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[Afterpay] Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro $496, Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine $375.20 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay



Both these are the cheapest price yet as far as i'm aware. Im still waiting on the UXG and LR6 AP's, but this UDM-Pro price is very tempting.

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  • +3

    Great price. Buggy product.

    • +1

      Whats wrong?

      • +3

        Just reading through here is a good update on issues:

        New UI isn't feature complete. - E.g can't setup LAG on ports
        Can't change the controller IP from a controller migration.
        And I've only had it 4 days…

        • Surprised you bought it, those things are known limitations currently. Also very specialised needs.

          • @Anubis: Yeah I think I'd seen the LAG one before but forgot. Was able to do from the classic interface so wasn't too bad.
            Can you point me to the controller IP issue thread though?
            Yeah, I was waiting for the UXG but my USG was starting to die so I bit the bullet.

            • @elitistphoenix: I misread second point as being able to use own controller (which is a common complaint). Wasn't aware of the controller migration issue.

              • @Anubis: I have the pro - running 1.8.6 - pretty happy but my needs are not that fancy. Plenty of bugs to be sure but at least the devs seems a bit re-engaged / re-energized again on fixes/improvements (was an absolute wasteland / info vacuum on fixes 2nd half of last year).

                Don't think I'd buy the non pro until a new model came out with Wifi 6 and more grunt.

        • Very buggy product, had it for 6 months now and while it has some great features/functionality for the price, have logged a few support tickets with them for some really strange issues.

      • +1

        buggy interface (eg cant select countries on the new UI, you have to switch to old one then list them to switch back). Lots of fiddly things.
        But a great box overall.
        I have had the UDM Pro since they were released essentially

        Some really irritating bugs
        (eg locking up at exactly 7am on random mornings. Could never figure it out then it stopped doing it one day, without a patch).
        Im assuming it was something funky the HFC modem was doing at that time but it shouldnt lock up the UDM Pro no matter what it does.

  • UniFi US-8-60W - $136 delivered

    • Where is that ?

  • +1

    Read reviews on the seller before buying. I went to get my dream machine pro from them a few weeks ago and after reading the reviews backed out very quickly.
    Not there ebay store though was there actual website

    • +2

      I recently got a unvr from them, and there were no issues at all.

      This was thru their website, not eBay, not that I think it should matter

      • Bought plenty of UI gear direct and ebay from them, never had an issue myself (can't speak for others of course).

    • +1

      Bought from them before. They were good for me.

  • Good price. But for those just looking for a gateway, the new version of the USG is on its way and it's currently available on the early access store..


    • +1

      Can't wait to replace my USG that is struggling even on a 100mbit connection.

      EDIT: $499?! That's a bit rich…. Might as well get a UDM-PRO

      • $499 USD = $669.17 AUD.

      • This is my issue too and why the udm prop is tempting me. It has more features (none of which I want however). But the udm Pro also stated out very expensive and has come down $200

        • Also look like Unifi not deploy Controller into the USG

          Note: The UXG-Pro will be adoptable to an external controller and will not host any controllers on it.

  • Thanks OP, I was looking for this and only saw it in Shopping Square but they do not have the UDM (only the Pro). Ive just purchased using the Giftcard hack with Choice. Easy peasy no afterpay required. Denomination bought: $30,$350

  • +1

    Thank you, just picked up the UDM-PRO.

    Oz bargain notifications are brilliant.

  • Is the udm-pro loud? Can you sleep in the same room?


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