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[Afterpay] Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 $495.20 Delivered @ Appliances Online eBay


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Been on the lookout for a good price on this heat pump dryer, and one finally came up.

Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 for $495.20 including delivery on Appliances Online eBay if paying with Afterpay and using code PAPDY20. Takes 20% off list price of $619, which is a 51% discount on RRP. Just in time for winter!

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    • +31

      Look at Mr. Rich Pants over here being able to afford a yard

      • +1

        more like Mr. Dinosour

  • +3

    Fantastic dryer, I paid way more than this when my old dryer bit the dust last year but it was still cheaper than any other heatpump dryer on the market (by far).

    Saw the impact in lower power bills (no place to dry outside, so I use it a lot) and no longer pumping out a mass of humid air into the laundry room.

    • Do you have any problems with it? We seem to always get a message telling us to empty the filter, even when the filter is empty.

      • +2

        Are you emptying the filter on the bottom left as well? There's some kind of secondary lint filter there, pop it open and pull the whole thing out (took me a month to find it lol).

        It also simply tells you to clean the filter after every drying cycle as a reminder.

        Only issue I found was that putting it on some settings that were meant to take longer but use less power didn't really work well. I just throw it on auto and it's done in an hour/hour and a half.

        • +1

          Emptying bottom left filter, the one that pulls out behind the door, and the water reservoir. Even when all three are clean and empty the dryer will shut off telling us to clean the filter.

          Aside from that it does dry very well and it is very efficient.

        • If the power saving feature is useless, Do does that mean this is no different to a vented dryer??

          • @lknight: No, it’s not a vented dryer, it just gets a little warmer. Still using the heatpump

  • +1

    Really great dryer, never had any issues and drys quickly, I've had mine about 2 years.

    • +1

      Exact same here, has been great.

  • +2

    wow wow wow…that's really cheap for a heat pump dryer…just bought one!

    • -1

      Ditto, was looking for one a few months ago for close to a grand.

  • +1

    Can this be hang upside down on top of top-opening washing machine?

    • +1

      Try contacting Appliances Online, they usually have a pretty quick response through the chat on their website

    • +2

      No, heat pump dryers can never be inverted or wall mounted.

      • You're right. Can't mount heat pump dryer :(

      • +1

        I'm sure if you built some kind of super heavy duty wall mount it could be mounted up high. But because it's not designed to be mounted up high, the buttons will still be up the top making it impossible to use without a step ladder, hahahaha

        • +1

          It's close enough to 50kg and 800mm deep. I guess if you think your child is special and you want to give them an opportunity to earn a Darwin award if they climb it.

  • new to dyer, is it a good brand? never heard of it.

    • it's an off brand. but for the price it's worth the risk in my opinion. I almost bought miele for much more but glad i bought this instead. savings went to bitcoin lol!

  • +4

    I have this one already for 3 years. Great dryer for it's price!

  • Any particular install requirements for this? Never owned a dryer but been on my list.

    • Nope, just need to plug in to power. Have a water collection tray and lint catch which I empty after each use.

      • Sounds easy enough. Now to work out if our samsung front loader is built to support a dryer stacked on top..

        • You can ask appliances online. They are very helpful and will organise for the installers to set it all up. I was very happy with their service. This is also a great dryer btw.

          • @ImaginarySoldier: Already got it this morning haha. Washer is only 6.5kg probably a tad too small.

  • +13

    Can also claim an extra year of warranty here if anyone needs it

    • good call.

    • Are you supposed to get some kind of email to prove that you've done this? I've not received anything other than the thankyou page. I dont think thats going to mean anything if it craps out at 2.5years.

  • Can this be stacked on top of my washing machine?

    • +3

      just had chat with their team, as long as your washing machine is bigger or equal its fine by placing a Mat/stacker. unfortunately mine is tad small 😥

    • We have this one on top of our washing machine. No problems. We have a rubber mat in between.

    • Yes. I put it on the top of my washing machine. I put rubber mat in between, although it is not really required. Dryer is quite heavy and doesn't sleep anyway..

  • +1

    I've had this for more than 2 years, has been solid. Would recommend.

  • +2

    Doesn't post to rural vic… Bastards

  • +1

    Bought 2, thanks op!

    • +2

      I literally bought 3 over 5 years for 3 houses. (There are other rebrands of same unit as well). It’s great

      • -1


  • +1

    Props to this dryer, got it for $580 almost a year ago which I thought was a steal. We use auto almost exclusively and has worked flawlessly. Like how it kicks in another few spins every now and then if you don't take the clothes out straight away.

  • is it expensive to run?

    • Very very cheap. I usually run it overnight. It also has a massive capacity. I fill it to the brim

    • No, according to reviews it’s much less than condenser dryer. These are 6 star energy rating

    • Extremely cheap, thus the point of heat pump dryers.

      It's not the most effecient around (I've seen 9 star dryers) but there's diminishing returns on usage. Each star is 15% less power than the one before it, so going from 3 to 6 might save you $60 a year, but going from 6 to 9 will only save you another $40 or so (going off using an online calculator for using it twice a week).

      Because I use it probably 4 times a week, I noticed the power bills dropped about $10-15 a month over our old 2 star, crappy one. Assuming it lasts a good 5 years, it'll pay for itself.

    • Relative to a hills-hoist yes, relative to a traditional dryer it's basically free…. (about 1/4 to 1/3 MAYBE 1/2).

    • Heat pump dryer usually consume 1/2 to 1/3 of vents or condenser dryer. For example, I calculated my parent’s vent dryer need $1.75 per run vs $0.75 per run on my heat pump dryer (give or take for different model).

    • I remember seeing a figure, for an 8KG model it took 1.5kwh to do a full cycle, compared to a condensor drier which was 3.5kwh. Look up heatpumps and how they work, very interesting product.

      • Let’s say vent or condenser dry take 320kwh/year (320/52=6.2kwhx0.27cents=$1.67 each dry), vs this heat pump dryer 160kwh/year (160/52=3.1x0.27=$0.83 each dry). Every machine is different, but I would like to know which vent/condenser dryer only take 3.5kwh each dry?(3.5khwx52=182khw/year)

        Most vent/condenser dryer 2 stars, vs heat pump 6+ stars, if heat pump isn’t a lot more energy efficient, something wrong with the energy rating. Hope it’s not too difficult look at and understand the meaning of stars. https://www.energyrating.gov.au/calculator

        • To be honest, it may have just been the Author throwing figures to show the efficiency of the heat pump, as you're right that number does seem quite low for a electric heater…

  • been using this for about a year. great price for what you get. i went from a branded tumble dryer to this and the reduction of electricity consumption is significant.

    And on a side note, if you are in victoria, get your free powerpal so that you can observe your energy consumption.

    • Is this quiet in operation?

      • definitely more quiet than bosch tumble dryer

  • Thanks I was going to bite the bullet in the last deal at $619 but just saved so much more :)

  • +2

    No delivery to Hobart :(

    • Actually if you go their website and pay the $619 they will deliver. At least they did for me. QLD though, not Hobart but they wouldn't deliver using the ebay link.

  • +8

    Bought one. Reluctantly signed up and paid with afterpay to get the discount. Feel a bit dirty.

    • why is that?

      • +8

        Not a fan of this company that targets the young and not so financially savvy.

        • Totally agree, targeting the financially vulnerable. More should be done about teaching children about finances and so on at school.

          • @jzx100: no different to credit card then and agree with more financial educated needs to be done earlier

  • ok whats this talk about a "heat pump dryer" sorry don't know the tech just thought all dryers just use the same mechanics to dry clothes?

    • +1

      This works like an aircon while traditional dryers work like an electric heater. Since it uses the thermal capacity of universe it runs with more than 100% efficiency.

  • Gooonnee!

  • Geez, just purchased some gift cards, about to buy this. Ugh.

    • needed to pay with afterpay anyway

      • +3

        No, you select afterpay but can pay full amount with gift cards, and these gift cards are 5% off with Choice gift cards.

        • shitttttt

        • DAMMIT

        • thanks for this. Got 25$ cashback, but wasted 5$ from the gift card. Extra 20$ off not too bad

    • +1

      It’s back in stock 👍

      • +2

        Thanks mate, just quickly grabbed one.

        • +1

          I wanted to help because you helped me with the gift card workaround (not signing up for after pay)

  • Just missed it :-(

    • Back in stock I just ordered one

  • Does this shrink clothes? My current Bosch tumble dryer consistently shrinks clothing… :(

    • +2

      Sounds like you are drying clothes that shouldn't line dried instead.

      Also keep in mind some clothes can only be dried on low.

      Heat pump dryers are nicer to clothes, but its not going to allow your no dryer clothes to go into the dryer.

    • +2

      I find my drier shrinks my clothes around holidays, winter, summer, times of being home a lot, also my Coles bill goes up as well…

  • -2

    These machines are heavy af. just something to consider if you want to stack with front loader. probably dryer to bottom washer to top.

    • +2

      Don’t do that
      1 washer is usually heavier than heat pump dryer, especially when it is filled with water.
      2 washer Shake too much to put on top, especially during spin.

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