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Crucial Ballistix RAM 2x8GB DDR4 3600MHz CL16 $119 Delivered @ Amazon AU


CL16 3600mHz only $119, Mwave has it for the same price, but shipping is more expensive.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • free standard delivery option available too :)

  • Isn't it free delivery?

  • This is like $6 cheaper than standard price. And far from cheapest. Hardly a deal.

    • They are on the way down from looking over the last couple weeks; last trend like this got to under 100, so maybe in a couple weeks it'll drop again… But meh.

      Not really a deal right now at this price.

  • I'd personally be a little concerned that they aren't showing the RAM timings on amazon, which possibly means they got the first timing to 16 and left the others at whatever just for sales.

  • If your motherboard supports it I think the Patriot Viper 4000MHz is the better buy for similar price

    • Funnily enough,returned my Viper Steel 4400 today,could not get it boot above 3666. These run @ 3800c16 on my setup.

  • Anyone else remember the few sets of these going for under 80 on amazon back around prime day??

    This is really good RAM but still got mine waiting for a use, the difference from 3200mhz is not really worth it for anyone wondering. Definitely get 3600 though if you are uphrading from 2600mhz sticks.

  • I've got these. They were Micron e-die. I combined them with a 3200CL16 Ballistix kit for 4x8GB and tightened them to 3600CL14 via Ryzen DRAM Calculator. No hiccups at all, booted first try and passed 24 hours of memtest. Have been running solid for 4 months.

  • Thanks OP, bought one, better to get this RAM at 3600Mhz CL16 than higher clock speed with slower CL18.

  • Will this include a tax invoice?

    • Whats wrong with running 3600 on a 3600?

    • Intel are the only ones who restrict your RAM speed depending on the motherboard you buy (XMP is only enabled on their Z-series motherboards).
      AMD lets you run whatever RAM speed you like regardless of the motherboard you buy.

      Memory specifications on product pages merely highlight that fact that the CPU conforms to the latest DDR4 standard. It's not a limit.