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Mirabella Genio LED ES RGBW 800lm $12 (BC Model $15) @ Woolworths


Just saw the Mirabella Genio 9W wi-fi colour changing globes (ES) for $12 on clearance at my local Woolworths store in NSW.

Please note: Only the Edison Screw (ES) model is on clearance.

The BC version was also on sale for $15.

Doesn’t appear online as it seems they may be making way for a new version which is displayed on the Woolworths app.

Product Details

Wi-Fi Dimmable 9W LED

Colour Changing + Warm White E27
Works with the Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa

Easy Setup
- Download Mirabella Genio App
- Install Bulb and Pair with App
- Control Bulb via your Smart Phone

  • Colour Changing + Warm White 2700K
  • 9W = 800 lumens
  • E27 Edison Screw Cap
  • Wi-Fi Dimmable
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to bring Voice Control to your Genio Lights.
  • System Requirements: iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher.
  • WiFi IEEE 802.11N, 2.4GHz
  • Dimmable with Mirabella Genio App.

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    Here is a photo of the price in store: https://pasteboard.co/JSXvIN9.jpg

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    Saron posted a deal on 18/03 for the same one for $6 in ACT.
    I managed to pick up the last one.

    Depending on where peoples local stores are and their stock levels, they might be able to get it for $6.


      Definitely a great deal. Unfortunately couldn’t find any at that price in NSW stores near me.

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    I saw the half-price (not clearance) sticker in my local Woolies (Templestowe, VIC) but it rung up at full price at the checkout, so I got it for free! I wish I'd grabbed half a dozen!


      Half-price isn’t showing on the website so wonder if anyone has the same luck as you.

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      They'll only give you the first one free, the others will be at the advertised price


        Yes that's the Scanning Policy. And they usually then change shelf price straight away.

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          lucky if woolies honours the scanning policy without any hassle…..


            @petry: Never had a problem with using it regularly over years. Fed me at Uni.

            Staff have asked me what i wanted free that week! Always nice about it. It's not costing staff anything.

            Used to get a lot of 500g packs of smoked salmon & deli lines free.

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              @the INFIDEL: state?

              being negged for telling the truth is routine round here….


                @petry: Scanning Policy is National.
                Store manager & staff attitudes are very local.

                When I had a problem with local Coles honouring the Policy - i had their site with their Policy ready on the phone. They quickly backed down!

                Just because you didn't have that experience, doesn't mean that is the experience for most others!
                Just have the Policy ready if they deny it!

                I've never been refused - even interstate.
                Saved so much money!

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                  @the INFIDEL: I know the scanning policy is supposedly Woolies national but different woolies have different state managers - unlike Coles woolies even have small area pricing policies within a state.

                  I have seen woolies correspondence confirming diffferent state managers have different views on a virtually non existent national scanning policy these days - i have no idea why people like to pretend otherwise 'cept they are linked somehow or get paid to influence.

                  if you don't want to say which state you are automatically receiving auto scanning policy why not just say so?


                    @petry: I've used the Policy in multiple States.
                    So it's irrelevant!

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                      @the INFIDEL: well that wouldn't be easy in WA over the last decade so since you're making an assertion but declining to backup with detail i'll write this off ….


                        @petry: Am in WA for Spring - will try it then😉
                        Like to see the Manager try!

                        The Scanning Code of Practice is a voluntary code that certain stores (including Woolworths, Coles, some IGA’s, and Aldi) have signed up to, where if an item scans higher than what the shelf price says, the customer is entitled to receive the first item for free, and any subsequent identical items at the lower price. This means that if you have two similar items scan higher than the shelf price, such as two packets of chips that are different flavours, both would be free, as they are not identical.

                        It’s important to note that the Scanning Code of Practice does have some exclusions, such as tobacco, liquor, 3rd party gift cards, items without a barcode or PLU (or if the PLU is entered incorrectly), and items with a shelf price of $50 or more. There are also some rules around promotions, such as buy one get one free or spend a certain amount and get a percentage off - in these instances it’s generally the promotion that is honoured, rather than an item being given for free. Some stores may have further terms and conditions to their Code (such as Aldi with their special buy lines), but these are the common exclusions.

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                        @petry: Have used the policy in WA successfully multiple times.

                        Admittedly though, often the first response from staff is a blank stare, and have to explain what it is

                        The stores near me even have a page stuck at the service desk saying they are part of the voluntary scanning code.

                        Who knows what miscommunication there is between manager and staff..
                        A few months back I went to swap something that was faulty to Woolies, and they tried to tell me that they have a new policy that even faulty goods must be returned with packaging (which is untrue according to ACL) so obviously something got twisted along the way.


                          @bamzero: most woolies stores have no public display of the scanning policy anymore - they come and go at a managers discretion.

                          which stores in wa are you stating routinely operate the policy?

                          Finally all the old threads here with many people talking about woolies refusal are all wrong then heh?

                          I've heard the same myths about fair trading tribunals - which mostly don't exist now - the accc- and many other non existent consumer rights.

                          some stores do it, some stores don't , its all down to the managers and how they do their jobs.

                          no uniform policy at woolies and no uniform prices in the same post codes…



                lucky if woolies honours the scanning policy without any hassle…..

                being negged for telling the truth is routine round here….

                Maybe the truth is that you are unlucky?


                  @bargainpersona: Or didn't assert their consumer rights under the Scanning Policy.
                  Why pay more than you need to?

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                    @the INFIDEL: yup you're definitely winding people up about a myth …. looking forward to seeing customers getting thrown out for arguing over this….


                      @petry: Others don't agree with your views. Seems you are the one spreading misinformation.
                      Others have received free products under Scanning Policy, even in.WA! Just ask as I outlined below.

                      As I've said below - never argue! Never be aggressive!

                      Know the huge difference between…
                      *calmly asserting your consumer rights & asking for what you want
                      *being aggressive - which is unacceptable!!
                      Pity you are ignorant of the difference!

                      That is probably why you don't get what you want! You'd rather VENT!
                      And why I get lots of free stuff😊


                  @bargainpersona: all those other people posting their issues on ozbargain with woolworths must also have been unlucky then heh….duhhh.

                  why people stand up for urban myths is beyond me 'cept they get something out of it….


                    @petry: 'cept they get something out of it….
                    What - like lots of free stuff just for asking😊

                    Still posting after writing i'll write this off ….?

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                      @the INFIDEL: reality check

                      “I have been mischarged for blackberries on two separate occasions,” wrote Matthew in the Facebook post

                      “When mentioning it to staff, not only do they look at you like you have two heads for making it known, politely, they did nothing about it on one occasion and then another changed the price and made me feel like I was at fault for somehow scanning the items incorrectly.”

                      Matthew went on to explain that he purchased two punnets of blackberries on two separate occasions at his local Woolworths. The blackberries were advertised on the shelf and online as costing $5.50 – however his receipts show that he was charged $5.90 for three of the punnets and, bizarrely, $4.50 for another.

                      arguing with woolies can get u banned for life these days - why pretend otherwise? what u getting out of this?


                        @petry: Reality check…

                        Don't ever argue - that can be seen as aggressive & get you removed!!

                        That quickly closes down any useful communication!

                        That's a mistake made by some customers & rightly rejected by the business, manager & staff.
                        There are now signs asking for staff to be treated with the respect they deserve.

                        Then they VENT here about the "injustice"!
                        Their attitude or the process they went through to resolve a problem is conveniently omitted.

                        I've run a retail business & trained staff for it & organisations.
                        Aggressive or threatening behaviour is never acceptable!

                        Communication is not just shouting at people, telling them what to do, but helping them understand what you want in a calm & considered way.

                        They usually respond well to that approach, which is what you want - a positive outcome!

                        Calmly assert your right under the Policy.
                        Clearly ask for what you want.
                        Back up your claim.
                        Staff may not be familiar with the Policy, so ask for a senior staff member if needed.

                        I have a 100% success rate.

                        My local Woolies manager is always pleased to see me. He considers me a great trainer for his new staff. He calls them over to meet me.

                        Sometimes it's all down to the attitude of the customer!!


                        @petry: As for those gripes you list…

                        If I am over-charged or receive a substandard product - I do something about it! Not run off & cry about it on social media.

                        Ask for it free if under Scanning Policy.

                        Or my money back / replacement.
                        Basic consumer rights under ACL.
                        Never had a rejection.

                        Seems those people only want to lash out & VENT, rather than act!!
                        And you support their Venting!

                        In psychology, Venting is seen as about the least effective form of complaint - nothing is in reality achieved.
                        The person feels vindicated if their view is supported (as you do) & lashes out angrily if someone points out there is a solution to their problem (which I have done)!

                        Sound familiar??
                        There are many examples of Venting on Ozbargain! Even more on social media.

                        I usually receive angry comments & negs here for suggesting a solution, or asking why they are so angry instead of doing something about it.

                        Stereotypical Venter behaviour 😂
                        Strangely they are unaware that it is their behaviour that causes the problem!!
                        Blaming others is so much easier than changing themselves.

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                          @the INFIDEL: i have no idea of your are raving on about - you stated categorically that woolworths always apply the scanning code of practice when they don't - you don't accept what any person has posted here on oz bargain over the last decade, and you don't accept any of dozens of online complaints.

                          Trying to expand and alter the inaccuracy of your original assertions only demonstrates that you really have an undeclared agenda. Hopefully no-one gets themselves into any trouble over your bizarre assertions.


                            @petry: Yes, you don't understand! That's the problem.
                            Obviously you don't understand consumer matters & the ACL.

                            Your response shows no understanding of how to achieve a positive outcome in a consumer complaint.

                            It is an incomprehensible rant.
                            If you don't communicate clearly, you won't get what you want.

                            • -1 vote

                              @the INFIDEL: mate you pretend what you like - but giving people poor advice that could get them into trouble ain't right.

                              the acl is different to the VOLUNTARY scanning code by the way.


                                @petry: How can calmly asking for what we want (in the Scanning Policy) lead to trouble as you claim?

                                Not asking leads to the useless Venting you support!

                                You state i wrote things I never did.
                                You just make things up & exaggerate to prove you are right. Kids do that!

                                Keep believing that - it will only lead to disappointment!

                                Your combative approach will never resolve consumer matters!
                                It's just bullying!!

                                I've calmly won a consumer matter in court.
                                I know what I'm talking about.



                                the acl is different to the VOLUNTARY scanning code by the way.

                                Oh i know the difference. Do you?

                                Voluntary means Woolies & Coles agreed to have it as a Policy at all their stores.
                                It is not mandated by law.
                                But, not applied in a voluntary way by staff - as you seem to think!

                                ACL is Law, created by Parliament.
                                Stores can't act against it without possible legal action.

                                Customers can ask that the store Scanning Policy be applied to their purchase.
                                You normally have to ask at the Service Counter - after purchase.
                                And ask a supervisor if that staff member isn't informed about the store Policy - many aren't.
                                A senior staff member is needed to approve the refund.

                                Pretty easy - to get it free!
                                (I've eaten so many kg of yummy smoked salmon - FREE!)

                                As I've written - I've won a consumer case in court (settled out of court on my terms). My action was supported by a Government body as it was seen in the public interest. There was no legal precedent to rely on. I needed to mount my own legal case.

                                That successful outcome in my legal case is used by others fighting to correct wrong behaviour by businesses.

                                Didn't have to argue - my case was strong. No aggression either. Just calmly stated what I wanted & got everything I asked for.
                                It was very expensive for the company, involving a new Policy & staff training throughout the organisation.
                                But adverse publicity of a court ruling would have cost far more. They realised they couldn't win, so settled.

                                So what is your consumer legal experience to be making your claims?



                    all those other people posting their issues on ozbargain with woolworths must also have been unlucky then heh

                    Very scientific sampling method.


                    Ok, I'm convinced.

                    why people stand up for urban myths is beyond me 'cept they get something out of it….

                    You got me. My account is burned.

                    • -1 vote

                      @bargainpersona: and the point of whatever you're trying to say is?

                      besides calling other ozbargain members liars?



                        and the point of whatever you're trying to say is?

                        My point is that in your experience and in the experience of people you choose to consider lead you to believe that you are "lucky if woolies honours the scanning policy without any hassle"

                        However, in my experience and many others, you do not need to be lucky. Also, for myself it has been entirely hassle free every time.

                        Who is right, who knows for sure, not me and not you but you claim to be telling the "truth".

                        Remember that people don't complain online about getting policies honoured and even if we are using OzBargain as a metric - no one else here is really supporting your argument.

                        besides calling other ozbargain members liars?

                        I never did that or even implied that.

                        Whereas you implied that I and others must be some kind of shills/incentivised liars.

                        • -3 votes

                          @bargainpersona: nope - your attempts to justify have an argument about this are obviously incorrect as you are well aware.

                          there are threads on this site where people found it impossible to obtain application of the voluntary scanning policy at woolies - i didn't select anything.

                          similarly the first google post came up with another example which i posted as a random example.

                          infidel who assets to have obtained free salmon non stop for years from woolies also made expansive false assertions about me in a blatant attempt to character assassinate.

                          its obvious you wanna argue just to attack me so talk to silence from now.



                            nope - your attempts to justify have an argument about this are obviously incorrect as you are well aware.

                            There you go again calling OzBargainers liars.

                            its obvious you wanna argue just to attack me so talk to silence from now.

                            Lol, nah, just telling you that you are bad at statistics.

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                @petry: Lying usually results in negative votes.


    I have wanted these off and on but I think 9 watts / 800lumens isn't enough. I wish they were brighter


      That's not very bright KT💡


        Illuminating, former Bruce 🎩


          Just think of me as a mad Uncle Fester - with a ($2 Kmart battery) lightbulb in my mouth. It's my party trick to save electricity💡

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    I got one of the BC ones last year when it was half price ($15) and managed to use tuya-convert on it to get ESPHOME running with Home Assistant. I had some trouble with it responding and Woolworths kindly replaced it with a new one, however, I couldn't OTA convert that one. After some effort I didn't still manage to get ESPHOME on the newer one via serial. So YMMV with flashing depending on the age of the stock.

    I find the brightness ok for my application, but it is only used as supplementary lighting.


    No stock in a long time near me.

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    Don't buy these bulbs. They don't sync properly with the App and they switch on at random times and bloody annoying to manage.

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      Yes - see many complaints in previous Deals.

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    Got the BC one for $7.50 at my local woolies on clearance. Setting up was a bit hard as it wasn't flickering to pair but got it to work after a few attempts.