +1

      To be fair, earbuds in general are not worth it for sound quality. If you want sound quality, go headphones instead. Things like this have very specific purposes- a lot of the time simply removing the cord from your original corded earbuds that most people have/use. For me it's all about use for phonecalls with working from home.

  • +2

    Love the fact that these sit out side your ear canal. If Samsung could just pump some more into R&D to make the sound better / noise cancellation, that would be swell.

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