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[Afterpay] Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue $359.20, Grey $343.20 (Big W), Neon with Mario Kart $387.16 (Gamesmen) @ eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Cracking prices for the Nintendo Switch through Big W when paying with Afterpay! Free delivery with eBay Plus, otherwise add $7.90.
All time low for the Mario edition and excellent prices for the standard switch considering pricing in the past 12 months.

Code can also be applied to Gamesmen if Big W run out of stock. Mario and the grey editions are a tad more expensive, but you can get the Monster Hunter edition or with Mario Kart Digital which is good value.

Big W
Mario Red & Blue $359.20
Grey $343.20
Neon $343.20 Original deal

Switch with Mario Kart Digital $387.16
Monster Hunter Edition $467.96
Mario Red & Blue $371.96
Grey $371.96

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • +11

    I always see this and think it's a spider man console.

    • Came here to say exactly this.

    • One more agree!

  • +3

    If you ignore the joy con straps and the grip, it's basically an all-red console.

    • Yes, when the joy cons are on the console in handheld mode it is just an all red Switch.

    • Should have made the joy cons blue to make it look like Mario's attire. A moustache and/or a letter M would have helped too.

  • those bigw prices are for ebay plus right… i have to pay 7.9 postage.

  • +1

    Would be nice if Afterpay was mentioned in the title to save some people wasting time on the deal.

    Do Afterpay ask you to login to your bank account through their "special" page like Zip?
    Which is completely against your banks T&C's regardless of how safe Zip and co claim it to be.

    • I use my credit card through afterpay

    • Added to the title. Afterpay login pop-up opens up when you go to complete checkout

    • From memory afterpay jusy asks you to link a card and put a temporary $1 charge on it

  • +1

    Considering I sold a neon switch for $350 on FB Marketplace only 2 weeks ago. Cracking price.

    • Sounds like it's either lucky as or it wasn't just a bare Switch, right?

      • +1

        Just the Switch by itself. Put it up on Gumtree and FB marketplace at 9:30am Saturday. Had someone at 11am come pick it up.

  • +1

    Great price if you're in the market for a Switch ight now, holding out for the Switch Pro upgrade.

    • +1

      That’s next year earliest and even then.. console shortages with Ps5 means Nintendo has no incentive to even release new console. Especially with the amazing nostalgic Pokémon release this year, also year of Zelda, and then new Pokémon 3D world game next year.. it’s basically going to sell itself. No need for them to upgrade (even though I would even want one). If you don’t have a switch I would get this and then you could sell later for max $100 less and get a lot of enjoyment in mean time

      • Yep totally agree, the Switch has held an excellent resell value especially considering $350-$375 was the "normal" sale prices for new consoles.
        For this price it's a no brainer for me if you ever wanted one, used consoles are still selling between $300-$350 and that probably won't change too much in the next 12-18 months.

  • Can someone help - does the Mario Kart digital download stay linked to your user account if you buy a new switch and login with the account that you used to download it initially?

    I have to send my daughters Switch back to Amazon under warranty and they don’t have the Mario Kart download version available, if I buy a regular switch and log back in with her account, will I be able to download Mario Kart again? Or is it lost?

    • +2

      It is linked to the Nintendo account that has redeemed the code. I've got my account linked to 2 switch consoles and a lite and have downloaded the digital on all 3 consoles

      • Excellent! Thanks so much for that I might grab one of these now, then.

  • Any good deals for Switch Lite?
    The one at Big W can be had for AU $263.20 after discounts, is that a good deal?

    • Comes $247.20 for me

  • $343 lowest price ever for switch ??

    • Was 2000 units sold a few weeks ago at 299 ea via ebay plus.

      • +2

        those deals arent real.

  • -1

    Would anyone know if JB would pricematch BigW?

    • +1

      Not the "afterpay" price, that is for sure.

    • Without any code, it's possible.

  • Shame there’s no click and collect

  • Switch even at these low prices I think will struggle to get sales . Either everybody has it or wants the new stuff .

  • Big W 343 ones OOS?

  • Not on these items but it is anyone having trouble using ebay gift cards? If the cards exceed the amount of purchase it greys out afterpay and says its not available and i can't finalise order. If i leave a couple $ to pay with afterpay it lets me finalise but it doesnt show in my purchase history and if i refresh the confirmation page it says the order failed.

    • Have you actually managed to get the 20% discount to work? Every time I enter it in checkout it's rejected.

  • Have these prices and with the PAPDY20 discount all expired? Can't seem to get any of them to work.

    • Still valid, are you selecting afterpay as the payment method?

      • I was, but can't get the discount to apply. So I decided to sign out and try to purchase through guest checkout and have now had success. Really weird.

  • Did the price go up for the BigW link?

    • Yep the standard consoles have gone up by $20.