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Free $10 Voucher @ BCF


Easter Club $10 Voucher applies to all existing and new members, both online and in-store between Wednesday 17 March – Tuesday 23 March, 2021.
Limit 1 per member. Voucher terms apply. For new members, voucher will apply automatically as they sign up (both online and in-store).

To redeem your $10, simply add the code ‘SAVE10’ at checkout

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    Voucher terms apply.

    What are they?

    Is there a min. purchase price to redeem?

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      Usually no min spend

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      No min spend from my experience.

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        Thanks George.

    • Encountered a website bug… CBF

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    thanks OP

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    BCFing voucher already applied to my BCFing account. Thanks OP!

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      BCFing voucher already applied

      No need to be rude…

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        says who? lol

        • +2

          Not you.

      • Lol…took me a couple of reads to figure it out…good pickup

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    Cheers, picked up a multiscarf at $10 free.

    • good pick

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    Seems like you can get free Red Bull

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    Got this Hammock for $8 with free pickup. Thanks, OP.

    • need to buy stand?

      • If you wanna use it in the backyard. I bought it for my camping trips.

    • Gonna pick one of those up as well, thanks!

  • +27
  • +3

    Signed up but don't see the $10 :(

    • Same

    • +2

      You won't get it this time round if you only just signed up. Also make sure you have marketing enabled in account settings.
      Then it's luck of the draw for next time.

      Edit: Oh, just read the actual post :) .. $10 for new members this time, thought it was the usual $10 random vouchers like last week

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        Yes, that did it! Had to enable marketing in the account! Thanks

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          Glad it wasn't a completely useless comment after all haha

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      joined via the promo link but nothing here either

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        Read two messages up from yours.

    • Mine automatically applied when you add things into cart

      • Thanks. Can confirm -$10 is automatically applied via checkout/cart

    • Did you get an email to verify your email address (check junk). Try logging in and out after confirming. Also go to checkout stage and see if there is $10 voucher as one payment option.

  • Was looking at screw in tent pegs..
    BCF $4.95 each
    Aldi box of 20 $9.95.

    • +1

      Just buy two

    • +1

      Yeh, mark up is pretty huge on most stuff at BCF.

      6 pack butane gas $7-$8 elsewhere $11.99 at BCF.
      Telescopic marshmallow fork, $2 at Kmart, $7.99 at BCF (or 2 for $12.. bargain!)

      • +3

        I agree their markup is often high though but only $1.99 leaves your wallet for the butane after this $10 promo

        • Yeh of course, $2 better than $7. Think I'll put it towards a gas bottle refill this time though since I can't get that cheaper elsewhere.

      • +2

        don't buy the telescopic marshmallow fork - I did and it broke, flimsy P.O.S.

        • These are great, I have 4 from past coupons, the kids are rough with them and use them regularly over the last few years and never had an issue and still look brand new, one of the best freebies we used

          • @pkdelaney: I got a dud then, the telescopic fell out and could never be put back together.

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    Thanks, free 4kg bag of weber bbq briquettes coming my way

    • +2

      thanks for the idea.. got myself a bag as well.

      • +1

        Was my only thought too, then I found I had another $10 voucher on the account and got a free 10kg bag. :-)

  • Good for gas bottle refill.

    • How much is a 9KG at BCF?

      • +1

        Around $23 for a 9kg refill. But they do member specials on that occasionally making it under $20.

        • +2

          Varies by store. $19.50 is the normal price at the one near me, undercutting the guys next door that charge $20.

    • can anyone confirm this? need to refill mine…

      I think it's around $24/9kg, and $13/4kg at my BCF

      • Yep, got mine refilled today using voucher.

    • Can you refill soda stream?

      • +5

        I guess physically it might be possible. But im not sure how water will taste if you're mixing it with LPG and your burps might be flammable.

        • i think you mean inflammable

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Can anyone recommend a good quality fishing rod for a beginner? Love to learn and pursue fishing in my recreational time.

    • Where do you live? Where will you be fishing? Happy to help, just need some info first.

      • +2

        Thank you! I just moved to Mount Coolum, Queensland from Melbourne. Mount Coolum is a coastal suburb in the Sunshine Coast Region. I'm near plenty of beaches. I appreciate your help

        • Excellent, I'm in Brisbane and visited Coolum just last weekend!

          Would you be fishing the beaches or the rivers around Coolum?

          • @McScotty: That's great that you're close by, thank you! I probably be fishing in calmer beaches in Coolum. Would you recommend this for a beginner?

            • +19

              @RainerWolfram: Beach fishing can be a lot of fun! I would recommend an Alvey Reel with 12ft rod, setup for Tailor, Dart, Bream and Flathead off the beach.

              12lb monofilament line, some gang hooks, sinkers, swivels and 20lb leader line will set you up.

              Give me an hour or two, on my lunch break I'll get a shopping list together for you as well as some handy youtube videos to get the basics downpat.

              • +26

                @McScotty: Platypus Platinum Mono Line Grey 300m 12lb

                Surecatch Swivels and Hook Pack

                Black Magic Fluorocarbon Leader Line 100m 20lb

                Alvey Adventurer 40GDZ Reel

                Alvey Surf Wading Bag

                Alvey R62L Surf Rod

                Rogue Folding Fish Ruler 80cm

                Pryml Long Reach Pliers 11in

                and a pair of nail clippers to cut line :)

                The reel is a bit undersized however the next size up is a lot more expensive (6inch). I would recommend finding a 6 inch reel second hand rather than buying a 4inch new.

                A good youtube video to get you started is:

                I've selected based on "getting your toes wet", like all hobbies, people are very brand loyal and can be quite snobbish about the gear they use. The hooks I've selected are the "cheap" brand. If you get serious, I'd recommend looking at Mustad or Gamakatsu hooks.

                Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions. That's what fishing is all about.

                • @McScotty: Fishing Noob here:

                  I don't know what I'm doing wrong but every time I've gone fishing recently, my leader line eventually launches off when I cast.
                  I'm guessing I'm tying the line wrong where it connects to the swiveljoint but I swear I'm following the way they do it on the youtube tutorials… Any tips?

                  • @Kikkoman56: Couple of questions/comments here.

                    What line are you using for your leader? Mono, Braid or Fluoro?

                    What knot are you using to tie your leader to your swivel?

                    Have you considered not using a swivel?

                    How long of a leader are you using?

                    What's typically on the other end of your leader? A lure/soft plastic/hook and sinker?

                    What type of reel are you using?

                    Is your leader so long that the swivel ends up in the guides of the rod?

                    I suspect that you are either tying poor quality knots (easily fixed with guidance and practice), cutting too short of a tail or not spitting on your line while cinching it down.

                    If you're really keen, tie a knot for me and send a photo through here.

                    • @McScotty: The rod is this one, I started with cheap mono but I got some 0.3mm 10lb fluoro line and I still had the same problem. In terms of what knot… I just realised when I tried to find the name on Google images that I might be missing the last step. I was using this knot, or at least I thought I was…, but I'm open to other suggestions. Usually once everything is tied up my leader is 60 cm long from the swivel, with a hook in the middle and a sinker on the end, I think it may be too long sometimes. Like I said I'm a complete noob but I still enjoy it.

                      I also probably am cutting it too short, I didn't even realise that was a thing. I tend to just cut the tail pretty much right at the end of knot.

                      Boy am I glad I asked haha… I swear I've wasted at least 5-6 swivels, hooks and sinkers into the water already.

                      • +1

                        @Kikkoman56: Ah yes, that's a fairly high risk knot to begin with. Consider the uni knot instead, there are other, stronger and sleeker knots out there but it's one I always come back to as it's easy to tie, can tie line to line and you can tie it with your eyes closer (literally, I use this knot at night when I don't want to ruin my night vision.)

                        You may find you don't need a swivel at all, especially if you're not fishing high current areas.

                        • @McScotty: Thanks a ton mate! I'll give that a shot, and do you think a swivel would be necessary in say the Brisbane river?

                          • +1

                            @Kikkoman56: I wouldn't bother, line straight through, sinker, hook, bait.

                  • @Kikkoman56: You definitely watching the wrong youtube videos or doing it wrong. Make sure to test the tension by pulling it first to see if its tight before launching it off

                    • @Fat Horny Ghost: I probably am… to both lol
                      It's weird because I do give it a good yank to check in the beginning and it holds fine. It's usually a few casts later that it eventually comes undone. Like I commented above, I think I'm making many mistakes leading to this haha

                      • +1

                        @Kikkoman56: What's likely happening is because you're missing the last turn of the knot, the monofilament is slicing into itself after a few casts, I replied above with a suggested other knot to use. :) Tight lines.

                • @McScotty: Just wanted to say thanks in advance in case I get started on surf fishing eventually hahaha

                  I've just got started on kayak fishing which has been real good fun (and more productive than being land based)!

                  One thing to add if you are starting out is there are some ok (not always great) cheap alternatives available on eBay as well.

                  Not enough fishos on Ozb to be honest!

                  • @CheapCoffee: My pleasure, might be coming to you for kayak fishing advice soon, I'm keen to start the kayak journey.

                • @McScotty: This is perfect. Near coolum myself and loved beach fishing the first time i tried it. Mate taught us how to find worms, caught 10 lil whiting in a couple hours.

                  Been wanting to do it again but never knew what to buy, so much to choose from.

                • @McScotty: Thanks so much mate, you're a legend! Appreciate your help, I'll consider purchasing the items you have listed!

                  • +1

                    @RainerWolfram: Happy to help. In true ozbargain fashion. pretty much all of this stuff (or equivalents) are available on FB Marketplace for a fraction of the price. Especially Alvey reels - they are never obsolete!

                • @McScotty: prices in description do it

              • +1

                @McScotty: Wow, what a star

              • @McScotty: An eggbeater reel might be better for a rookie than an Alvey. Alveys have steeper learning curve. Highly recommend you head down the beach and talk to the old guys fishing. Many are happy to help and their knowledge is invaluable.

                • @Shane34: I have the opposing opinion, I find that novices rarely remember to place their reels in safe locations, especially in the surf when the excitement of their first few fish takes over. All it takes with a cheap egg beater is one dunk in the sea/sand then the day is over and the reel will definitely be rusted out inside. In contrast, a more experienced angler typically is more mindful of where they're putting their outfit and have more expensive egg beaters that have better corrosion protection.

                  You're right, there's a steeper learning curve for an Alvey - however you might notice that I oversized the line for the task at hand. This reduces the requirement for playing the fish and use of drag significantly.

                  Do you use an eggbeater in the surf? My favourite surf outfit is an egg beater as I love to flick lures for Jew and Tailor.

                  • @McScotty: Yeah I used to get in epic tangles casting with my dad's alveys and just used egg beaters ever since lol just have to clean them out regularly.

                    I have to buy a new one actually. The last one ended up in the surf and it was a bit rough to go in after lol

  • Got some bargain bin gangs and jigheads $10 cheers.

  • +1

    I've been a member for over a year, no voucher for me

    Ok, there is no code, it just appears at checkout.

  • +5
  • thank you OP :)

  • +2

    The voucher no longer applies to my cart. Does anyone else has this issue?

    Edit: it works when I get on the payment screen.

  • 10$ off not working at all for me

    • It doesn't show in cart but works on payment screen

      • After putting credit card info?

        • No. There will be an option to apply $10 credit . No payments details required.

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