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Nintendo Switch $343.20 (BigW), Samsung 1TB T5 $111.20 (Bing Lee), Chromecast/Google TV $79.20 (TGG), Sony XM4 $300.80 MC @ eBay


Very good price on these items. Free delivery for those that have eBay plus. Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    Code only valid with Afterpay, which presumably precludes discounted gift cards?

    • Not correct. Read the previous deals.

      • got link? I'm not able to pass the checkout using either paypal or cc as form of payment

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          Select Afterpay, apply promocode PAPDY20 and then apply GC.

          • @rake: lol I've had so much trouble trying to buy ebay giftcards rn it's just not meant to be

  • Thanks. Got 1 Samsung 1TB T5 $111.20 (Bing Lee)

  • So only works when using Afterpay, if I use Afterpay, can I just pay the full amount? Never used it before.

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      Yes and No.

      You cant pay the full amount with afterpay as the payment method, but you can do xx$ over 4 weeks and pay them off whenever you want. I just got the Sony XM4's and made the 4 weeks of payments 1 after the other manually.

      • Right, that works. Assuming no penalty for paying earlier then otherwise you wouldn't have done it.


        • There shouldn't be, all BNPL type payments charge the retailer a %, depending on what's negotiated but around 3%. Thats where they make most their money, not to say they don't double dip with late payments but it's not what they bank on… More and larger transactions is what they want.

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    Any deals on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ ?

  • I don’t even see Afterpay as payment option. What should I do? Never used Afterpay before.

    • 1st time for me too due to bargain, easy to sign up and afterward I just pay off all outstanding amount on their site, else I may forget and get late fee charge, I dont need instalment payment for my goods

      • Hi, I've never used Afterpay before either. How does it work? Does it have to be in instalments? If so, it sounds like you can pay them all off at the same time?

        • yes it split into multi instalment with different days
          just login to your account and said pay now on each of the instalment and be done
          under payment schedule

          • @Hearthstone: Thanks. I'll keep this in mind for next time. I passed on the deal for now.

  • Just bit the bullet on XM4s, using AfterPay for the first time. You'll get an option to select AfterPay on the final checkout screen after clicking Buy Now. Select that and enter the coupon below. Will take you to an AfterPay popup to sign up. It'll take the first payment of $75 today, followed by fortnightly payments I think. You can pay the rest early (which I'll likely do) using the AfterPay platform or app as per here.

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      Awesome thanks, will do that now. Will try out the Cashrewards Choice cards

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      Good call, thanks

    • -9


      Thank you, but you don't need to actually use ALL CAPS either. Just saying. :-)

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        Incorrect. Someone will still come along and ask the same question again.

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          I bet those people will still ask the same question regardless.

    • Question, I just got the gift card, applied the discount then applied the card. But the total still says $99 the full amount, though in the coupons it has both the discount and the gift card. Does that mean it will apply?

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        Not too sure. I've just used the ebay app - make sure the checkboxes next to each gift card and discount are ticked. Once the full amount is covered, you should be able to go back to the checkout page and hit purchase.

  • Absolutely spewing about the XM4s - placed an order with Catch.com literally 24hrs ago, could've saved another $40. Ah well.

    • that's life. $340 isn't even the lowest it's been.

      • Nah, I know - at the time it was a good enough price given I need them for my new office (everyone likes a chat), so should just be happy with what I've got.

        • Well the mic quality is quite average.

          One of the reasons I am waiting on Surface Headphones 2.

          • +4

            @fivevik: Oh, I'm aware - I mean I need the ANC to block them out, not to call them, hehe.

          • @fivevik: Should be ok, every single headphone/earphone has something or another that's not perfect in this category. A lot of the ipx rated in ears are meant to have average mics, which makes sense if water proof

            • @G-rig: For my use case, Mic quality is most important.

              • @fivevik: Not sure how good Big over ears would be for calls anyway. Noise cancelling and sq should be good. Was almost tempted to get some airpod 2 even though they're overpriced and not great with android.

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                  @G-rig: Big over ears are great with calls.

  • Finally pulled the trigger on XM4, thanks OP!

  • Can i use the ebay plus 50$ voucher with this purchase since it will expire in a couple of days?

    • Afaik don't think you can use other promo codes with that.

  • Heard Switch Pro is coming

    • Maybe next year.

    • Rumour mill been running that for years now

    • it seems likely. But the rumors of it having an OLED screen and capable of 4K sounds far fetched to me.

      I think it will be like New Switch (like with New 3DS), slightly bumped up specs and the screen might be a little bigger, that's about it.

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    What is the best way to get Ebay discounted gift cards at the moment?

  • Does Amazon prime app load onto the new Chromecast?

  • Tempted to get the XM4 headphones too, bit big to lug around for calls and teams?
    Still have some QC25 for flying, but bit annoying with the cable, batteries and USB C adapter these days.

    I tried the PAPDY20 code at wireless1_eshop ebay which worked also, not advertised but I guess we all know mobileciti

    May not need them, otherwise was thinking about the airpods2 for something discrete (but no noise cancelling and worse sound on android)

  • Google Chromecast with Google TV $71.20 is cheaper here with the code, wont let me post it as a deal since the store is not a top seller (had 10 left, 9 now since I bought one),

    • OOS now

  • tried to make a new post but this post wouldn't allowed it.

    Tiger - PDU-A50A - 5L Electric Water Heater $231.20 - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153766970393

  • Had to order the Sonys from another eBay Shop as the black ones were sold out hopefully turn up

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